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Best Loadouts for Warden in Rainbow Six: Siege

Looking to fully utilize Warden’s glance smart glasses to save yourself from Stun or Smoke Grenades? Dive into our loadout guide to make the most out of him!.
Best Loadouts for Warden in Rainbow Six: Siege

Warden was introduced to Rainbow Six Siege in Operation Phantom Sight alongside Nokk to make defending against Smoke Grenades and Stun Grenades easier. Warden’s unique gadget, the Glance Smart Glasses, is able to see clearly through smokes and stuns, which can be crucial to hold enemy pushes and rushes.

So if you’re looking to master him on defense, we’ve made some guides for you that will help you ace the battlefield with his military and law enforcement techniques. 

R6 Warden

Best Warden Loadouts Rainbow Six Siege

Here are some of the best Warden loadouts in Rainbow Six Siege that will help you top the scoreboard in the game:

R6 Warden Kit


Best Warden Loadout For Holding Site Rainbow Six Siege

If you’re someone who prefers being inside the site all the time, here’s a loadout that will make holding it easier for you:

  • MPX with Flash Hider, 1.5x Scope, and Vertical Grip
  • SMG-12 with Holo Sight
  • Nitro Cell
R6 Warden Holding Site Loadout

While the MPX is one of the guns with the lowest damage in rainbow six siege, it makes up for it through a high fire rate. You want to make sure you have the maximum stability on a gun while defending the site, so your weapon doesn’t spiral out of control. That is where the Flash Hider and Vertical Grip come in, making winning gunfights easier.

Speaking of the SMG-12, it has an insanely tough recoil pattern that cannot be controlled after the first five bullets; however, due to its incredibly high fire rate, it is the best gun to swap to if you’re in close range combat with the enemy. While the Vertical Grip does reduce its recoil to an extent, it fails to make a huge difference. The Nitro Cell can come in handy if you’re looking to deny a plant by blowing up the planter. You can also use it to keep the Attacking team at bay who are trying to charge at you in groups, denying them entry into the site.


Best Warden Loadout For Roaming Rainbow Six Siege

If you’re assigned the task of roaming in a round and are looking to try out warden, here’s the loadout you can equip:

  • MPX with Flash Hider, Angled Grip, and 1.5x Scope
  • P-10C
  • Nitro Cell
R6 Warden Roaming Loadout

If people can roam with Valkryie's loadout since she has the MPX, then why can’t you do the same with Warden? Well, of course, you can, and it’s pretty simple. While the MPX does have low damage, one of the notable things about it is that it doesn’t have much recoil to control. So an Angled Grip comes in handy, especially if you get caught off guard by an enemy and need those extra seconds while ADS’ing.

The P-10C is also a valuable secondary weapon to have under your belt. It’s one of the fewest guns that have a laser sight attached to it which makes aiming with it relatively easier than other pistols. You can use it to break enemy drones or switch to it if you run out of bullets in the MPX


Best Warden Loadout For Close Combat Rainbow Six Siege

If you’ve been decimating enemies with Shotguns on Smoke, you’ll also love what this loadout offers you:

  • M590A1
  • SMG-12 with Angled Grip
  • Deployable Shield
R6 Warden Close Combat Loadout

This shotgun is the same as in Smoke's Loadout or Mute's Loadout, so you’ll have no issues using it on Warden if you’re a Smoke main. The idea is to play close to passageways and doorways to catch the enemy by surprise and devour them with this weapon of mass destruction.

Since you’ll be pretty close range, the SMG-12 will be able to do wonders if your primary weapon’s mag runs out. If you want, you can also use warden as a replacement for Smoke and play behind the deployable shield. You’ll always have your glance smart glasses if the enemy tries to throw stun grenades or smoke grenades at you.

Rainbow Six Siege Warden Guide

If you’re unsure how to use Warden and his glance smart glasses, there is no need for despair. We’ll help you wrap around the Operator with some tips and tricks that will definitely help you as a defending team.

Use Him To Counter Enemy Utility

Warden is one the easiest operators to use, and with his glance smart glasses, you won’t need to dodge any flashes and or get your vision blocked off by enemy smokes. Whenever you know an enemy is about to push, and they’re going to use flashes, you can always activate your glasses and wait for the enemy to fall into your trap.

Use Him To Counter Specific Operators

Similarly, you can also counter other operators, such as Glaz or Ying, with the help of glance’s thermal vision. Ying’s candela can be pretty annoying especially if you’re singled out since there’s no way to dodge them without getting out of their sight completely. The Glance will serve as the third eye for you, providing you with clarity to stop her from pushing onto you or your allies.

Warden Isn’t A Necessary Pick

While Warden is handy in specific situations, he shouldn’t be always picked since he doesn’t provide much utility to the team, and his gadget is more of a solo gadget than a team one. Keep in mind that operators such as Jager or Mute are much more reliable options, and only pick Warden if you know for sure the enemy will come up with tons of flashes against you.

A Tough Operator If You Play With High Damage Guns

Warden isn’t for you if you’re used to playing with guns with great damage. The MPX is probably the gun with the lowest damage in the game, and killing enemies is relatively more challenging if your aim isn’t that crisp. While using Warden, you’ll notice a lot of times that while you emptied half his mag and, the enemy didn’t die, leaving you frustrated. It’s not any sort of ping issue, it’s just his gun is like that.

R6 High damage guns

If you’re looking to enhance your mastery of Warden, we hope our guide helped you to know better about the secret service agent in detail. Keep in mind that he’s a situational operator and a pretty balanced one, so he won’t be getting any major changes anytime soon. Communicate with your team to see what’s best for you, and get busy topping the leaderboards!

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