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How to make DayZ fullscreen [Solved]

Here are 5 ways to go fullscreen in DayZ (PC), the open-world hardcore survival game developed by Bohemia Interactive.

Updated on Sep 29, 2022
How to make DayZ fullscreen [Solved]

Can’t go fullscreen in DayZ on PC? This guide is perfect for anyone experiencing the following: 

  • DayZ keeps starting in Windowed Mode.
  • DayZ only is partially fullscreen or occupies a section of your screen only.
  • DayZ goes black screen after you set “Fullscreen” in the Graphic settings.
DayZ official promotional art on Steam

So let’s get right into it: Starting with the easiest solutions to the more complex troubleshoots in this  post-apocalyptic open world survival game.

Solution 1: Use Keyboard Shortcuts to make DayZ fullscreen

After starting up DayZ on Windows PC, you can force it to go fullscreen with 3 windows shortcuts. This is a super easy and fast solution that works on most PCs. 

fullscreen keyboard shortcut dayz

Here are the shortcuts:

  1. Press [F11] once.
  2. Press [Alt] and [Enter] at the same time.
  3. Press [Ctrl] [Alt] [Enter] for Borderless Window mode.

If this did not work, read below for more options.

Solution 2: Adjust the in-game Video Settings in DayZ

You can skip this if you already tried to configure DayZ’s in-game settings to play in fullscreen. If not, this is a great troubleshoot option for beginners.

DayZ in game settings on PC

Follow these steps to configure DayZ:

  1. At the main menu, click on the gear icon on the top right of your screen.⚙️
  2. Navigate to [Video].
  3. Change [Display Mode] to Fullscreen. 
  4. Click [Apply] to save settings.

To go borderless fullscreen, AKA, borderless windowed mode, you need to adjust your [Resolution] to the max available settings for your monitor. 

If you’re the type of player to Alt Tab a lot during your gameplay, stick with Borderless mode. However, if you’re looking for the best FPS performance DayZ has to offer, stick to fullscreen. You can read more about it in our guide on DayZ’s FPS performance here.

If your game looks blurry, set resolution to your recommended settings.

Each PC monitor’s recommended settings are different. Set your game to the right resolution so it isn’t blurry. To do so, we must visit your PC’s display settings.

how to access Display settings for DayZ

Steps to find your recommended resolution settings for DayZ:

  1. Right click an empty space on your desktop and select [Display settings].
  2. Scroll down and find [Scale and layout].
  3. Under that you will find [Display resolution], scroll the menu to see which setting is recommended for you.
  4. Set your resolution in DayZ to the same value to play without blurriness.
recommended display settings dayz

Solution 3: Keep Alt Tabbing or re-opening DayZ to soft-fix its fullscreen

As the title suggests, you can keep alt-tabbing DayZ to trigger fullscreen. This only works if you’ve already set the [Display Settings] to fullscreen, though. An alternative is to keep clicking on the DayZ icon in your windows dock, basically simulating the Alt-Tabbing scenario.

DayZ gameplay screenshot

We have no idea why this works, but many players have reported this method as a soft-fix around DayZ’s fullscreen bugs.

Unfortunately, this method is also not universal. On some PCs, alt-tabbing like so will crash your monitor. This is usually because your GPU is too weak to handle the constant rendering as you switch tabs.You can alleviate this by activating Borderless Windowed mode, just keep in mind it’s not always effective for everyone. Results depend on your device.

Solution 4: Force DayZ full screen mode with Steam Launch Options

This is a handy trick, using Steam’s launch settings to force a game to enter fullscreen. While it might not always work, it’s a great backup plan for your other solutions.

To change your launch options in Steam, do this:

  1. Find DayZ in your Steam Library.
  2. Right click and Select [Properties].
  3. Under Launch options, you will see a text entry. Type in “-fullscreen”.
  4. Close the menu to apply settings. You may now run the game.
Steam launch settings config DayZ

Solution 5: Disable Fullscreen Optimization Settings for DayZ

If DayZ is only starting in partial fullscreen or only taking up a portion of your monitor, then you should try disabling your fullscreen optimization settings.

To troubleshoot for this, find your DayZ file and edit its properties, like so:

  1. Locate DayZ’s main application file.

Installed from Steam: Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DayZ

  1. Right click DayZ’s exe file and select [Properties].
  2. Click on the [Compatibility] tab and tick the box for [Disable fullscreen optimizations].
  3. Hit [OK] to save settings.
disable fullscreen optimization DayZ

There you have it, 5 ways to configure DayZ on PC to go fullscreen. We hope this guide has resolved your fullscreen issues with DayZ.

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