File Size Of DayZ For All Available Platforms [Latest Edition]

You'll be surprised to know how much storage space this vast open-world game requires on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4!

Updated on Nov 18, 2022
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File Size Of DayZ For All Available Platforms [Latest Edition]

Starting as an ARMA 2 mod and becoming a standalone smash hit, DayZ has come a long way since it first appeared as an early access game on Steam back in 2013. Over the early access years, DayZ has been developing and leaping out as probably the only game with the open-world zombie survival concept at the time. But since its development stagnated and players who demanded more started leaving, Bohemia Interactive has kicked it up a notch and finally released the DayZ update in the form of a full game release in 2018 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Although DayZ has been around for some time now, you'd probably want to know its download size if you'd like to explore over 230 km² map with beautiful landscapes and not-so-beautiful zombies

Where Can I Play DayZ?

You can play DayZ on PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In addition to these, you can run DayZ on Linux (though you'll need some inventiveness), PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S through backward compatibility. 

What Is The Download Size Of DayZ?

Depending on the platform, the download size of DayZ is from 8.51 GB on PC to 12.9 GB on Xbox. Find out how many gigabytes DayZ has on each specific platform in the table below:

You'll also need around 200 MB of extra space for the Steam client if you're playing on a PC. Should you decide to purchase the DLC, you'll need an additional 20+ GB for DayZ Livonia, an expansion with a brand-new 163 km² map, and additional content.

Surprisingly, this humongous-sized game with an interactive map, various items, textures, and whatnot, has remained low in size after all these years and updates. This is especially remarkable compared to other similar games, which are a few times larger. The main reason for this is the obsolete engine that powers the game, and even though the game still looks visually appealing, it can't be compared to contemporary games that run on state-of-the-art engines.

For additional game download sizes, check out the download size of Overwatch 2, the download size of Lost Ark, and ARK: Survival Evolved.

Where Can I Download DayZ?

You can download DayZ on Steam (PC), Microsoft Store (Xbox One), and PlayStation Store (PlayStation 4). Other than downloading the game, you can also purchase a physical copy for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 only. 

There Are More Bugs And Hackers Than Zombies In DayZ, But It's Still Fun

DayZ still suffers from the same issues it has had during the early access days, and players were infuriated at Bohemia Interactive for not considering their appeals. These issues are plenty of bugs, hackers that completely ruin the gameplay experience, and some technical problems. With each new DayZ update, players hope that the patch notes will be promising this time, yet they are still waiting for that day to come.

Sometimes, there are zombies.

DayZ seemed like a complete failure and a “dead game” for a while. But releasing the full version of the game for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 and releasing the DayZ Livonia DLC prevented that from occurring. This move brought back many players who had previously left and introduced new ones, allowing the DayZ to reach 30th place of games with a number of concurrent players on Steam and a lifetime revenue of more than $6 million.

So even with these issues still present, DayZ manages to maintain a stable player base. Not everything about DayZ is so disappointing - on the contrary, this game has plenty to offer if you're willing to turn a blind eye to these issues mentioned above. It truly is a fun game that kick-started many look-alikes in this genre. Some of its most significant strong points are the social factor, enormous world to explore, lots of weapons and items, and zombies, of course. So if you played this game a few years ago, or if you never tried it before, maybe it's time to change that. Maybe you'll be lucky enough not to encounter the hackers or bugs mentioned above.

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