Best DPI and Pro Sensitivity Settings for PUBG

PUBG settings have always been an intricate part of the game. Players have preferences and certain sensitivities that they like to use depending on their weapon choice, state of the game, etc. While many players play with a wide variety of high and low sensitivities, certain sensitivities are better than others in terms of usage.

What is DPI?

DPI or “dots per inch” is the standard way to measure mouse sensitivity. The dots per inch the device detects can be changed and changes the mouse pointer speed. At a glance, a higher DPI indicates a higher sensitivity as more dots per inch is being detected by your device. A lower DPI indicates a lower sensitivity.

What DPI should I use?

Depending on your gaming background, the DPI choice is dependent on your style of gameplay. If you prefer moving your mouse less, go with a higher DPI, if you prefer to move your mouse more, look into a lower DPI. As a rule of thumb, your DPI shouldn’t be 100 dpi, which would be too low, and your DPI shouldn’t be 10,000 which is too high. If your DPI is too high or too low, the in-game settings could be nearly impossible to fine-tune since you’re on an extreme DPI.

How to Change DPI in General on your Mice

Some Mice have built-in features specific to them based on their brand, manufacturer, and build that allows players to change their DPI. Many gaming mice already have preset DPI that can be adjusted with the use of programs and their respective drivers. However, if you’re unable to change your mouse DPI, you’re going to want to change your in-game sensitivity and fiddle around with it to find the best sensitivity. If you go into your settings menu and click controls you’ll be able to change your in-game sensitivity.If you want to change your DPI without changing your in-game sensitivity, and don’t have the software or on the fly buttons to change your DPI, here’s how to do it

  1. Go to the search bar on the bottom left on widows and search up “Control Panel”
  2. Once you’re in the Control Panel click “Mouse”
  3. The mouse options will have popped up, click “Pointer Options”
  4. Had over to where it says “motion” where you’ll see “select pointer speed”
  5. If you move the arrow your sensitivity will increase or decrease.While you won’t have a direct DPI number, you’ll be able to change your mouse speed without changing the in-game sensitivity.

What DPI and Sensitivities do the Professionals Use?

Most professionals use a lower DPI as many of them have previous experience with other FPS and shooter games. According to, 82% of professional PUBG players use a DPI lower than 800. To those who aren’t used to a slow sensitivity, this may seem extremely slow to you. Why do professionals use such a low DPI you may ask? Many professional players across all shooter games prefer to use lower DPI as it allows them to become more accurate. By using a lower DPI and larger movements, players can have more leverage in their mouse movements. Instead of moving a centimeter to move a certain amount of degrees, pros prefer to move more with their mouse allowing them to build efficient muscle memory.Many professionals who use lower DPI use their entire forearm to control large movements and their wrists to control micro-movements. This allows for fewer errors when aiming to enable them to become more consistent. While most professionals use a lower DPI, some outliers use a higher DPI. Each player has their preference in DPI and sensitivity but most use intervals of 400 or 200, to determine their DPI.Most professionals use an in-game sensitivity in between 30 and 60, depending on their DPI. Many professionals have different in-game sensitivities for certain scopes, but most have similar ranges of sensitivity. Again professionals like to keep their sensitivities somewhat low for their DPI as many want to be as accurate and efficient as possible. Having more control over your mouse will enable you to become more precise.

Examples of Professional DPI and Sensitivity Settings

Shroud, for example, uses an arbitrary number for his DPI. Shroud sports a DPI of 450, probably due to his long run with previous popular shooter games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Shroud has kept his aim consistent over the years throughout a plethora of games by using the same sensitivity for every title he encounters.

DPI and sensitivity settings from Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek

The former Counter-Strike professional and popular streamer Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek uses these settings in PUBG:

  • DPI - 450
  • Vertical Sensitivity - 1.00 (1:1)
  • General Sensitivity - 55
  • Targeting Sensitivity - 50
  • Scope Sensitivity (2x - 6x) - 50
  • Scope Sensitivity (8x) - 47
  • Scope Sensitivity (15x) - 42

DPI and sensitivity settings from Park “Loki” Jung-young

Korean Professional Park “Loki” Jung-young on Gen.G Esports uses these settings in PUBG:

  • DPI - 400
  • Vertical Sensitivity - 1.5 (1:1.5)
  • General Sensitivity - 34
  • Targeting Sensitivity - 34
  • Scope Sensitivity (2x - 15x) - 34

Combined with a DPI of 400, Loki’s 34 sensitivity is on the lower side of the spectrum.

