What's The Average Match Length Of PUBG?

Discover the average character’s life span in PUBG and other interesting facts about how long a match lasts.

 Average Match Length Of PUBG
 Average Match Length Of PUBG

PUBG is a title that features various game modes to cater to everyone's playstyle, and because of this, every single game mode and match has a different length. So if you'd like to learn the average match time length of PUBG for every available game mode, what factors may determine them, and much more, keep reading, and we'll provide you with all the bottom-line answers.

What Factors Can Affect The Character’s Life Span In PUBG?

Now, as you may or may not know, PUBG doesn't have regular matches like those found in titles such as Valorant, Rainbow Six Siege, and similar, and the matches in PUBG will last until everyone other than the last man standing dies. 

PUBG is a shining example of a Battle Royale video game focusing on tactics, making the right and timely moves, and getting the most suitable possible equipment, rather than constantly looking for trouble and fast-paced action. Because of this, PUBG matches last somewhat longer than other comparable titles that are much faster.

The ideal conditions of winning the PUBG match is that you're skilled, well-equippend, and lucky.

How long the PUBG matches last depends on your skill level, the gear you manage to loot, and your luck, among many other factors. For instance, if your skill level is better than most players, you'll undoubtedly be able to survive and, therefore, play longer.

But even your skills can't help you if you don't manage to gear up and find useful equipment, weapons, and anything that could help you endure and keep your head above water.

That's when the luck comes on the scene because skill level and gear will certainly increase the likelihood of survival (or even winning the match), but in some cases, the luckiest empty-handed player could outplay the heavily geared and skillful one.

What’s The Average Match Length Of PUBG?

The average match time of PUBG is around 20 minutes, regardless of whether you're playing Solo, Duo, or Squads. Furthermore, this average time also applies to both ranked and unranked matches.

Expect to spend around 20 minutes on average match in PUBG.

This length does not include the pre-match and queue time, and this is just for the match itself.

With this being said, matches in PUBG may last one minute if you have rotten luck and get eliminated the moment you touch the ground, or contrastingly, they may go up to 30 minutes if you end up playing in the last circle or win the match.

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What are The Longest And Shortest PUBG Match Lengths?

According to this Reddit post, the longest match ever recorded in PUBG lasted for 57 minutes, though we aren't sure how this happened.

We couldn't find any other evidence of a longer match length in PUBG.

Quite possibly, the last remaining players had a lot of healing items in their inventories and were avoiding combat in the small circle until someone finally decided to start shooting. Or, more probably, there was some kind of glitch in the game because matches in PUBG usually never last for this long. 

What Can You Do To Increase The Match Length In PUBG?

You can stay alive and increase the match length in PUBG by following our tips, although nothing can guarantee that you'll make it. Still, with the right approach, anything is possible. So have a look at some of our pointers on how to improve your survival chances in PUBG.

  • The border tactic: This strategy may as well be used for many other Battle Royale games, and essentially, all you gotta do is get some healing items and stay near the border zone of the circle. This can be much more beneficial because you'll be able to catch the running players off guard, eliminate them easily, and get their precious items.
  • Remain hidden: Always make sure to use the terrain to your advantage, and get in the bushes, behind the trees, or any other covers you can use to gain tactical advantage and stay undetected. Avoid running around like a headless chicken because you'll certainly end up like that poor chicken instead of getting the chicken dinner.
  • Know when to react: As we previously mentioned, PUBG is a game of patience, and even if you see an excellent opportunity to open fire, it doesn't mean you should do it because who knows who else is watching and waiting for a chance to kill both of you. Hold your fire until you're absolutely positive you'll be safe from the third (or more) player.

Don't overuse the vehicles: Of course, vehicles can get you from point A to point B on the PUBG map very quickly, but think about how much noise they will make and how many players they will attract. Avoid using vehicles except as a last resort, and by all means, don't go for a grand tour.