The Best Clothing On Customs To Get An Advantage Escape From Tarkov

In here you will find out which clothes are the best for Customs in EfT.
The Best Clothing On Customs To Get An Advantage Escape From Tarkov

The Customs map is one of Tarkov's most balanced, it has some long and mid-range combat, but it is also full of chokepoints and close-quarters combat. This article will help you decide which clothes to buy, which clothes to avoid, and some alternatives. 

What Is The Best Clothing Combo On Customs?

The best clothing combo for USEC is USEC VEKTOR for upper and USEC K4 for lower. 

For BEAR it is BEAR Black Lynx and FSB Urban Tact. 

Customs is similar to Reserve with clothing since there is a diverse set of areas like dorms and construction for more industrial areas, and around that, there is a lot of greenery, meaning that a variety of clothing will work. Still, this clothing combo will work with any armor/armored rig and helmet with a face shield setup that you have. You will be spending a lot of time near dorms and wearing darker clothes may help you ever so slightly. 

Customs Road

A lot of the high level armour is dark so wearing these combos will make you blend in a bit better. Tactical clothing in general is not as important as your gear, so sometimes it is better to save your money unless you really like a piece of clothing. That is why we recommend the base versions so much, they cost nothing and still offer good concealment. 

An honorable mention goes to default clothes for both BEAR and USEC, as they cost nothing and have great camouflage. If you are a new player we recommend you stick with default clothes until you feel a bit more secure.

What Are Some Good Alternatives?

While most clothes on Customs will do a good job, here is what we recommend.

For USEC uppers:

  • USEC Aggressor TAC
  • USEC Commando
  • USEC Woodland Infiltrator Upper
  • USEC PCS Multicam
  • USEC Night Patrol

For USEC lowers:

  • USEC Sage Warrior
  • USEC Commando Lower
  • USEC Woodland Infiltrator Lower
  • USEC Gen.2 Khyber
  • USEC Urban Responder Lower

For BEAR uppers:

  • BEAR Grizzly 
  • BEAR Summer Field Upper 
  • BEAR Boreas Upper 
  • BEAR Zaslon Upper 
  • BEAR TIGR Upper

For BEAR lowers: 

  • BEAR Summer Field Lower
  • BEAR Zaslon Lower
  • BEAR TIGR Lower 

What Clothes Should I Avoid On Customs?

Honestly, on Customs there are only 2 pieces of clothing to avoid, USEC Chameleon and USEC PSU Ironsight. They provide no advantage whatsoever, the only reason to buy them is for style. USEC has a lot of jeans for lowers and while you will not stick out, there is no tactical advantage to them

Customs dorms knife

For BEAR you have Gorka SSO and Gorka Kobra that are really bright and you will stand out, other than that you should be fine. If you enjoyed this article, check out our other articles on Escape from Tarkov.

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