Best Lucien combos, strings and tips in Brawlhalla

Discover the best combos and strings for Lucienand learn how to really take advantage of his katars and blasters.

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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Best Lucien combos, strings and tips in Brawlhalla

Lucien, The Highwayman is a katars and blasters wielding master. With his amazing robbing experience and sorrowfulness he is prepared for everything and is not shy of a fight.

Lucien stats


Lucien is a fast and defensive type of a legend. He has medium dexterity and really low strength so the only option here is to take the strength stat. With dexterity it lowers strength even more, meaning that it's not worth it at all.

Basics of Brawlhalla combos

There are two types of attacks: light and signature


Light attacks are used for approaching an enemy.


Signature attacks are used for finishing an opponent.

Every legend has the same light attacks (if they have the same weapon), but signatures are different for every legend. Signatures are also referred to as sigs.


Brawlhalla Combos Meaning
Light AttacksNeutral LightnLight
Side LightsLight
Down Light
Air Attacks
Neutral Air
Side Air
Down Air
Signature Attacks (Heavy on the ground)
Neutral Signature
Side Signature
Down Signature
Heavy in the air
Ground Pound
Down Heavy while in the air
Gravity Cancel
Press Dodge while in the air
The next attacks start closer to the end

Lucien Best Combos, Strings and Signature Moves

Lucien’s kit includes katars and blasters both of which are not starter-friendly and require some type of practice to knock down successfully.

Best Lucien signature moves and special tactics

Blaster > sSig

Lucien’s side signature is a two part sig. Firstly Lucien crouches while shooting a barrel in front of his enemy, then comes right up behind his foe knocking them back with his second shot. This move has okay range, and is relatively fast. Finishes an opponent at ~160%. Try to hit your opponents on the shorter side of the stage considering that the second part, that kills, flips your opponent backwards.

Blaster > nSig

Lucien dashes slightly forward, shooting barrels from his blaster. Good area coverage, also a fast move.You can use this move for edgeguarding, in some strings etc..Finishes an opponent at ~150%.

Blaster > dSig

The dSig launches Lucien upwards while launching out two shots that combined together cover a huge area. Y ou can use this sig for edgeguarding, you can slide of the edge with it etc. Finishes an opponent at ~160%. It also kills earlier if you hit it offstage.

Best Lucien blaster combos and strings

dLight > sLight

The most basic blaster combo. It is effective and great considering that the dLight is decently fast and the follow up sLight is easy to input. You can use this combo to follow-up into some dodge read strings. Possible up to 70%

dLight > sAir

This is a great combo and also a kill confirm. Use this combo when you hit a dLight near the end of the stage so that you can confirm a sAir kill. Possible up to 70%

sAir > nLight

Also a pretty good combo when you hit an opponent mid-air. But it doesn’t work at later percentages considering sAir is a kill option. Possible up to 40%

sAir > dLight > sLight

The best combo in blasters kit, considering it consists of three moves, meaning it does the most damage.

Also doesn’t work at later percentages because of the sAir. Possible up to 40%

dAir > gC > dLight > sAir

String that ends with a side-air, you can use it to kill opponents when near the end of the stage. Possible up to 140%.

dAir > gC > nLight > cD > Rec

This is also a string. You can use this one to kill opponents when you are in the middle of the stage because of the recovery. Possible up to 140%, because of the dAir.

dLight > sLight > sAir

A follow up after the true combo. Good for racking up damage. Possible up to 70%

dLight > sSig

For a sig string it has a really low dodge window of 2, but keep in mind it's still dodgeable. Does great damage. At later percentages the dodge window is higher.

