Best Blasters Combos, Strings, and Tips in Brawlhalla

In this weapons guide you will find the best strings, combos and tactics for the Blasters in Brawlhalla.
Best Blasters Combos, Strings, and Tips in Brawlhalla

Brawlhalla is a game that generally features less far reaching attacks then most fighters, so it’s not common to think of a weapon as a zoner. It would be even more strange if that same weapon was also built for aggressive play.

Well, Blasters fuse both of these concepts, along with bizarre combos and insane dogfighting, to create an entirely unique style of play.

Blasters Neutral Game, Down Light Attack

How to Play Blasters: Tips and Tricks

Neutral game

Blasters is all about shoving your opponent into the corner and forcing them into a mixup. You can use SLight, SAir, and DAir to push your opponent into the corner, then look for a combo starter.

Offstage Game

Blasters’ main strength is its offstage kill potential. With moves like DAir and SAir, you’ll beat most weapons in a dogfight. Your recovery is so insanely strong that you can actually go off screen for kills (not that you should). 

Blasters edgeguarding with a Ground Pound.

If you knock your opponent away from the wall and/or below you, you need to follow them. The only weakness to Blasters offstage is that it doesn’t have many options to handle opponents above it, but you can use your spot dodge to flip situations, such as making your opponent go into move recovery, or having your opponent fall below you. 


Because of how easily you can kill offstage, you’ll probably want to edgeguard every time your opponent goes offstage. As I said above, you’ll mainly fish for DAirs and SAirs for kills, but a cheeky Ground Pound can catch people off guard. 

You also have extremely cheese corner control by spamming Down Light>Neutral Light back and forth.

Dogfighting, On and Off Stage

Blasters excel at fighting in the air, so I thought I would include a section on how to optimize your aerial play. All of your grounded moves throw your opponent above you, which is a great position, while you’re on stage. You can use NAir to juggle your opponent, which gives you a lot of free damage, and can lead to an early kill by following up with Recovery.

If you’re approaching a grounded opponent from above, you also have a lot of really good options. The standard approach against most weapons is DAir>GC DLight>SAir/Recovery, but SAir also has really good priority, so try to mix it up. Weapon throws also work very well, especially if you can catch the weapon while the opponent is in hitstun.

The Blasters Moveset in Brawlhalla

Neutral Light

A great string starter, with plenty of potential for ground and aerial followups. Also has great corner control, when paired with Down Light.

Side Light

Your main option for poking with Blasters. Use this to push back even the most passive players, and force them into a mixup.

Down Light

The main combo starter on Blasters. SAir and Recovery are the main moves you’ll be using out of Down Light. Also has great corner control, when paired with Neutral Light. You can also use a spot dodge to Gravity Cancel this in the air, which still has SAir and Recovery as true combos.

Neutral Air

The best juggling move in the game. You can chain 4-5 of these together, and then follow up with a Recovery, if your opponent gets too predictable.

Side Air

Side Air is one of the main kill moves for Blasters players. It’s true out of Down Light, and also works offstage. You can also use a Dash Jump for a crazy engage from the air, which is great against floaty players.

Down Air

The main offstage kill move of Blasters. Fast Fall into your opponent while inputting DAir to catch them off guard. If you bounce an opponent on the stage at the right percentage relative to your height off the stage, you can follow up DAir with a GC Down Light, Side Air, or a Recovery.

Ground Pound

One of the few readily usable Ground Pounds, Blasters GP is actually a decent kill option. With a surprisingly wide hitbox, high range, and decent speed, you’ll mainly find use using this as a mixup on the wall, but you can also backflip it while dogfighting.


This is one of the contesters for best Recovery in the game. With a constant active hitbox and

Nix using Blasters to confirm a kill offstage with SAir.
Blasters using Neutral Light in neutral game.

insane recovery, this move is the main reason that Blasters players can frequently go off the screen for cheeky kills.

Best Blasters Combos and Strings in Brawlhalla

Down Light>Side Air/Recovery

Down Light>Side Air is the bread and butter of Blasters, but Down Light>Recovery does more damage, so look for it when it’s true, which is at higher percentages.

Side Light>Side Air

This is only true when you hit the very end of Side Light’s hitbox, but using it as a string is very good as well.

Down Light > Jump > Side Air
Down Light > Jump-dash > Recovery
Down Air > Gravity Cancel > Down Light > Neutral Air
Down Air > Side Air
Neutral Light > (Pivot) > Neutral Air
Down Air > Gravity Cancel > Down Light > Jump > Side Air
Down Light > Side Light
Down Light > Jump-dash > Down Air > Gravity Cancel > Down Light > Side Air > Chase-dodge-forward > Down Air
Gravity Cancel > Down Light > Chase-dodge-forward > (Pivot) > Neutral Air
Side Air > (Land) > Neutral Light
Down Light > Jump-dash > Down Air > Gravity Cancel > Neutral Light
Down Air > Down Air > Down Air > Down Air
Side Air > (Land) > Down Light > Jump-dash > Down Air > Gravity Cancel > Down Light > Chase-dodge-forward > Recovery
Down Light > Jump > Side Air > (Read) Dodge-in > Gravity Cancel > Down Light > Jump > Side Air
(Read) Jump > Down Air
Neutral Light > Jump > Gravity Cancel > Down Light > Dash-forward > Down Air > Side Air
Down Air > Gravity Cancel > Neutral Light
(Read) Jump > Down Air > Chase-dodge-forward > (Pivot) > Side Air
Jump > Down Air > Chase-dodge-down > Neutral Air > Chase-dodge-up > Recovery
Side Light > Jump > Side Air

For more specific strings and combos for legends with Blasters please check out:

Blasters are very fun for people who like improvising strings on the fly, super deep dogfighting, and aggressive neutral play. If that doesn’t sound like you, check out our Weapons tier list for brawlhalla. If you don’t know what legend to pick, we recommend you to check out the best legends with Blasters in Brawlhalla.

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