The Beginners guide to Brawlhalla | How to master the game in 4 steps

Discover the best steps to take when you are new to Brawlhalla edited from a coach.

Updated on Mar 09, 2024
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The Beginners guide to Brawlhalla | How to master the game in 4 steps

In this guide I will explain the steps I think are the best for a new player to take without being overwhelmed.

What Gamemodes are there in Brawlhalla

In Brawlhalla there are many gamemodes, but the ones to keep in mind if you want to compete are mainly 1v1 and 2v2s.


Don’t be scared to play brawlhalla ranked, you will be matched against evenly skilled opponents, and it’s the best queue to improve at the game.


If you are new to the game, these are the default controls for controller and keyboard:


In this next part I will show you the 4 steps to take to become a capable Brawlhalla player, one who fully grasps the basics of the game, so he can improve even more.

Step 1: choose a character you like

The most important part about any game is having fun. Brawlhalla legends are all on an equal playing field, so at first choose the most aesthetically pleasing to you.


Don’t know where to start? Check out our best legends tier list.

Step 2: learn the basic mechanics

The first thing you need to focus on is to get a grasp of the basics of the game, those that don’t change based on your legend or weapons. Don’t focus too much on your character per se, but things like the controls of the game.


One of the first things you notice while playing is that there are different maps.

This is one of the most straightforward concepts, since the only difference is the layout: some maps have platforms while others don’t.


Different queues have different maps, and in some modes like ranked you can choose to ban one map you don’t like.

Gadgets and weapons

When the game starts, your character will be unarmed. You can still hit your opponents with the unarmed moveset, but you should prioritize picking up a weapon, since their moveset is stronger.


Gadgets are items you find on the ground like weapons. You can’t pick them up unless you are unarmed.

There are 4 gadgets in total in normal game modes:

Bouncy Bomb

The bomb is a throwable gadget, it explodes on contact, an area of effect and force.

It bounces off the ground and the walls, so you can use it in different ways.


After two bounces it defuses and can be picked up again.You can hit allies and even yourself with it, so be careful.

Sidekick Summoner


A horn that, once used, will summon your sidekick, which brings you a weapon spawn. The sidekick hits and knocks back enemies a little on its trajectory.

The horn can be thrown, but it’s not very useful.

Pressure Mine


Same as the bomb, except it sticks to the ground and to the walls instead of bouncing. Once stuck, it will explode on contact with players and any throwables.

Spike Ball


A throwable gadget, the spike deals damage on contact with players. It can be picked up even after hitting someone with it.

Light attacks

Light attacks are the basic attacks of any weapon in Brawlhalla. There are 8 light attacks for each weapon:

  • 3 on the ground
  • 3 in the air

based on the directional input given.

There is also the groundpound and the recovery, which are used by pressing the heavy attack button while in the air.

The 3 directional inputs are achieved like this:

  • Neutral: press Up or no movement input while doing the attack
  • Side: press Left or Right while doing the attack
  • Down: press Down while doing the attack
Light AttacksNeutral LightnLight
Side Light
Down Light
Air Attacks
Neutral Air
Side Air
Down Air
Signature Attacks (Heavy on the ground)
Neutral Signature
Side Signature
Down Signature
Heavy in the air
Ground Pound
Down Heavy while in the air
Gravity Cancel
Press Dodge while in the air
The next attacks start closer to the end

Signatures (or heavy attacks)

Every legend has 3 unique signatures per weapon per character, for a total of 6. Each legend has very different signatures, maybe covering the same usage, but they are almost always all used to kill an enemy when he’s damaged, since they are telegraphed and punishable moves but have a high force.

Dodging and Dashing


Like all fighting games, in Brawlhalla you have a Dodge/Dash button. if you press it while moving on the ground it’s a dash, if you use it in the air or while standing still, it’s a dodge; the difference being that dodging gives you invulnerability frames, which can be used to dodge incoming attacks and gadgets.

Damage and Force

All attacks deal damage and have a force.

Damage in Brawlhalla is shown as a color, ranging from white to different shades of yellow, orange, and red, and finally black. The darker the color, the more damage the player has taken.

In Brawlhalla, like all brawler games, you die only from knockout. Damage alone doesn’t kill, but it’s a multiplier for the force received by an incoming attack.

The more damaged your opponent is, the further away they will be thrown when hit. Some attacks have fixed force, useful for hitting combos.



In the legend select screen, you will notice that each legend has different weapons and different stats:

What they do is very straightforward: a character with high strength like Teros or Scarlet will deal more damage, while defense lowers the damage taken.

Dexterity makes your attacks a little smoother, helping you hit easier combos, and speed makes your character move around the map faster and make longer jumps, very useful for chasing your opponent after a combo.

Before a match you can personalize your character with different skins, colors, and weapons skins. What you can also do is change your character stance.

Stances give you one more point in the selected stat, but you lose another point somewhere else,

Step 3: Learn new legends, and play all the weapons

Once you get the hang of the game, you will understand that weapons are more important than the legend you are playing. Choosing a comfortable weapon combo will be the easiest way to get better at the game, but don’t forget to play them all a little, so you know how to play against them.


Check out all Brawlhalla weapons:

Don’t know which weapons to choose from? Check out our weapon tier list. Oh…and get yourself a nice skin for free with the Brawlhalla viewership rewards.

Step 4: Learn the basic combos of your weapons

Different weapons have different combos, and some weapons focus more on single hits while others focus on strings, but learning the basic light attack combos is very useful, because a lot of times it’s a guaranteed way to deal damage.

Learning the Brawlhalla vocabulary makes learning combos on the internet very easier.

Check out our best combos tier list.


If you have done all these steps, congratulations! You are no longer a beginner. If you want to improve further, try to learn the basic combos of all the weapons, or maybe focus on advanced mechanics, like x pivoting, dodge reading, advanced combos, and chase dodging. I hope this guide helped you get from the lowest ranks to an average brawlhalla player!

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