DPI and sensitivity settings from “Kemba7” Rozhkov

Dimitri “Kemba7” Rozhkov a player for Natus Vincere uses these settings in PUBG:

  • DPI - 800
  • Vertical Sensitivity - 1.00 (1:1)
  • General Sensitivity - 40
  • Targeting Sensitivity - 40
  • Scope Sensitivity (2x - 15) - 40

On the other hand, professionals such as Navi’s Kemba7 use a higher sensitivity of 800 DPI with 40 sensitivity and 1.00 vertical sensitivity. Even for professionals, a wide variety of high and low sensitivities are apparent. While most professionals stay in between a certain range, this range can still vary quite a bit.

DPI and sensitivity settings from Go “Esth3r” Jeong-wan

Another player on Gen.G Esports, Go “Esth3r” Jeong-wan uses these settings in PUBG:

  • DPI - 1600
  • Vertical Sensitivity - 1.1 (1:1.1)
  • General Sensitivity - 9
  • Targeting Sensitivity - 9
  • Scope Sensitivity (2x - 3x) - 9
  • Scope Sensitivity (4x - 15x) - 7

Unlike most professionals, Esth3r uses a higher DPI of 1600 with a low in-game sensitivity ranging from 7-9.As a rule of thumb, should you copy the professionals in terms of sensitivity settings, a DPI of 400 or 800 should be used, with the occasional 1600 DPI if you’re already accustomed. For in-game sensitivity, you should try out a range of sensitivities between 30-60, depending on your preferences and DPI. While you certainly shouldn’t only copy the settings of the professionals, they may serve as good starting points to find your sensitivity. Remember finding your sensitivity is all up to preference and what you’re used to.

Benefits of Lower DPI and Lower Sensitivity

A lower DPI such as 400 or 800 comes standard in most competitive shooters. Why may you ask? It is simply because most professional and high-level players prefer using lower sensitivity and lower DPI.

  • By having lower sensitivity players have greater control over their aim.
  • Allows players to use large mouse pads which gives more room for error.
  • Does not rely entirely on wrist movement, takes into account macro and micro movements of the forearm and wrist together.
  • Enables players to build consistency and build proper muscle memory.
  • Allows you to fine tune your in-game settings more efficiently.
  • If you’re already adjusted on a low DPI and have been playing for awhile you don’t need to adjust it
  • It helps reduce shaky aim

If you’re an enthusiast and truly want to increase your skill in all shooters alike, a lower sensitivity is beneficial for you.

Differences between Scoped Sensitivity

Due to the difference in FOV with certain scopes such as the 15x scope, some players may want to have a higher or lower sensitivity based on their scoped FOV. For example, Inonix a player for Gen.G Esports uses a standard sensitivity of 40 with a DPI of 400 and a vertical sensitivity of 0.90 for most of his sensitivities. But for his 4x, 6x, and 8x scope, Inonix uses a sensitivity of 38. Again it all comes down to personal preference. Before choosing a sensitivity you should try out all of the different scopes and then decide on whether or not you want to change up the individual sensitivities for your scopes.While some players prefer different sensitivities between scopes, most professional players use the same sensitivity for all of their scopes. This ensures that you’re building the same muscle memory through repetition, which makes it easier when changing up games. By having the same sensitivity for all scopes it ensures that your mind-muscle coordination is the same for every situation, regardless of what FOV you’re experiencing with whatever scope. This is extremely helpful if you’re not solely a PUBG player and want to experience other shooter games in the future.


DPI and Sensitivity have always been a hot topic for all competitive shooters, especially PUBG. While certain players have their preferences and setups, what’s most important is your personal preference. Regardless of what others are using or what settings professionals are using, what you feel comfortable with is always the best for you. Everyone has their preferences and you shouldn’t conform to certain settings just because one of the professionals uses them. Remember to use other player’s settings as guidelines if you want to try out new sensitivities, but always remember that you’re the one playing, your sensitivities should match your comfort zone.