Best Loadouts for Iana in Rainbow Six: Siege

Become a master of deception by learning one of the best Attacking Operators in Siege and bamboozle your opponents with her Gemini Replicator ability.

Updated on Mar 10, 2024
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Best Loadouts for Iana in Rainbow Six: Siege

Nienke “Iana” Meijer is one of the best attacking Operators in Siege, added to the roster alongside Oryx in Operation Voids Edge. Iana has rapidly cemented herself as one of the best operators in R6, shaping a lot of the meta around her as a terrifyingly versatile option.

Iana’s unique ability, the Gemini Replicator, is her greatest tool. It creates a virtual copy of Iana (also called Iana's hologram) that can mimic everything she does other than shoot. You can instill paranoia into the Defenders and gain eyes on their movements since you produce sound and have the same vision as any regular Operator. All the while, your Operator could be in an entirely different location, using her tactical advantage to win the round.

Of course, Iana also has the appropriate primary weapons for the job. There are many different takes on how to decorate her kit, all of which have different roles and playstyles associated with them. But your job isn’t to go through the tedious process of figuring her loadout out since we’ve already done that for you.

Best Iana Loadouts

So why not take a look at the most competent, community-approved, explosive loadouts you can use with Iana.

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Best Iana Loadout for Accuracy

Let’s start simple. Do you want a reliable weapon that does the job cleanly, with some explosives on the side?

  • G36C with a Muzzle Brake and Holographic Sight along with a Vertical Grip
  • MK1 9mm Handgun
  • 2x Frag Grenade as her secondary gadgets


The G36C is just the weapon for you. One of the best assault rifles in the game, this weapon is the perfect combination of damage and high fire rate. Pair that with its decent magazine size; you’ve got a gun with very few rivals in its class.

Considering we’re decking you out for accuracy, you’ll want to put some recoil-reducing attachments on your G36C. The Muzzle Brake and Vertical Grip do a great job at that. These two attachments will help you handle the rifle like a summer breeze since its recoil already follows a simplistic vertical pattern.

Of course, with great accuracy, you also gain a lot of versatility, which is perfect for an Operator like Iana. You can decide whatever role you want to fall into and perform decent, regardless of the direction you choose to go in.

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Best Iana Entry Fragger Loadout

Now, if you want to specialize in one of Iana's ideal roles, entry fragging, you’ll want to tweak the previous loadout.

  • G36C with the Flash Hider and Holographic Sight along with an Angled Grip
  • MK1 9mm Handgun
  • 2x Frag Grenade as her secondary gadgets

Iana’s Gemini replicator is a phenomenal entry tool; she is the only operator to have something like that. You can quickly gain access to the site by using Iana’s special ability as a recon tool and a distraction. Either way, you gain a good idea of the Defender's whereabouts. After that, it’s just a showcase of your gun skill. Being an entry fragger, you want yourself to be agile and sharp to swing onto enemies and get the first pick, so you must ensure you’ve got the right attachments to help you hit your shots.


We’re doing precisely that by pairing our G36C Assault Rifle, one of the best weapons in Rainbow Six Siege, as her primary weapon. Let's also not forget the handy secondary weapon. The former gives us a consistent recoil reduction on both our first bullet and the follow-up spray, making it a fantastic attachment for hyperaggressive plays.

The grip, in turn, reduces Assault rifle's aim down sights speeds by almost 35%, meaning you can go toe-to-toe against SMGs in close-range gunfights. Another underrated aspect of Iana’s loadout here is her frag grenades. When thrown at the right spot, using different sound cues and intel, these explosives can cause some serious damage to Defenders.

The best way to play this loadout is to follow your team and go in after your Hard Breacher tears open their site. You can send Iana’s hologram amidst the chaos to make your site take infinitely easier.

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Best Iana Intel Gathering Loadout

Iana’s subsequent best specialization is in garnering intel on the enemies, which can have massive differences compared to an entry fragger. Here’s how you can accessorize yourself if you plan on going the intel route:

  • ARX200 with a Suppressor and Holographic Sight along with a Vertical Grip
  • MK1 9mm Handgun
  • 2x Smoke Grenade as her secondary gadgets

Due to its 3-burst fire mechanic, the ARX200 is a gun that relies heavily on first-bullet accuracy rather than recoil. Land a good burst onto the enemy's upper body and torso area, and you should be able to down them quite easily. The weapons mechanics make it easy to go for a stealth build since we probably won’t rely on a lowered recoil either way. Additionally, the suppressor falls quite elegantly into our loadout since we’ll try to get picks on roamers and lurkers more than the on-site Defenders.


And how exactly are you supposed to accomplish that? We’ll take you through it. You can use the Gemini Replicator to clear out corridors and parts of the map. Since roamers won’t be too keen on giving away their location, they’ll probably try to avoid the gadget as stealthily as they can rather than shooting to destroy it. Well, good for us since that gives us way more information on what areas are clear…. And we’re still going to catch onto the sneaky little rats as well, eventually.

If you’re able to pinpoint a Defenders location, you can gain ground on them and put them in tricky situations. With your smoke grenades, Defenders can be pressured into not pushing through since they don’t know how many opponents are on the other side. What’s more, you can also use smoke grenades as cover for yourself as you send your utility through them.

If you manage to spot an enemy scurrying away, or shooting it, be sure to ping it so you can shoot at their general vicinity as a team to net some cheeky kills.

Iana: General Tips and Tricks

While each loadout specializes in its respective contexts, Iana players should be mindful of a few things they can always incorporate into their gameplay.

  • Immediately capitalize off your clone. Whether you’re using it to gain knowledge on enemy whereabouts or entrying, always follow up on it. Your Replicator charges are a precious scarcity, so send a teammate to follow up on it if you’re too far away to take advantage.
  • Ping everything. Even if you walk into a manless site, always be eyeful of Defending Operators in R6 and their utility. In case you do spot a Defender, try to wall bang them as a team to land some heavy damage onto them.
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