The best ways to earn gold in Brawlhalla (tested)

Are you trying to get gold fast in Brawlhalla? Find out what are the best ways to reach your goal.

Updated on Sep 13, 2023
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The best ways to earn gold in Brawlhalla (tested)

Farming gold is relatively easy, but sometimes when you want to unlock a new Legend or a new skin (find out how to get free skins and legends) you might wonder how to get gold faster.
Well, you don’t have to worry anymore because we did some research and prepared the best tips to help you on your journey to get gold fast!

Tips To Get Gold Fast in Brawlhalla

Complete daily missions | 750 gold per day

Daily missions are a must-do and most likely the fastest way to get gold in Brawlhalla! They are a random selection of three challenges given to every player each day. These include either performing a number of KOs with a specific weapon like Bow or Hammer, or winning three matches with a certain Legend or weapon. You can also receive missions which need you to win or play a certain game mode like Experimental or Strikeout.


Completing a daily mission grants you 250 gold. Make sure you complete all the missions given each day if your target is to stack some gold.

Log in daily | From 50 to 250 gold per day

This is something that every brawler who is trying to get gold fast should do. You only need to log in to the game and claim the daily reward. Easy, right? And another amazing thing is that you will be getting bigger rewards for logging in multiple days consecutively. You can easily log in to the game every day to claim the reward even if you don’t have time to play.


DayGold amount

Participate in Brawl of the Week | 300 gold

Brawl of the Week is an amazing Brawlhalla online game mode where you play under a specific set of rules against other players. Those rules are different, and they get changed by the developers every week. Brawl of the Week includes crazy game modes like Ghost Brawl, where you are invisible until you attack or Platform King, basically a King of the Hill type mode.


The reward for Brawl of the Week is 300 gold, however, this can only be claimed once a week. You might want to make sure you play and claim this reward every week because it is a must-do when trying to get gold fast.

Don’t forget about the Tutorial | 450 gold

Brawlhalla’s initial tutorial consists of three shorter parts, which you may have missed if you dived right into the game when you played it for the first time.


Attacking, Platforming and Damage Meters are the three stages of the Training Ground and if you complete them you receive 100, 150 and 200 gold respectively. This is an easy way to get some gold fast when farming for a new Legend.

Play Games (Online or Offline) | +30 and 42 Gold Per Game

Winning a FFA match gives you between 49 and 51 gold and losing between 30 and 42. You also earn 120 gold for leveling up your account and 50 gold by leveling up Legends which you get by playing games. When you have a good time playing and feel happy about it, you won’t even realize that you have raised enough gold for a fresh new Legend. So invite a friend right now and have an amazing time!

Bonus | Brawlhalla bot games for gold farming 

Another way to earn gold fast in Brawlhalla is to create a custom game with bots. You can earn about 130-150 gold by creating a room, adding 7 bots and setting the time to 15 minutes.

This is how you can get Gold faster in Brawlhalla. It’s also possible to get free Mammoth coins easily which is a little more difficult because you have to pay a certain price for them with real money normally.

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