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Best Loadouts for Thunderbird in Rainbow Six: Siege | The Ultimate List

Want to help your team get the best out of Thunderbird’s Kona Stations and overpowered weapon gear? Here’s how you can do it
Best Loadouts for Thunderbird in Rainbow Six: Siege | The Ultimate List

Thunderbird is the third addition to the list of operators in Rainbow Six capable of healing their allies alongside Doc RB6 and Finka RB6. Not only that, she’s pretty versatile and is one of the fewest defenders equipped with an assault rifle rather than an SMG. Having said that, if you’re looking to main her, here are some of the best combinations of her equipment you could try.

But before we take a look at her loadouts, let’s assess why she’s considered the best healer in the game.

Why Is Thunderbird the Better Healer in the Game?

Thunderbird stands out because she comes with three Kona Stations that can be placed anywhere you wish on the map, which also keep recharging themselves after a short period. While her role is similar to Doc and Finka, remember that both of them only have limited healing abilities.

Comparing the gear she has under her arsenal, her gun is quite strong for a defender compared to Doc’s SMG. She also has a nitro cell under her belt that can be tossed to deny plants or literally blow up an enemy. Her secondary gun is the Bearing 9, an SMG, which is handier than a pistol (what Doc and Finka do) if you’re looking to switch in case your ammo runs out.

Thunderbird is also the fastest among the three healers and can be used to rotate and give flanks in the nick of time quickly. If you’re the team's fragger, Thunderbird should be on the list of your go-to operators.

Best Loadouts For Thunderbird

If you want to enjoy what Thunderbird offers you on the battlefield, here are some of the combinations you can select based on your playstyle:

Best Thunderbird Loadout For Fragging

    If you’re someone who loves to put your team at an early advantage by reducing the man count for the enemy, then you’ll definitely like this loadout:

    • Spear .308 with a Holographic Sight, Vertical Grip and Flash Hider

    • Bearing 9 with Flash Hider and Holographic Sight

    • Nitro Cell

    Thunderbolt Rushing Loadout

    The Spear, already an overpowered weapon as it is, will help you gun down enemies in no time. While its recoil isn’t much already, a Vertical Grip and Flash Hider will provide you with the stability to win those medium to long-range fights. The Bearing 9 is also a great addition to have with you in case your mag goes empty, and you need a quick switch to your secondary.

    This aggressive draft doesn’t just end here. The Nitro Cell is equally dangerous and capable of taking out enemies, especially if you’re playing on intel and know where the enemy lies.

    Best Thunderbird Loadout For Close Range Combats

      If you're a Smoke main used to Smoke loadouts in RB6, you’ll have an idea of how annoying and fun it can be to kill those enemies with a pump-action shotgun in just a shot. While Thunderbird doesn’t have an equally strong gun, the Shotgun-SMG duo is still there to be utilized. Here’s what your loadout should look like:

      • Spas 15 with Laser Sight

      • Bearing 9 with Flash Hider and Holographic Sight

      • Nitro Cell

      Thunderbolt Close Combat Loadout

      This loadout will work well if you’re being sneaky and close to the enemies since they won’t have an answer if you swing in RB6 with the Spas 15 due to its effectiveness and high damage at close range. If you spot an enemy a little far away and know you can’t gun him down due to your shotgun’s limited range, that’s where the Bearing 9 will show off its true colors.

      You can try out this setup at some of the most famous default locations for Smoke mains, such as the elbow in Oregon.

      Best Thunderbird Loadout For Roaming

        Since Thunderbird has got all the moves to be a great roamer due to her three-speed perk, there’s a loadout you can follow that will help you waste much of the enemy's time in their search for you. Maybe if you’re lucky, you can take down some of them as well and help your team get one step closer to victory.

        • Spear .308 equipped with Holographic Sight, Vertical Grip, and Flash Hider

        • Q-929 with a Suppressor

        • Impact Grenade

        Thunderbolt Roaming Loadout

        The suppressor on your handgun allows you to shoot off enemy drones, so the enemy doesn’t know which spaces you’re hiding in. The impact grenades can be used to make rotations for quick escapes if you’ve been spotted or finish off an injured enemy out of his misery.

        Tips And Tricks To Play Thunderbird

        Here are some tips and tricks you can follow that will work as a stepping stone to help you master the art of Thunderbird:

        • You can either place all of her Kona Stations at one spot or put them at different locations throughout the two sites. Communicate with your team to determine the best course of action.

        • Thunderbird’s Kona Stations give you healing after you place them on the ground after a short period, which is way less than the 38 seconds they take to regenerate. If you’re low on health and can’t wait for her Kona Stations to recharge, pick them up and place them down again to get quicker healing.

        • If you’re on roam duty, place two Kona Stations inside the site and take one with you if you deal damage and want some HP.

        • Place Kona Stations somewhere you can destroy them in case you’ve lost that part of the map and are retreating. Since they can heal enemies, the wise thing to do is shoot them down.

        • Twitch’s Shock Drone can destroy Kona Stations, so be mindful of any of them scouting the area. Similarly, IQ’s RED Mk III "Spectre" scanner can also detect and shoot them down from below, so putting them on hard surfaces is the way to go.

        • Attackers will be able to hear whenever you get healed. So if you’re in a clutch situation, it is best not to close in on a Kona Station, especially if your position is hidden from your opponents.

        Thunderbird is a great option to pick if you have an eye for kills due to the weapon gear she can provide you with. Not only that, she lets you heal yourself and your team, which can be a turning point in a match and a lucky escape for someone who’d almost seen the face of death.

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