How to check hours played in Escape from Tarkov

Find out how you can view your playtime in Escape from Tarkov
How to check hours played in Escape from Tarkov

At the moment, EfT is not available in any of the primary game stores, so when it comes to checking your time spent in-game, it becomes a bit harder.

What should you know about the playtime in Escape from Tarkov?

The first thing to note is that no third-party statistics websites (like Call of Duty: Warzone) are available for the game, so you must rely on the counter. However, there are wipes in Tarkov: this process fully resets your character and allows (forces?) you to start over again. When the wipe comes, your time counter is reset too, and you can only view playtime from wipe to wipe. This makes it even harder to measure how many hours you’ve sunk in the game.

How to check your playtime in Escape from Tarkov

To view hours played in Tarkov, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Launch the game.

  2. Open the Overall tab.

  3. Once on the Overall tab, you can find your current playtime in the upper right corner.

Playtime in Tarkov

As you can see, you can also view your account lifetime, which might give you an idea of how many days you have been playing Tarkov. For a better view, you might consider bringing Tarkov to full screen if you run it in windowed mode - which you shouldn’t do with an FPS game.

Can you calculate your actual game time in Escape from Tarkov?

Due to the regular wipes (about every 6-7 months), it’s hard to find your average game time in Tarkov. We know the usual raid time is 30-50 minutes, depending on the squad and server location (due to the ping), and also the map. This is how you can measure your actual play time:

  1. You can multiply this average length by the number of raids you played.

  2. To determine the average playtime, extracting the number from the first step from the Online time shown on the Overall tab is best.

  3. This way, you can estimate the actual raid times, excluding shopping and other things.

The truth is, measuring your playtime in Escape from Tarkov is quite hard, and we hope that with one of the upcoming patches, Battlestate Games will include an overall counter for the players so they can find out how many hours they’ve played the game.

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