Best Rocket Lance Combos, Strings, and Tips in Brawlhalla

In this Rocket Lance guide you will learn all the essential combos and strings for the Rocket Lance in Brawlhalla!
Best Rocket Lance Combos, Strings, and Tips in Brawlhalla

The Rocket Lance trades in kill potential for high damage, mobility, and offstage excellence. Because it also has a very risky neutral, this is one of the less commonly used weapons, but, with enough time getting used to it, the Rocket Lance will thrust you through the ranks in no time. 

How to Play Rocket Lance: Tips and Tricks

Neutral game

Rocket Lance’s neutral is one of the most vulnerable in the roster. Most of the moves force you to move towards your opponents, or lock you in place for extended periods of time. Your main options in neutral are SLight, DLight, and NAir. 

SLight has multiple string/combo follow ups, DLight is the most defensive move in your kit, and NAir is a force field that is very safe to use. One of the most important requirements of Rocket Lance is to be able to quickly remember when you are in advantage, as you have to make the most of the small moments in which you are to properly utilize Rocket Lance’s kit. 

Offstage Game

Rocket Lance’s dogfighting is one of its strong suits, due to its high aerial priority and mobility. If you are above/beside your opponent, look for SAir>DAir, as it puts them in Rocket Lance’s favorite position (diagonally below and forced to approach). You can even chain these together for early kills, which is easier if you can read the opponent’s responses.

The mobility also helps you recover with Rocket Lance. SAir can be used offstage to get close to the stage, but be cautious, as it forces you to move predictably. You can be a little less cautious then you would have to be with Cannon or Gauntlets, for example, as you have very high aerial priority. Recovery can even be used to approach the corner, as it’s extremely hard to punish from above.


As I said above, Rocket Lance has very strong offstage play. Considering how low the knockback on most of Rocket Lance’s kit is, you’ll probably be fishing for most of your kills through edgeguarding. SAir and DAir and classics for edgeguarding, as they’re hard to punish and ruin any chances of recovery for the opponent.

The Rocket Lance Moveset in Brawlhalla


A strong yet risky move. Good priority, but super high recovery frames. Good for Spot Dodge reads.


Rocket Lance’s main combo starter. Leads into both grounded and aerial strings/combos. Be careful using this in neutral, as it can be stuffed with almost any aerial attack.


DLight is a strange move. It’s not like the rest of Rocket Lance’s kit - low priority, low recovery, and no movement. These traits mean that it’s the main move in neutral against shorter range weapons, such as Gauntlets and Katars.


NAir is in a class of its own for the forcefields. Not only is it bigger than most comparable NAirs, it’s also true out of SLight, and it does very high damage.


Sair is one of the main kill moves for Rocket Lance players. It also has utility as a recovery move when far away from the stage, but be wary of how open it leaves you, as it forces you to move in a straight line.


Dair is mainly a string extender on stage, but also works for offstage edgeguarding or dogfighting. It’s hard to fight head on, but easy to backdash out of, so try using it only when you have high stage control.

Ground Pound

Rocket Lance Ground Pound is, to put it bluntly, horrible. Not only does it have a teeny tiny little hitbox, but it’s also extremely slow, and has near-zero priority. There is almost zero use case for this move, so be careful to fight the urge to Ground Pound to clean the wall.


Rocket Lance’s recovery has high flexibility, at least in the world of recoveries. Its high priority makes it a great to recover to corner with (as long as you don’t actually go above the stage with it). Be careful charging it, as your opponent can easily stuff it with a Weapon Throw, or even just by falling into it, and denying most of its movement.

Best Rocket Lance Combos and Strings in Brawlhalla


The bread and butter of Lance’s kit. Use this as much as possible, as it does crazy damage, allowing you to switch to your other weapon for kills earlier than usual.


An alternative form of the main combo. Can be chained multiple times, but is only true the first time. On the corner, this can knock the opponent offstage.


A consistent kill for Rocket Lance. You can even string these together offstage to catch jump/Up Dodge reads, which will generally lead to a free kill, even at early percentages.

Side Light > Jump > Side Air
Side Light > Jump > Neutral Air
Side Light > Jump > Side Air > Chase-dodge-forward > Down Air > Side Air
Neutral Light > Neutral Light > Neutral Light > Neutral Light (only for Pros)
Side Light > Jump > Neutral Air > Jump > Neutral Air
Side Light > Jump > Down Air > Side Light > Jump > Side Air
Side Light > Down Air
Down Air > Neutral Light > Side Light > Jump > Side Air
Side Light > Jump > Down Air
Neutral Light > Dash-forward > Down Light > Neutral Light > Jump > Side Air > Dash-forward > Down Air > Side Air
Down Air > Side Light
Side Light > Jump > Neutral Air > Jump > Down Air
Side Light > Jump > Neutral Air > Jump > Side Air
Down Light > Neutral Light > Chase-dodge-forward > Down Light > Neutral Light > Side Light > Jump > Side Air > Chase-dodge-forward > Down Air > (Land on platform)
Neutral Air > Neutral Air > Neutral Air > Neutral Air > Recovery
Neutral Ligh > Neutral Light
Neutral Light > Chase-dodge-forward > Down Light
Side Light > Jump > Neutral Air > Recovery
Side Light > Recovery
Side Light > Jump > Down Air > Side Light > Jump > Down Air > Side Air > Jump > Side Air > Jump > Side Air

For more specific strings and combos for legends with a Rocket Lance please check out:

String Theory: Predictable Neutral

Rocket Lance has some of the worst neutral in the game, seconded only by Greatsword. This is due to the fact that almost every move in your kit forces you to move in a straight line for an extended period of time. Because of this, Rocket Lance is extremely difficult to win neutral with, and it requires a deep understanding of advantage and disadvantage states to even have a chance at using this weapon.

The Rocket Lance is a weapon that is fitted for someone who likes to aggressively posture their opponent offstage, rack up damage, and dogfight with heavy weapons, but it requires finesse. You’ll be accustomed to a lot of its quirks if you’re coming from weapons like Blasters, Spear, or Hammer. If not, then you might want to check out our Weapon tier list for brawlhalla. If you don’t know what legend to pick who has a Rocket Lance, we recommend you to check out the best legends with Rocket Lance in Brawlhalla.

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