Best Settings for PUBG [and how the pros are playing]

Having the ideal in-game settings when playing PUBG is essential for a number of reasons. Having the best-looking display is needed to get the best experience of the game and also to see enemies from a distance. Performance settings are essential so that the game runs at a smooth 60FPs and you don’t lag behind the competition. Audio settings are important to hear creeping enemies. Then control settings are also important as comfortable button bindings, sensitivity settings and other aspects all aid your gaming ability if set appropriately.Of course, every player is different and no one set of custom settings will fit everyone’s tastes.

However, if you adapt to the settings used by the pros, this has the potential to take you from an average player to a pro-level competitor. Don’t get us wrong, you need to have the skill as well, but the controls sure do help.You may be wondering, what are these pro settings, where do I find them and why are they important. Well, to save you time and effort we have put together a guide that will explain everything you need to know in fine detail. So you can sit back, pick the settings that are perfect for you and your system and then get back to gaming with a higher chance of cooking up some chicken dinners. So here is our guide on the best settings for PUBG.

The Best Graphical Settings

We begin with the visual settings in PUBG. These can be very important to both the performance of your system and your performance on the battlefield. Having the right visual settings means that you’ll be able to see enemies from further distances and have more chances of seeing enemies when hidden in the foliage throughout the map and additionally, everyone wants their game to look as good as it possibly can.So here are a few considerations to make concerning visuals.

Display mode

You want to play on full screen as playing with a minimized monitor will affect FPS and generally make the game run slower.


This one is going to depend on what your monitor is capable of. Be sure to check your system capabilities and pick the recommended resolution. It can be tempting to go higher but there will be a considerable drop in performance if you do.

In-game FPS cap

This one is also native to your system’s ability. This will normally be 60FPS, however, be sure not to set this option too low as this will stifle the potential performance of your system.


This one is completely down to how bright you like the display to be. However, we would suggest a slightly higher brightness than you are used to. This is for added visibility which can come in handy in darker areas of certain maps.

Field of view

This one will depend on your monitor. If you have a standard monitor then you might want to stick to an average setting. However, if you have a widescreen, you may be able to accommodate a higher setting. This will allow you to see more of what is around you which is invaluable when you’re out in the open.


This setting basically acts to take the rough edges off the textures and models in the game. This one takes up a large amount of processing power if out on a high setting with little benefit so we suggest you set this to a low or average setting depending on how important this aspect is to you.


This setting essentially enhances the display to look nicer when you are at a standstill. Due to the high intensity of the game, we don’t really see the benefit of this, so feel free to switch this one-off.


Shadows offer very little to the PUBG experience and high settings will slow down your system considerably. So set this one to low preferably.


Although not completely necessary, textures are one of the settings that you can afford to invest some processing power into. We would suggest a medium setting. This means you don’t have a grainy, incomprehensible display and you can enjoy your surroundings while still maintaining decent levels of performance.


These are parts of the visuals such as trees swaying in the wind or the patter of rain on the ground. These offer more of a distraction than anything else and only serve to drain your performance. We suggest low or very low settings.


No matter how low your settings are, the trees are still going to exist on the map. How detailed they are really has no relevance in the heat of battle. So, for that reason, low settings would be fine.

View Distance

This one is really important when playing PUBG. You want to be able to see as far as your system can possibly manage so experiment with this setting and see what your PC can handle, the higher the better.


Makes the image slightly more crisp but pretty much irrelevant. Feel free to turn this one off.


This serves as a function that syncs the frame rate with the monitor. You can turn this setting off for a higher frame rate but be aware that this will lead to more artefacts present and therefore a more fuzzy image as a whole. If you’re already on a comfortable, smooth 60FPS then leave this one on.

Motion Blur

Only really looks good in racing games. Turn this one off.

Best Audio Settings for PUBG

Sound can be just as important as the visuals in a lot of scenarios within PUBG. Although a lot of players who play casually turn the sound off altogether in favour of Netflix or music, this is widely considered a less optimal way to play. Having a full range of in-game sound makes you more aware of your surroundings and allows you to zero in on your opponent faster and more efficiently. Here is a rundown of the best sound settings in PUBG.

Master Volume/music/UI/Gameplay

This is ultimately down to how dedicated the player is to the game. If you’re multitasking or want to listen to something while you play then have it down low. However, if you want the absolute best chance of winning, then be sure to have this one at a medium to high volume where you can hear all in-game sounds comfortably.


This is a feature that is best-used with headphones. It essentially channels the sound into each ear to depict which direction the noise has come from on the map. It can be a hard setting to get used to, however, if you can get your ears to adjust to the setting, it can provide some tactical benefits.

