Best Launch Options PUBG

Before Getting into the game it is best that we know the most suitable launch options about it the following article covers all the best Launch options for PUBG

Updated on Sep 17, 2023
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Best Launch Options PUBG

We all love it when we get some time to play our favorite game but it all gets ruined when it won't launch properly. Well, this article has been written for exactly that type of situation and will cover all the aspects you need to know before launching PUBG.

Optimal PUBG Launch Options

Multiple PUBG launch options can improve your game experience but here are some of the best PUBG launch settings for better and smoother gameplay and to save time.

Fix Your Refresh Rate

The most common problem that can be causing stuttering while playing pubg is the unsettled Refresh rate. Refresh rate can be settled in many ways like setting an in-game fps cap or turning off motion blur etc. but here is the best way to settle your Refresh rate in PUBG.

  1. When on your desktop screen, right-click and on the drop-down menu, select display settings/graphics card settings
  2. Once in the display menu, locate and select the advanced setting option.
  3. This will take you to a screen where your display settings are shown in full detail, including your refresh rate.
  4. There you can set it according to your monitor refresh rate however if you have an AMD/NVIDIA graphics card you can sync it in the AMD/NVIDIA control panel.


Maxed Out RAM Usage

There is a way in which you can use the maximum performance of your RAM to PUBG and that way is through a command. The command you’ll need to enter is as follows: (winsat mem) This allows the computer to allocate all of its memory toward running PUBG as smoothly as possible. This will vary depending on the size of RAM that your system has. So as a point of reference, here is what you’ll need to input for these common RAM sizes.

  • 8GB of RAM = MaxMem=7168
  • 12GB of RAM = MaxMem=11264
  • 16GB of RAM = MaxMem=13000


Processing Power

Much like the memory commands, there is a command to have the processor run at max capacity when running PUBG. With the use of this command, all the processing cores are allocated to PUBG to have it run at optimal performance. Here is the command you’ll need to enter: ALLAVAILABLECORES (no spaces)


DirectX Settings for PUBG

Direct X is a software used by all windows systems to manage multimedia tasks such as movie playback, music, and games. The most optimal Direct X software available at the moment is DirectX 12. However, if your system is chugging along at a snail’s pace and losing you games at those clutch moments, then it might be better to drop down a level. You can use a command that will ask your system to use lesser DirectX software such as 10/11 if you are currently using 12. This will cause a decrease in visuals but a spike in performance. Here is what you will need to input: Sm4


Steam Launch Options

Now that you know what is possible to alter, you need to know how to make it happen. You can do this through Steam and the process isn’t even that difficult, meaning you can get PUBG running optimally in minutes. Here is a quick guide on how to apply these changes:

  1. Open Steam and find PUBG within the game library. When you do this, right-click on PUBG.
  2. This will open up a drop-down menu. Within this menu select ‘Properties’.
  3. Select the General tab and click on the ‘set launch options’ buttonwithin this menu.
  4. This will open a field where you can enter your launch options. This will be different for each individual but as a point of reference, here is an example of how this can be formatted.refresh 60-maxMem=13000-malloc= system-USEALLAVAILABLECORES-sm4
  5. Press Ok and launch PUBG to check if overall performance has improved.


Editing PUBG Inc.

This step will allow you to make changes that aren’t made readily available by the game developers but can help you run the game on less powerful systems. Here is a guide on how to make this happen.

  1. Press WIN + R and when entering the command in the field, copy and paste the following:%appdata%\Local\TslGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor
  2. Now you will have the game file containing the engine file. When you locate this, right-click on it and open it with a notepad.
  3. This will show you the current settings. What you need to do is delete this and then copy and paste the following into the notepad:[/script/engine.renderersettings]










  4. After you have done this, save the file and then launch PUBG to check if it is running more smoothly.

What to Do if Pubg Won’t Launch

When you’re rooting around under the bonnet of the game, it’s possible to make a misstep along the way and break the game files. It’s an easy mistake to make so don’t beat yourself up about it. Plus, it’s really easy to fix as well. So, if this happens to you, simply follow this guide and you’ll be all set to try altering your performance again.

Fix File Integrity

Go to PUBG in the Steam game library and right-click on it. Then in the drop-down menu, select properties. From here, simply select local files and you will see an option to ‘verify the integrity of game files. Select this and it will check for any missing parts and restore them to your file.


Prevent System Overload

This is more common on less powerful systems but is also relative to how many programs you are running at once. Often, PUBG will not launch due to the programs and software running in the background. Ensure that all unnecessary programs are closed by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete and running task manager. This will show you all the active programs and tasks. Simply right-click on unnecessary tasks and select end the task. This should help your PC run more smoothly and allocate more resources to PUBG.


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