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How to Check Your Playtime in Tower of Fantasy

How many hours have I played ToF? Learn how to view your time played in Tower of Fantasy PC and Mobile.

Updated on Nov 18, 2022
How to Check Your Playtime in Tower of Fantasy

Many players like to monitor their play time, whether it’s for productivity purposes or for flexing their passion about a game; and with so many things to do in Tower of Fantasy’s vast alien world map, it’s easy to forget about your total played hours.

So how do you monitor your Tower of Fantasy in game time?

We listed a few solutions so you can find out just how long you’ve spent gacha-ing for the best characters, doing exciting open world exploration, and perfecting your own personal fighting style.

Tower of Fantasy adventure begins with freeform character development in a habitable alien world radiated by unknown but powerful energy.

Is there a way to check your playtime in Tower of Fantasy?

During the time of writing this article, there is no reliable way to check your total game time in Tower of Fantasy - like you can with World of Warcraft - but you can use workaround options.

Estimate Your Game Hours with Level Cap Chart

One of these options is by using Tower of Fantasy's level cap system to calculate your playtime. Based on the number of days registered, Tower of Fantasy limits how fast your character can level up. Odd as this is, you can actually use it to your advantage to guess how long you’ve spent in the game.

Tower of Fantasy level cap limit chart




Level 18


Level 24


Level 27


Level 30


Level 32


Level 34


Level 36


Level 38


Level 40


Level 42


Level 44


Level 46


Level 47


Level 48


Level 49


Level 50


Level 51


Level 52


Level 53


Level 54


Level 55


Level 56


Level 57


Level 58


Level 59


Level 60


Level 61


Level 62


Level 63


Level 64


Level 65


Level 66


Level 67


Level 68


Level 69


Level 70

How to estimate your game time in Tower of Fantasy:

To get a rough estimate of your total game time, you’ll have to make an estimation of your usual game hours each session. Then, simply multiply apply the formula below to get your total game time.

Day (based on your level) x Usual Game Session Hours = Estimated Total Game Time

How to find Tower of Fantasy game time on Mobile

On Android and Apple, there are workarounds by using Game Launcher apps or Screen Time monitoring apps.Many Android devices come pre-installed with a game launcher app which tracks your gaming activity (Installation, game time, uninstalls etc). Here is an example with Samsung's Game Launcher:

  1. Open [Game Launcher].

  2. Tap on the right corner of the menu. This will allow you to check [Details] in your games.

  3. Tap on more details and see your game time.

Tower of Fantasy is launched on mobile platforms globally. This example uses Samsung's Game Launcher App.

For Apple devices, you can use Screen Time to monitor your game time which creates real-time reports. Do note, both mobile solutions do not track your PC game time of Tower of Fantasy, so if you game on both platforms, you may have to resort to the Level Limit method.

How to find Tower of Fantasy game time on PC (Windows)

For most MMOs, there is some method of checking your total time spent with the game. With Steam or Epic Games Launcher, this is even easier as you can see your PLAY TIME in the library. Luckily, the publisher Level Infinite appears to have plans of launching Tower of Fantasy on Steam and Epic Games, so this solution will be available in the future.

Sadly not Tower of Fantasy. This is where your current in game time should appear if it were on Steam.

It is odd there is currently no native way of checking your total game time in Tower of Fantasy (as of writing this article). You can only really check the time of the planet you're on, such as Aida Time, as the in-game world does operate with a day and night cycle.

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Perhaps with newer updates, Tower of Fantasy will feature a native way of tracking your playtime just like Genshin Impact. Until then, wanderers will just have to use third party solutions to track their own journey in game, or use the simple estimation formula we covered in Solution 2.

We'll keep you posted if better solutions arise.

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