Sensitivity Settings

When messing around with your sensitivity settings it can be a recipe for disaster if you don’t know what you’re doing.If you’re a long time player and you’ve successfully been using the same sensitivity settings for a while now, we wouldn’t really suggest you go changing too much. If you do you’ll be making more mistakes and near misses than it’s worth to change the controls.However, for a new player coming to PUBG, knowing the best sensitivity settings can be a great way to start on the right foot. Here is a list of the optimal sensitivity settings in PUBG.

Invert mouse

Unless you have a real preference for inverted controls we would say stick to the standard settings.

General Sensitivity

This one will be down to how you’ve played other games and what level of sensitivity suits your reactions. However, as a rule of thumb, we would suggest you place the marker just short of halfway along the bar.

Vertical Sensitivity Modifiers

This depends on how much you unconsciously favour horizontal movement. If you’re rock steady then we suggest you keep this at 1. This means that your vertical sensitivity is the same as your horizontal sensitivity. However, many players will find that their hand naturally favours horizontal movement. Which translates to players having to correct their shots, especially when firing continuous shots. So if this sounds like you, start with 1.2 and experiment from there.

Aiming Sensitivity

A good point of reference for aim sensitivity is at around 20

Scoping Sensitivity

To keep a sense of continuity and consistency with your settings. Whatever you set your aiming sensitivity to, be sure to have your scoping sensitivity match it.

Gameplay settings

These settings are essentially related to any kind of accessibility the game provides for players and some added extras. Here are the best gameplay settings for PUBG.

Inventory Character render

When this is turned on it will show the items that have been picked up by the player during a game on the character model. Turn this off for better performance or leave on for a more immersive and realistic experience.

Colour Blind mode

You would think that this would be a straight forward yes or no based on if you’re colour blind and in a lot of cases it is. If you are colour blind then 100% use this mode. However, if you aren’t it may still be useful to you. In this mode, enemies become easier to see in a lot of scenarios. There is a lot of aspects to the visuals that will take a lot of getting used to, however, it can be quite an undertaking to get used to but can have a positive effect if you stick with it.


You can change the colour of these which is purely an aesthetic choice and one that has no effect on gameplay or performance.

Weapon and Minimap Options

It really depends on how much you rely on these aspects of the HUD. If they don’t bother you then we would suggest keeping them there as a point of reference.


Same as above, if it’s not a burden we say keep it.

Prefered Button Bindings

It can also be difficult to select button bindings that are going to get the best performance possible out of you. Having an ideal set up where everything is in reach and reaction times are at a minimum can be the difference between winning and losing. So perhaps it’s time to look at your controls and see if there is anything you can do to make this feel faster and more accessible.We have sourced the button bindings of fellow PC PUBG pro, Chocotaco. They run a control scheme that is rather conventional but has some slight tweaks to allow for more optimal gameplay. Here is a rundown of his control scheme for PUBG:

  • Move Forward: W
  • Move Backward: A
  • Strafe Right: D
  • Strafe Left: A
  • Walk: Left Ctrl
  • Sprint: Left Shift
  • Jump: Space Bar
  • Crouch: C
  • Prone: Z
  • Interact: F
  • Toggle Camera: V
  • AutoRun: Page Down
  • Freelook: Left Alt
  • Fire: Left Mouse Button
  • Aim: Right Mouse Button
  • Reload: R
  • Next Weapon: Num 7 / Mouse Wheel Up
  • Previous Weapon: Mouse Wheel Down
  • Primary Weapon 1: 1
  • Primary Weapon 2: 2
  • Side Arm: 3
  • Melee Weapon: 4
  • Throwables: 5
  • Toggle Firing Mode: X
  • Peek Left: Q
  • Peek Right: E
  • Unarm: B
  • Increase Zeroing: T
  • Decrease Zeroing: G
  • Toggle Throwing Stance: Right Mouse Button
  • Cook Grenade: R
  • Use Med Kit: Default
  • Use First Aid Kit: F1
  • Use Bandage: F2
  • Use Boost Item: 0
  • Use Heal Item: Hyphen
  • Use Energy Drink: F4
  • Map: Mouse Button 5
  • Inventory: I / Tab
  • Push to Talk: Page Up / Middle Mouse Button

Optimize to achieve

At the end of the day, controls, visuals and audio are a matter of preference. What works for someone else, even if they are a pro, won’t necessarily work for you. If you have a setup that is currently working wonders for you, we wouldn’t suggest you go reinventing your play style. However, for those just starting out, why not try and start with pro controls and adjust as needed?Take what applies to you from the guide above and use it to make your PUBG experience a more optimised and accessible one.So that’s our guide to the best settings on PUBG for PC. What are your preferred settings? What about your button bindings? Do you think that looks or performance is more important? Let us know in the comments and as always, thank you for reading TheGlobalGaming.