Ghost Of Tsushima Download Size on PS4 and PS5 [Latest Version]

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Updated on Sep 18, 2023
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Ghost Of Tsushima Download Size on PS4 and PS5 [Latest Version]

So, you've heard some remarkable stories about some samurai game named Ghost Of Tsushima, and now you'd like to try it out and see if the tales about it are true. Yet, you aren't sure if your PlayStation console has enough storage space for it, considering how big games are today. Well, because of curious people like you, we made an entire article in which we'll reveal all facts about the Ghost Of Tsushima download size and much more. So before you get the game, you definitely want to read this post.

Where Can I Play Ghost Of Tsushima?

Ghost Of Tsushima is available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. There is no Ghost Of Tsushima PC version at the moment, but according to the various sources, this masterpiece may come to Microsoft Windows, though this information hasn't been confirmed or denied by Sucker Punch Productions.

What Is The Download Size Of Ghost of Tsushima?

The Ghost Of Tsushima download size is 39.4 GB for PlayStation 4, and 63.9 GB for PlayStation 5.

This download size is for a base game only, without a patch or Iki Island expansion, so make sure to have at least 10 GB of additional storage space if you wish to install them. On top of this, if you wish to get the Bonus Content, which includes a 45-minute video featuring the game developers and their comments, you'll need an additional 22 GB.

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Where Can I Download Ghost Of Tsushima?

Being a PlayStation exclusive, you can download Ghost Of Tsushima only on PlayStation Store. If you prefer installing games from discs rather than downloading them, you can get a retail version of the game. If you regularly buy PlayStation games, then you might want to learn more about PlayStation Visa card, which will grant you excellent rewards for your Sony purchases.

Kurosawa-inspired Monumental Work And Sony's Cash Cow

The samurai-themed games are released once in a blue moon, but once they do, they always get rave reviews from both gamers and critics. From classics such as Warriors Orochi to Mark Of The Ninja, have you ever heard of a samurai game that stinked? Neither did we.

The same also applies to Ghost Of Tsushima, widely recognized for its audio-visual quality, storyline, and combat. It even got several rewards in different categories, including the Adventure Game of the Year. Those reasons above are why Ghost Of Tsushima sold more than 8 million copies so far!


Ghost Of Tsushima has so much potential in becoming a huge franchise. Apparently, the sequel is being developed as you're reading this, and even the movie adaptation as well (though we all know that movies based on games are God-awful). However, the official source, Sucker Punch Production, hasn't verified the information regarding the Ghost Of Tsushima 2 yet.

The movies of legendary Japanese movie director Akira Kurosawa have greatly influenced this game, and developers paid tribute to this icon by adding the "Kurosawa mode." Essentially, this mode evokes the atmosphere of the memorable Samurai movies of the fifties and sixties by making the game appear in black and white, with film grain effect.  

Summa summarum, whether you're a fan of Japanese history and the samurai or not, you definitely do not want to skip playing this game. If you don't own a PlayStation 4 or 5, you are certainly missing a lot because of games like this one. Let's all hope that the rumors about the PC release are accurate so that we can all take delight in Ghost Of Tsushima once it gets its PC version. And if it does, we'll all keep our fingers crossed that they will create a solid PC port, which is not always the case with the developers.

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