Are There Bots In Garry's Mod? The Whole Truth

Find out all the info about bots in Garry’s Mod!

Updated on Sep 15, 2023
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Are There Bots In Garry's Mod? The Whole Truth

Garry's Mod must feature bots by default as a sandbox game, right? Well, it's actually a bit more complicated. So today, we'll make things much less complicated for our readers and uncover if there are bots in Garry's Mod and much more, so stick around if you're planning on playing this antique gem.

Are There Bots In Garry’s Mod?

Yes, there are bots featured in Garry's Mod, including AI bots, hack bots, and spam bots. You name it, Garry's Mod has it. Considering that this is a sandbox game, playing without bots would be inconceivable in the solo mode. Still, player AI bots featured in Garry's Mod aren't really that bright, to say the least. In addition, actual players must add them using commands, and they can make them perform various actions, including the bot mimic, with additional bot commands.


Regarding spam bots and bots geared towards cheating, there's not much to say about those since they are not distinct from bots in any other online FPS game. The first ones are used to send repetitive messages over a long period and make the text function utterly useless for other players. The second ones mainly consist of aimbots, wallhacks, and other automatic actions.


Since Garry's Mod online mode consists of private servers, each server is unique, and there are those with moderators that can take care of bots efficiently. However, for the perfect gameplay experience, you should never play on the servers without any moderation, no matter how attractive they seem. There's a big chance it's filled with bots that can make you uninstall the game for good.

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How To Add AI Bots To Garry's Mod?

If you'd like to test the default bots in Garry's Mod or maybe use some weapons on them, you can do so quite easily. But keep in mind that they are only available in solo play.

First, choose the "Start New Game" and select the map of your choice. Next, click on the "Single Player" green buttonon the right, and choose the number of allowed players (up to 128). Then, click on "Start Game," then open the console (`). Type "bot" in there and press enter, and you'll see a notification that the bot has joined. Rinse and repeat to keep adding more of them.


And if you'd like to add more advanced bots that aren't as ineffective as the default ones, you can download Team Fortress 2 Bots from Garry's Mod Workshop on Steam.


These bots are highly configurable and can be a great addition to the game. But, most importantly, they are definitely superior to the default ones that act like they are on drugs. 

Do Bots Make Or Break The Garry’s Mod Experience?

On the subject of how bots can impact Garry's Mod, it all depends on which type of bots we're exchanging views about. While the AI bots (at least those from the Workshop) can improve Garry's Mod and make solo game mode feels almost like a multiplayer, mods intended for cheating can completely ruin the gameplay experience for everyone. So the honest answer is that they can both make and break Garry's Mod experience, depending on the standpoint.

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