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Best Loadouts for Wamai in Rainbow Six: Siege

Looking to render Attacker’s projectile gadgets useless? Dive into our loadout guide to go on a killing spree with Wamai’s Mag-NET.
Best Loadouts for Wamai in Rainbow Six: Siege

A member of the Kenya Special Boat Unit, Wamai was introduced in Rainbow Six Siege in Operation Shifting Tides. A role similar to Jager, Wamai’s guns are more lethal and can be used to hold down sites as well as anchor them. If you’re searching for the best ways to play Wamai, you’ve come to the right place!

Read more as we discuss some of the best Wamai loadouts in Rainbow Six Siege that will help you top the scoreboard in almost every match.

R6 Wamai

Best Wamai Loadouts Rainbow Six Siege

Whether you love locking down sites or charging onto enemies while roaming, here are some loadouts that will complement your playstyle.

Wamai Kit


Best Wamai Loadout For Holding Site Rainbow Six Siege

Have a conservative game style? There’s no need to despair, we’ve just got the loadout for you to try:

  • MP5K with Holographic Sight and Flash Hider
  • P12 with Muzzle Brake
  • Impact Grenades
Wamai Holding Site Loadout

The MP5K is a great gun with a decent fire rate that can gun down your opponents in no time. Since you’ll be on-site most of the time, you’ll need that extra fire rate to get an edge in those close combats. With the recoil already not too much to handle, the Flash Hider will ensure maximum weapon stability, so even if you have to take on a medium to long-range fight, you can outgun your opponent with ease.

The P12 is also a great secondary gun to have under your belt. Not only does it have low recoil, but it is also quite effective in close to medium-range fights. So if your main gun ever runs out of bullets, don’t shy away from using the P12.

The Impact Grenades can be used to either make rotations in the site, or you can use them to damage enemies, although the latter is recommended. They can, although, be used to finish off an opponent, especially if he’s injured behind cover.


Best Wamai Loadout For Medium To Long Range Gunfights Rainbow Six Siege

If you don’t have the patience in you to wait for the enemy to come closer and love taking gunfights at a range, this loadout is for you:

  • AUG A2 with Flash Hider and a Holographic Site
  • Keratos .357 with Muzzle Brake
  • Bulletproof Camera
Wamai Medium Long Range Loadout

Wamai is one of the operators alongside Jager to have an overpowered Assault Rifle at defense. The AUG A2’s low recoil and high damage make it one of the easiest weapons to handle on defense. However, it has its own cons, which are low fire rate, which makes MP5K a better option at close-range combats.

The Keratos is similar to Valkyrie’s D-50 and has extremely high damage for a handgun. However, it also has a low fire rate along with a high bullet kick. The best way to use the gun is at a long range where it can prove lethal and, most of the time, fatal to the enemy if you’ve got good aim.

With this loadout, you’ll have to play Wamai as an anchor, so the Bulletproof Camera is a great option to bring alongside. You can place it somewhere you have no intel or around you to check if the enemy is trying to sneak up on you. Also, make sure to provide your team with some Mag-NET as you leave the site, so they don’t get annihilated by the enemy’s frag grenade.


Best Wamai Loadout For Roaming Rainbow Six Siege

Are you the Roamer for your team? Here’s the loadout you can play Wamai with that will help you decimate your opponents:

  • MP5K with Suppressor
  • P12 with Suppressor
  • Bulletproof Camera
Wamai Roaming Loadout

Since the MP5K doesn’t have much recoil, to begin with, a suppressor on it won’t change much and will help you silently take out targets while on the move. The suppressed P12 will also come in handy, especially if you run out of bullets in your primary gun, allowing you a good fighting chance against the Attackers.

You can use Impact Grenades to create escape holes if you’ve been cornered by the enemy. If you’re confident you don’t need to create escape routes, you can always provide a bulletproof camera to your teammates inside the sight.


