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How to Switch Servers in Tower of Fantasy (Step-By-Step Guide)

Find out how to change servers in shared open world MMO, Tower of Fantasy here.
How to Switch Servers in Tower of Fantasy (Step-By-Step Guide)

Tower of Fantasy is all about weapon-switching, but sometimes you want to switch servers in an MMO. Maybe your server is lagging, or maybe your friends are playing on another server. There are many reasons for server switching and this is how you do it.

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Whatever your reasons are, keep in mind that character data in TOF do not have cross server functionality. This means your existing character will not carry over to a new server. By switching servers, you'll have to start over on an entirely new character - bear that in mind as you proceed.

<h2 id="Joining different servers from the Main Menu_id=0">Joining different servers from the Main Menu

Changing servers in Tower of Fantasy is extremely easy. First, enter the game and load into the home screen - do not tap on anything yet. Here, your current server name should be displayed. Tap ONLY on the server name to open up the server list; tapping anywhere else may log you into your current server.

Access the servers in Tower of Fantasy from the Main Login screen.

From here, pick a different server located in your current or preferred region. It's recommended you pick a server with a green or yellow icon, indicating a less crowded or slightly populated server. Servers with the red icon are overcrowded, and may lead to you experiencing the 2618 server error whereby you can't even join the login queue.

Select servers screen in TOF

<h2 id="Can I transfer characters across servers in Tower of Fantasy?_id=1">Can I transfer characters across servers in Tower of Fantasy?

As of writing this article, there is no way to transfer characters in TOF, or play 1 character across multiple servers. This is because characters are server locked in this game, so only 1 character is playable on the specific server it's created on.

There is no cross progression for your Level Cap in Tower of Fantasy.

It goes without saying that your simulacrum, and collected materials such as Gold, Matrices will not transfer as well. While starting a ne character is great for rerolling SSR simulacrum units, you can imagine how resetting your progress is not favorable. Not to mention, TOF has a level cap system which limits a character's max level based on how many days the character was made. For example, a character which is only 3 days old can level up to LV27 only.

Which region servers should I join in Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy is split into 5 different regions to select from: Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia. We recommend picking servers located in your region as it'll lead to reduced ping and latency, providing a smoother gameplay experience. If you're from Australia or Russia, we recommend joining the Asia-Pacific servers. To find out more, check our guide on which servers are the best for each region in TOF.

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