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How To Increase FPS In DayZ Quickly

In this guide, we will show you how to increase the FPS in DayZ effectively.
How To Increase FPS In DayZ Quickly

DayZ players often report FPS drop issues, something that prevents them from enjoying their game properly. If you're one of them, continue reading our guide, as we are going to explain the best graphics settings for DayZ to boost FPS in the game. Make sure you have learned about how to show FPS in DayZ, as you won't be able to tell how much FPS you are getting otherwise.

Method 1: Adjust Graphics Settings for DayZ

You can boost FPS by adjusting the in-game graphics options. If you have a powerful PC packed with the latest hardware, you can keep all of the settings high. However, if you're someone with a system that has an old CPU and GPU and meet the minimum system requirements, you can try using the following in-game video settings for better FPS. 

It does not matter whether you are using an AMD graphics card or an Nvidia graphics card. These settings are for everyone who meet DayZ minimum system requirements and want to play the game smoothly with the best performance. 

DayZ Settings
DayZ Graphics Settings

Settings NameAdjustmentHow It Works
QualityCustomYou need to keep it at custom, as changing this will apply a default quality preset.
Display ModeFullscreenYou need to play the game in fullscreen mode, as windowed mode often causes FPS drop issues. 
V-SyncDisabledIf you are using a high refresh rate monitor above 60Hz, keep this disabled. 
Object DetailLowA higher level of object detail comes at the cost of more CPU and GPU consumption. Therefore, you need to keep it low. This will prevent the objects from looking beautiful, but you need to do it for better FPS. 
Terrain DetailLowYou need to keep this low as well for higher FPS. If you were previously getting 70 FPS with Terrain Detail set to very high, you can get around 30 more FPS if you set it to low. If the quality looks too awful, you can change it to medium.
Texture DetailLow to Medium This setting greatly affects the overall look of the game. The higher the Texture Details are, the better the game will look. But for more FPS, you need to keep this at either low or medium. 
Shadow DetailLowThis setting affects the quality of shadows, so you can keep it low. 
Texture FilteringLowTexture Filtering makes textures look better. If you are keeping Texture Detail low, we recommend you keep this low as well. 
Terrain Surface DetailLow Terrain Surface Detail must be kept low as well since you will be keeping overall Terrain Detail low. 
Postprocess AntialiasingLowThis setting helps with eliminating jaggies that appear in objects. Keeping this low will do the bare minimum, but anything higher will cause FPS drop issues. 
Hardware AntialiasingLow or DisabledThis also works exactly like the setting mentioned above, so it will be wise to keep this low as well. If it's causing FPS drop issues even at low, then keep it disabled. 
Foliage SmoothingLow or DisabledThis setting becomes available if you have Hardware Antialiasing enabled. Keep it either low or disabled.  
Ambient OcclusionLow or MediumThis setting affects the lightning of the game. You can keep it at either low or medium.
Postprocess QualityLow or MediumPostprocess Quality affects the general visual quality of the game. You can keep it low if you want more FPS. However, if the game looks poor, set it to medium.

After you make the changes mentioned in the table above, you will see a significant increase in the game's FPS. However, it is important to remember that lowering the settings will prevent the game from looking visually stunning. But you will need to pay the price if you want a higher FPS number. 

Method 2: Use DayZ Steam Launch Options

There are a couple of Steam launch options command you can use as well for DayZ to increase the overall FPS.

  1. Open Steam and go to your Steam library 
  2. Right-click on DayZ to access its "Properties"
  3. Go to the General Tab from the left side
  4. Enter the following commands under the "Launch Option" tab: -winxp -newui - maxMem= -maxVram= -nosplash -noPause
DayZ Launch Options
DayZ Launch Options

The "-winxp" command can give a significant boost to your game's FPS. However, it is important to remember that users with Windows XP should not use this command, as it is meant to run the game in Windows XP compatibility mode. Furthermore, if your game starts crashing, remove this command from the list.

Next, we have "-newui" command, which can increase the FPS by around 10. Then, the "maxMem=" and "maxVram=" commands are used to dedicate the amount of Ram and VRam the game is going to use. You need to enter the value after "=." If you have 2G of Ram, set the first value to 2048. If you have a GPU with 1GB VRam, set the value to 1024. 

Finally, we have "-nosplash" and "-nopause." These commands will remove the splashscreen that appears at the start of the game and allow DayZ to run in the background. This will provide a decent increase in the FPS.

This was how to increase FPS in DayZ. If you are getting FPS drop issues even after adjusting the settings and using the Steam launch options, try updating your graphics card drivers. Outdated drivers can cause multiple issues, including FPS drop. In any case, before you leave, make sure to check out how to make DayZ fullscreen

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