Other Good Pistol Combos and Strings

Down Light > Jump > Side Air

Down Light > Jump-dash > Recovery

Down Air > Gravity Cancel > Down Light > Neutral Air

Down Air > Side Air

Neutral Light > (Pivot) > Neutral Air

Down Air > Gravity Cancel > Down Light > Jump > Side Air

Down Light > Side Light

Down Light > Jump-dash > Down Air > Gravity Cancel > Down Light > Side Air > Chase-dodge-forward > Down Air

Gravity Cancel > Down Light > Chase-dodge-forward > (Pivot) > Neutral Air

Side Air > (Land) > Neutral Light

Down Light > Jump-dash > Down Air > Gravity Cancel > Neutral Light

Down Air > Down Air > Down Air > Down Air

Side Air > (Land) > Down Light > Jump-dash > Down Air > Gravity Cancel > Down Light > Chase-dodge-forward > Recovery

Down Light > Jump > Side Air > (Read) Dodge-in > Gravity Cancel > Down Light > Jump > Side Air

(Read) Jump > Down Air

Neutral Light > Jump > Gravity Cancel > Down Light > Dash-forward > Down Air > Side Air

Down Air > Gravity Cancel > Neutral Light

(Read) Jump > Down Air > Chase-dodge-forward > (Pivot) > Side Air

Jump > Down Air > Chase-dodge-down > Neutral Air > Chase-dodge-up > Recovery

Side Light > Jump > Side Air

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Lucien’s blaster signature moves and special tactics

Katars > sSig

Dashing forward, bleeding every drop of blood from Lucian and the opponent, he strikes. The second part consists of him going up and launching himself and the opponent all the way to the blast zone. Very good area of coverage, not so fast but reliable. Finishes an opponent at ~160%.

Katars > nSig

Massive covering area, Lucian jumps and strikes with his daggers turning red. Then turns and does the same yet again. Not a fast sig but the area hit covers for it. Launches opponent vertically upwards. Make sure you hit both parts of the sig to get the full effectiveness of it.

Katars > dSig

Crouch jumping to the oblivion anyone hit by this sig gets bounced back of the edge right back to the blast zone. If you manage to hit your opponent off the edge to make sure they don't bounce back off it, this sig is gonna finish at earlier percents. Finishes an opponent at ~140%.

Best Lucien katars combos and strings

Katars are the type of weapon that require you to read where your opponent is going, and in return the reward will be extraordinary. These are just some of the combos you can try with them, but keep in mind that in real games you should mix them up to whatever the situation requires. Always have at least 5 dexterity stat with katars.

sLight > nLight

The staple of katar combos. Very easy to do, this is the first one you should learn. The reason this is so good is because it can be used almost all of the time, really good for making a string out of it and throw the word consistent while you are at it. You can add sAir into this, nAir, dLight etc. Can work at later percentages if dash added after the sLight.

sLight > dLight

Also a very good and reliable combo. This one is a bit harder, but still easy. The reason is you have to add a dash after the sLight. After you learn that, it's simple. Also a good string starter. Works at later percentages the same

nAir > dLight

After the nAir buff, this is by far the best katar combo. Its reliable, easy and so much more. It can be done at later percentages too. Good string starter and does so much damage. There are so many angles you can take this as well, depending on where the nAir hits. One variation of this is nAir > nLight instead of the dLight. Try it out for yourself.

nAir > sLight

For this combo you need 5 dexterity stat. On katars you should always aim for 5 dex, it's a must. If you don’t sLight > dLight and sLight > nLight aren’t true. This is a better combo starter than the nAir > dLight version. Works to ~50% after you have to input a dash and it is no longer true. Very consistent combo.

nAir > sLight > dLight

This is a true combo. It racks up great damage and is a must

considering it is true. The only down fall is that it is only possible at early percentages. Possible up to 50%

sLight > dLight > nLight > nAir > sAir

This is one of the more complex strings but it does deal high damage. The reason this string is great is because the first two hits are true, then the third hit, nLight can read your opponents neutral dodge. After you land the nLight you just follow it up with the nAir and a sAir. After 80% the nAir does not connect but you can do the previous attacks at all percentages because of it’s fixed knockback.

sLight > nLight > nAir

Good and very easy string to do in-game. While there are some better options, if you start with sLight this string is a good choice. Can work at later percentages if dash added after sLight.

Lucien Tips and Tricks

Lucien can be a tough legend but if you put the time and effort you will surely master him. Spam his light attacks at the ledge and mix them up with his sigs and you have a bread and butter combo. His sigs are beginner friendly and you can always use them when your opponent doesn’t expect it (also mix them up for some strings or dodge reads!). Also the recoveries on both weapons are extremely good so you shouldn’t worry too much about getting back on stage!

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