Best Cannon Combos, Strings, and Tips in Brawlhalla

Learn all the best combos and strings for the Cannon in Brawlhalla [+ best weapon tactics]

Updated on Sep 17, 2023
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Best Cannon Combos, Strings, and Tips in Brawlhalla

Cannon is one of the weapons in Brawlhalla that requires some finesse to properly utilize. Its kit has some of the best mobility in the game, and potential for long lasting strings, but suffers in range and defensive capability. These factors all lend to Cannon’s rushdown, read-heavy playstyle.

How to Play Cannon: Tips and Tricks

Neutral game

In the neutral game, where neither player has advantage over the other, you should be mostly using SLight to catch floaty opponents, and DAir to catch grounded ones, as both of these moves put the opponent in a disadvantageous position, where you can snowball into 40 to 50 damage strings.


Even if you don’t land an attack, you will probably bait out a dodge, which allows you to play more forward. For Cannon, the objective in neutral is to obtain stage control by pushing the opponent further and further back, then force out a dodge/jump.

Offstage Game

While playing offstage, you want to be very cautious. Cannon excels at recovering, due to SAir and Recovery, but cannot dogfight at all.


In general, you want to return to stage as quickly and safely as possible, weaving in recovery options while dodging the opponents attempts at edgeguarding.


The way that Cannon’s high-knockback moves work, it’s rare that you will knock an opponent far enough away for a proper edgeguard without killing them outright, but here’s what to do when edgeguarding on Cannon. As I said above, you shouldn’t try to fight offstage with Cannon, so you only really care about guarding the corner. If the opponent is recovering onto the wall, use DLight to catch them as they try to climb. Use SLight the opponent is about level with the stage, and use NAir/Recovery to catch them if they recover high.


The Cannon Moveset in Brawlhalla


Cannon’s only real option for poking. Really good against other rushdown weapons, like gauntlets or katars.


The strongest tool in Cannon’s kit. Has anti-air, good strings, and amazing punishes (a well-timed read deals 60 to 70 damage).


The main combo starter on Cannon. DAir and NAir are both true out of this, but be careful, as this move is extremely punishable.


Nair is very versatile in the air. At low percentages, it’s a good juggler, but it kills at later percentages. It also punishes players who stick to platforms on maps like Apocalypse and Crystal Temple.


Sair in one of the main kill moves for Cannon players. It also has utility as a recovery move when far away from the stage, but be wary of how open it leaves you.


The secondary attack to use in neutral (along with SLight). Dash jumping into a DAir catches people off guard, and it can be followed up with a SLight or even another DAir, depending on how it lands.

Ground Pound

Cannon’s GP is its weakest move. Decent kill potential, but its slow falling speed and its narrow hitbox make it very situational. At low to medium percentages, I will follow up an NLight with a GP if I think my opponent will jump/dodge up (this can kill at 30 to 50%).


Cannon’s recovery has high flexibility, at least in the world of recoveries. Its sweeping hitbox makes it a great two to recover to corner with (as long as you don’t actually go above the stage with it). In certain situations, it's even true out of SAir.

Best Cannon Combos and Strings in Brawlhalla


The standard punish for Cannon. Look for a blunder in neutral and punish with this. Has follow-up potential.


A consistent kill for Cannon. Use DLight>DAir until your opponent is in medium red, because it will do more damage.


Cannon’s best string. Leads into Recovery>SAir at very low percentages, potential edgeguards at medium percentages, and kills at high percentages.

(Land on platform) > (Land on platform) > (Land on platform) > (Land on platform) > Dash-back > Dash-forward > (Land on platform) > (Land on platform) > (Land on platform) > (Land on platform)
Down Light > Jump > Down Air > Side Light > Side Air
Down Light > Neutral Air
(Read) Spot-dodge > Neutral Light > Chase-dodge-forward > (Pivot) > Side Air > Side Light > Jump > Side Air > Recovery > Gravity Cancel > Signature
Down Light > Down Air > Side Light > Side Air > Recovery
Neutral Light > Down Air > Side Light > Side Air
Neutral Light > Side Air > Side Light > Jump > Side Air
Down Light > Down Air > Neutral Light > Down Light > Side Light
Neutral Light > (Read) Dodge-in > (Pivot) > Side Light
Neutral Light > Side Air > Side Light > Side Air > Recovery
Neutral Light > Side Air > Neutral Light > Side Air > Down Air
Down Air > Down Light > Down Air
Side Light > (Read) Dodge-in > Down Air > Gravity Cancel > Down Light > Down Air > Side Air
Down Light > Down Air > Chase-dodge-forward-down > (Pivot) > Side Air > Side Light > Down Air > Side Light > Side Air > Recovery > Gravity Cancel > Signature
Side Light > Jump > Side Air > Side Light > Jump > Side Air > Recovery > Gravity Cancel > (Legend) Neutral (weapon) Sig/Heavy
Side Light > Jump-dash > Down Air
Neutral Light > Gravity Cancel > Neutral Light > Neutral Light > Side Air > Down Light > Jump > Down Light> Neutral Light
Down Air > Down Light > Neutral Air
Neutral Light > Down Air > Gravity Cancel > Neutral Light > Ground Pound
Neutral Light > (Read) Spot-dodge > Chase-dodge-forward > (Pivot) > Side Air > Side Light > Jump > Side Air > Recovery > Jump > Side Air

For more specific strings and combos for legends with a cannon please check out:


Cannon’s biggest strength is its capacity to snowball an engagement. For example, after hitting a SLight>SAir, you can easily follow up with a SLight>SAir>Recovery. This does a total of about 70 damage, and you can potentially get a kill out of it.

Cannon Theory: Conditioning

With Cannon, the name of the game is conditioning. Cannon is known for its 5+ hit strings, but you can only hit those strings if your opponents blunders. The main way to force these blunders out of your opponent is to condition them, or train them to act in a predictable way. There are many different ways to condition an opponent, but I have two main strategies: following through, and mispunishing.


Following through is a good strategy from the very beginning of the game, and forces the opponent to react to you. It’s very simple, don’t read, just perform the string. By doing this, you force the opponent to react on all of your starters, and you have two options for conditioning. If your opponent is reacting how you want them to, then keep letting them do that, and wait for the best moment to punish.


If not, you can begin mispunishing. For example, if I want my opponent to dodge in, I’ll follow a starter with a punish for a jump. If I keep doing this, I teach my opponent that dodging in is safe, and they get comfortable doing it. As you get better at conditioning, you will get used to certain patterns in players, and you’ll know what you need to do to elicit any reaction you want.

Cannon’s kit lends itself to players who like to carefully watch patterns in their opponents, and adapt to the situation. If pressuring and punishing are your skills, then Cannon might be the weapon for you. If not then you might want to check out our weapon tier list for brawlhalla. If you don’t know what legend to pick who has a cannon we recommend you to check out the best legends with cannon in Brawlhalla.

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