The Best Clothing For Reserve To Get An Advantage Escape From Tarkov

In here we will show you what is the best clothing for Reserve in Escape from Tarkov.

Updated on Sep 18, 2023
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The Best Clothing For Reserve To Get An Advantage Escape From Tarkov

Reserve is one of the most loot-dense maps in the game, it has a vast underground bunker, loot-rich buildings, and a few open fields. This article will show you the best clothes for this map to help you blend in depending on your playstyle.

What Is The Best Clothing Combo For Reserve?

For Reserve, the best clothing combo will be the same as Interchange, while the maps play very different they are similar in terms of how they look.

So for USEC, the best clothing combo is USEC Vektor upper, and USEC K4 lower.

For BEAR, the best combo is BEAR Black Lynx upper and FSB Urban Tact lower.

Most of your time on Reserve will be spent indoors, whether in the bunkers or one of the buildings, but the clothing mentioned above will still do a good job outside. If you are in the middle of the open, you will be spotted regardless of your clothes. So we are preparing for the most concealment possible while indoors or next to buildings. Reserve is a great map for finding quest items too as there are a lot of filing cabinets. If you have trouble dealing with the Scav boss, check out our article on the boss location on Reserve.


What Are Some Alternative Clothing Pieces?

We talked about the best combo, but you can always replace it with pieces that you like or think would fit better with what you want to do. If you do more sniping or prefer long-range combat, you do not need to spend money, you can keep the base clothes. Regardless, here are some alternatives.

For USEC uppers:

  • USEC Softshell Flexion
  • USEC Cereum
  • USEC Urban Responder
  • USEC Sandstone
  • USEC Aggressor TAC

For USEC lowers:

  • USEC Urban Responder Lower
  • USEC Gen.2 Khyber
  • USEC TIER2 Lower
  • USEC TIER3 Lower
  • USEC Sage Warrior

For BEAR uppers:

  • BEAR Grizzly
  • BEAR TIGR Upper
  • BEAR G99 Upper
  • BEAR Zaslon Upper
  • BEAR Sumrak

For BEAR lowers:

  • BEAR TIGR Lower
  • BEAR G99 Lower
  • BEAR Base Lower
  • BEAR Coyote


Is There Any Clothing I Should Avoid?

Unlike maps like Woods, Shoreline, or even Interchange, any clothing on this map is pretty good. You may have noticed a pattern where darker clothes usually do better, but honestly, while there are a few inferior ones, it does not make a big difference. Few to avoid are BEAR Gorka SSO for lower and USEC Chameleon and USEC PSU Ironsight uppers. These are just too situational or too expensive, you might as well stick with the default clothes as they are pretty good. If you are interested in more Reserve, check out our Tarkov guides on the best Reserve keys and best exits on Reserve.


Reserve is a pretty small map all things considered, plus the fact that it's mostly an urban environment makes it perfect for more urban clothes. Picking any of the options above regardless of combos will be a good choice.

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