Best Combos and Strings In Brawlhalla that are OP (with Videos On How To Do Them)

Discover the best combos and strings of Brawlhalla and learn how to really take advantage of them in live matches.

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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Best Combos and Strings In Brawlhalla that are OP (with Videos On How To Do Them)

If you want to climb the ladders to the top in the game Brawlhalla, you must have some combos in your kit. It's impossible to learn and improve without them. Today, we have selected a few to get you started.

Combos are divided into two categories: true combos and strings.

True combos have no dodge window, meaning they are not escapable. Most combos are your bread and butter, you will use them a lot in-game so be sure to practice them a lot so you are ready in all situations you are gonna need them in. Strings have a dodge window, meaning you have to waste your opponent’s dodge to make sure you hit them. Or read their dodge.

Light AttacksNeutral LightnLight
Side Light
Down Light
Air Attacks
Neutral Air
Side Air
Down Air
Signature Attacks (Heavy on the ground)
Neutral Signature
Side Signature
Down Signature
Heavy in the air
Ground Pound
Down Heavy while in the air
Gravity Cancel
Press Dodge while in the air
The next attacks start closer to the end

Best True combos in brawlhalla

Katars > nAir > sLight > nLight

A three hit true combo. One of the best in katars kit. It racks up good damage and it is consistent. This makes it pretty viable and you should practice it if you main katars. Possible up to

Thor > hammer > dLight > nSig

This is a legend specific combo. Solid combo which racks up great damage and is also the best kill confirm. You can also pair this version with the dLight sAir combo to confuse your opponent. Keep in mind you have to be close to your opponent if you want to hit it with Thor. Possible at all percentages

Cassidy > Hammer > dLight > nSig

Has all the same traits as the Thor version, except you can hit it a bit further away. Do not be afraid to use this combo with Cassidy often on both legends, because it is possible on all percentages.

Axe > sLight > nAir

Classic axe combo. Also very simple. Deals more damage than the dLight version, but not by much (around 3% more). You also have to hit the sLight closer the higher your opponent's percentage is (if you want to hit it true.) . Possible up to 110%

Blasters > sAir > dLight > sLight

The best combo in blasters kit, considering it consists of three moves, meaning it does the most damage.

Also doesn’t work at later percentages because of the sAir.

Katars > sLight > dLight

This combo requires at least 5 dexterity. After the sLight you should dash into the dLight as it’s only a 1 frame input. It's really easy, consistent and you can follow it up with basically anything. With this katar combo, you can react to a lot of dodges no matter the direction.

Sword > dLight > Rec

The classic brawlhalla sword combo. Deals the most damage out of all the true combos. And is also a kill confirm that kills around 160%. Use this combo if you are in the middle of the stage, where the side-air won’t kill. Possible at all percentages.

Sword > dLight > sAir

Also a classic. Doesn’t deal as much damage as the recovery combo but it gets the job done. It kills a bit later then the recovery version, even if at the edge, but if hit at the edge your opponent is sent flying all the way to the blast zone, meaning he has to get back to the stage which gives you a way easier position to confirm the kill if somehow the enemy doesn’t die from the side-air. That is the advantage of the side-air. Possible at all percentages.

Best Strings in Brawlhalla

Barraza > Pistols > dLight > nSig

Strong legend specific combo with Barraza. It racks up damage and is also a kill confirm. For it to be thought tho, you have to be “inside” your opponent. There is literally no down-side to using this combo so use it whenever you get the chance. Possible up to 150%, but it kills at around 130%

Rayman > axe > dSig > sLight > nAir

Great and powerful string with Rayman. The first two hits are true but the third one isn’t. It is great for racking up damage. True at only 0% and possible up to only 90%, where you can pair it with a sAir at the end to kill near the edge.

Cannon > sLight > dAir > sLight > sAir > Rec

Used to be a working 0 to death before the cannon rework. Still a great string that destroys your enemy. However you will have to do a dodge read after the first sLight. Possible up to 110%, where it can kill after the sAir.

Unarmed > nLight > sLight > dLight > Rec

A great unarmed string. Racks up damage and gives you great positioning. Possible up to 80%

Bow > sLight > dLight > nLight > Rec

The extended version of the most basic string. It deals a huge amount of damage and can give you a good position if you hit it.The rec at the end is used for kill confirming. Really useful string, be sure to practice it as sometimes it's hard to hit it right. It’s worth it though.

Brynn > Spear > sLight > dLight > gC > nSig

Great string which isn’t really legend specific because all the spear legends have similar neutral sigs. Racks up damage and gives you great positioning, and is also a kill confirm. Possible at all percentages.

Gauntlets > dLight > sLight > nAir > sAir > nAir > dAir > sAir

This is a very long string. If you read your enemy you can use it to land heavy damage, but this is somewhat situational. You need to mix some of these inputs because every opponent is different and they will do different things. For example you can use gC nLight instead of the first sAir if your opponent neutral dodges, but you will have to then use sAir instead of the nAir if you want to continue the string with the Bow. Possible up to ~80% because of all the mixups.

Gauntlets > dLight > sLight > Rec

Great gauntlet string. The first two inputs are true, but the recovery has a dodge window of 3, but is a kill confirm. The reason this combo is great is because even if it has a dodge window of 3, it is still a reliable kill option and eventually your opponent will die o it. It also racks up good damage and gives you a decent position advantage.


Combos are an essential part of a good Brawlhalla player. In order to master them, you need to put the time in.

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