Best Control Settings and Binds in PUBG (with examples of Pro Players)

PUBG has changed a lot since the game was first released in 2017 and there's been a lot of updates to the game as development continues. Throughout all of this, the control settings have been relatively stable and the general advice has remained the same so far. It's unlikely that there will be any major changes to what the best PUBG control settings are in the future so this guide will remain up to date for a long time.

What are PUBG Control Settings?

Control settings are simple and you've most likely modified other games already. The PUBG controls are how you input commands for the game to read and act on. When we say “bindings” we're referring to how the controls are bound to different input buttons such as keys on the keyboard or a button on the mouse.

Why do control settings matter?

While your main focus does need to be on maximizing performance, getting the PUBG control settings and bindings right for PC is also very important. Getting the performance and graphics right will give you greater visual clarity. However, having poor control settings will most likely cost you the fight.The default settings aren't awful but to have the best chance at winning, changing the PUBG control settings and binds is a necessity. Everyone has different peripherals, hand sizes and preferences. This means the default isn't going to suit everyone and making some tweaks will make the controls feel more natural.

Best PUBG Mouse Settings

Getting the PUBG control settings right for the mouse is critical considering this is the input method for the camera and for aiming. You might find that there are options that you're happy with on default which is fine! The best PUBG control settings for the mouse is a personal thing but you'll want to keep it within the ranges we've listed. It's a good idea to test different options to see which feels best.

Mouse Acceleration: Off

This is something that disrupts your playstyle since it causes the mouse movements to move differently to what you wanted. So turning this off allows you to be more consistent and muscle memory can build without any disruptions from the game.

Vertical Sensitivity Multiplier: 1

It's for the Y-axis sensitivity which is the horizontal mouse movement. We don't advise changing it too much and setting this to 1 gives the best results.

DPI: 400 -800

There is no single best option here, this is following the mouse you're using along with your aiming preference. Reducing the DPI allows you to be more precise and gives you a lot more control with the mouse. Professional players for shooters reduce their DPI to 800 or less which is standard for this genre and we advise doing the same for PUBG.

Best PUBG Sensitivity Settings

We advise keeping the numbers consistent for each sensitivity option in PUBG. For this, we've listed the same number as well but this doesn't mean you need to use the example one we have here.

General Sensitivity: Below 50

The default sensitivity for PUBG is 50 and decreasing this provides you with greater control over the aim. This also means you need to move the mouse further and more while aiming. Having a lower sensitivity is the "arm" aiming method while having higher sensitivity is "wrist" aiming.

Aim Sensitivity: 40

This one is specifically good for hip-firing and target tracking through a scope. Reducing this works the same as above concerning arm aiming and keeping it high is good for those who wrist aim.

ADS Sensitivity: 40

It targets the sensitivity when aiming down the iron sights and for non-magnified sights on guns too. This works the same as the other sensitivity options.

Scoping Sensitivity: 40

While you can set your sensitivity options to whatever you like, keeping this the same as the ADS one is essential. It keeps them consistent across both firing types and means you can develop muscle memory for them.

Universal Sensitivity for all Scopes: Enable

The longer the range, the more sensitive the movements will be, so keep this in mind when setting up your sensitivity. Setting this to enable is a good starting point but some people do like to customise each sensitivity option further.

The Best PUBG Keyboard Binds

It's important to find the correct binds for PUBG according to your peripherals and your preferences. While everyone might have their preferences, there are a few things you can do which should make your game easier regardless. The defaults for most PUBG binds are good enough and shouldn't be a real source of problems once you've built some muscle memory for the game. However, there are a few default binds while are a bit awkward to press and it is advised that you rebind those.

  • Use First Aid - H
  • Use Bandage - Y
  • Use Boost Item – T

Those three are usually set to the Numpad by default and moving them to the keyboard can make your life much easier. There are other good buttons for this and if you have spare buttons on your mouse then these are good commands to assign to those. Some players also like to assign CTRL + Mouse Wheel for these.Push to Talk – Caps LockIf you use this option at all then placing the talk button here is useful since your little finger can easily press it during combat too. It can be easy to accidentally press the button on this key, however, which is not something everyone is okay with.Grenades/Weapon 5 – GMoving the grenades/throwables button to G makes it feel more intuitive and easier to press quickly during fights. This is also the common default for throwables in other games so it might feel more natural too.Peek Left – QPeek Right – EThese two defaults are super useful and feel great. This is also the standard for many other games so this should feel natural. We don't advise changing this but alternatively, they could work if bound to two buttons on the mouse if you don't like the default.Toggle Crouch - CToggle Prone – ZToggle Firing Mode – BMap - MAgain, the defaults for these are good and should be left alone. These are easy to press with your fingers or thumb while playing the game. This is a personal preference of course but if you do change these then do make sure the positioning is convenient.

What settings do pro-PUBG players use?

PUBG control settings and binds are a personal thing which is reflected by what professional players choose to use. Each player has customized settings according to their needs which means there might not be a perfect fit for you. If you want to emulate the PUBG control settings or the PUBG binds someone else is using then remember it might not work for you and that it will probably need a few tweaks. This is especially true when it comes to control sensitivity due to preferred aiming style and arm length as well. Even with the same peripherals, you might need to change the options still.Pro Settings has a full list of pro-PUBG players ( and their chosen settings along with their peripherals. This should help you pick good starting points if you're a little confused about how it all works. It's good to make changes slowly but we advise setting all of the sensitivity options to the same level to start with.

Do you need to change the PUBG Binds?

Definitely not! If you've been playing a lot and are happy with the default controls then there's no need to make any modifications to them. Some buttons such as the healing keys might show how awkwardly positioned they are over time but you can modify the bindings at any point. We advise that you make changes slowly so you can get used to them and learn them properly. This also lets you see other potential problems for keyboard bindings.Changing your PUBG binds won't make you a better player but this could make the game easier to play. Especially if certain key positions are causing problems for you. If you notice any key binding problems while playing, it will most likely be during combat since that's when the most frantic button press takes place. Keep an eye on this and see if you notice any consistent problems.Correctly setting up your PUBG control sensitivity can make a world of difference to the gameplay experience. It won't suddenly make you a better player but being able to control the aim more accurately will make the game feel easier to play. The 'correct' settings will depend on your preferences so it's a good idea to make changes over time and repeatedly test how adjustments feel over various games. This is the same for PUBG binds as well since some options might feel better on other keys. When it comes to both options in PUBG, testing changes over various games lets you get a better idea of what works best for you.