Alternative Wamai Loadout For Holding Site

If you’re not a fan of the MP5K and want to use the AUG A2, here’s the loadout you can try:

  • AUG A2 with Flash Hider
  • P12
  • Bulletproof Camera
Wamai Holding Site Loadout 2

While the AUG A2 does have less fire rate, it won’t matter if you headshot your enemy. Plus, the AUG is an easy-to-control weapon with almost zero or no recoil. Still, to be on the safe side, you can equip the Flash Hider so the gun doesn’t spiral out of control.


Best Wamai Loadout For Anchoring Site

You can play Wamai as an anchor since his two-speed is more than enough to cause your opponents some trouble. Here’s what the loadout you can try with him:

  • MP5K with Muzzle Brake and Holographic Site
  • Keratos .357 with Muzzle Brake
  • Bulletproof Camera
Wamai Site Anchor Loadout

The MP5K is a great gun if you’re looking to demolish your enemies while anchoring the site. Don’t wander away too far since you’ll need to deploy your Mag-NET in and out once they recharge. The Bulletproof Camera will come in handy, especially if you place them at a choke point or in a hallway, which will make your anchoring easy and provide you with intel.


How To Play Wamai Rainbow Six Siege

If you’re looking to master Wamai in Rainbow Six Siege, here are some tips and tricks you need to keep in mind that will help you ace the Kenyan Operator on the battlefield:

Wamai Tips

Wamai Is Not Jager’s Replacement

Many players in Rainbow Six Sieges make the grave mistake of confusing Wamai’s role with Jager. While his Mag-NET does have a similar role of Jager’s ADS, they are still very different. Here are some of the differences between Mag-NET and an ADS

Comparing Projectile Capture

Wamai’s Mag-NET attracts enemy projectiles to its location while Jager’s ADS destroys them. So a frag grenade thrown by the enemy will still explode after it’s set a timer, whereas the ADS will completely decimate it. Wamai’s Mag-NET can also captures any type of projectile, such as Capitao’s fire and smoke bolts which the ADS cannot. So sometimes, Wamai's Mag-NET won’t be as useful and valuable, especially if you’ve got a Smoke holding the elbow at Oregon.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a Wamai Mag-NET can capture one projectile at a time, while an ADS can destroy two at a time.


Jager’s ADS will keep recharging over time once they’ve destroyed two enemy projectiles, while Wamai’s Mag-NET will breaks as soon as they’ve captured an enemy projectile. Also, Wamai’s Mag-NET system is generated over time, unlike Jager’s ADS which is available at the start of each round.

Pair Up With Jager With Wamai’s Mag-NET

You can use Jager and Wamai in a single round to annoy the enemy and waste as much throwable utility as possible. This might ruin their plan to attack a certain side, especially if they brought utility only to burn the Jager ADS. Communicate with your team and see what’s the best course of action to take.

Don’t Place Mag-NET Too Close To Defender Utility

Another thing to keep in mind when you play Wamai is not to place his Mag-NET system too close to defender utility. That is because enemy projectiles will still explode/stun/smoke regardless of where you place his Mag-NET, so if you place it near a deployable shield or a Jager ADS, the enemy frag will take out anything in the explosion radius, including the mentioned utility.

Don’t Place Mag-NET Close To The ADS

It is also not preferred to place it too close to the Jager ADS since while the Mag-NET system is busy capturing the projectile, the ADS might get activated and destroy the projectile itself. This will waste not only a Mag-NET but also an ADS shot that would’ve come in handy elsewhere.

Combine Wamai’s Mag-NET With Other Defender Utility

You can also combine the the Mag-NET with defender gadgets such as Goyo’s Volcan shield. Place it near one, and when the Mag-NET will explode upon activation, it will destroy the Volcan Shield and momentarily block off your opponent’s entry onto the site.

While Jager is one of the best to take out defender utility, Wamai’s play a quite similar role and can be swapped with him on some maps and sites. Communicate with your team to see what they require and continue to overwhelm enemies with your Wamai Gameplay.

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