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Best Loadouts for Azami in Rainbow Six: Siege | The Ultimate List

Looking to ace the mechanics of what Azami offers you? Check out our loadout guide that will help you fully utilize the Japanese bodyguard.
Best Loadouts for Azami in Rainbow Six: Siege | The Ultimate List

Azami can be called the situational operator that is neither too strong nor underpowered, making her one of the most balanced agents to play with. While she might not be the most compelling operator out there on defense, she does hold the potential to make aggressive plays and ensure her teammates' safety through her Kiba Barriers.

If you’re looking to get the hang of her, here are some loadouts you can follow to see if they complement your style of playing.


What Does Azami Offer At The Battlefield?

Azami Kiba Barriers bring something new to Rainbow Six Siege, where she can patch those dangerous lines of sight that can hamper your team's efforts if the enemy can use them properly. Her barriers can be paired with many gadgets to set traps and provide defensive value if you use them as shields to safeguard yourself from enemy fire.

Her two-speed and armor stats allow her to have a flexible role in the game, where she can play offensive on roam or even defend the site when needed. With that said, let’s take a look at how you can make her a petrified force to be reckoned with.

Best Azami Loadouts

Here are some of the best combinations of Azami’s gear we could come up with that we think might make a difference in the match:

Best Azami Loadout For Roaming

If you want to see how it feels to roam or anchor a site with Azami, give this loadout a try.

  • 9x19VSN with Holographic Site, Flash Hider, and Angled Grip

  • D-50 with Suppressor

  • Impact Grenades

Azami Roaming Loadout

Azami’s 9x19VSN, shared by Kapkan as well, might not be the best SMG in the game, but it’s safe to say that it isn’t the worse, either. The Angled Grip will come in pretty handy if the enemy catches you off guard by allowing you to shoot quickly.

The D-50 is a handgun with a slow fire rate but great damage. A Suppressor on it will be great for shooting enemy drones that might be in your vicinity, so your location isn’t revealed to the enemy. If they do, you’ve got the Impact Grenades to open up spaces and make a narrow escape.

Best Azami Loadout For Holding Sites

Are you someone who loves being passive and inside the defender site the whole time? Then this loadout is definitely for you to amp up your game on defense:

  • 9x19VSN with Holographic Site, Compensator, and Vertical Grip

  • D-50 with Muzzle Brake

  • Barbed Wires

Azami Defense Loadout

As previously stated, while the 9x19VSN doesn’t have much recoil to deal with already, a compensator will work great to control the sideways recoil of the gun. The Vertical Grip will always be there to add stability and decrease the vertical recoil of the weapon.

While the Suppressor is a decent choice on the D-50, it reduces the gun's damage and increases its vertical kick. You can place the Barbed Wires at entrances of the site to get intel and impede the attackers whenever they’re trying to charge in.

Best Azami Loadout For Long Range Fights

Coming out on top in long-range fights isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re confident in your skills, then try this loadout:

  • ACS12 with 1.5X Scope and Vertical Grip

  • D-50 with Muzzle Brake

  • Barbed Wires

Azami Long Range Loadout

While the ACS12 is classified as a shotgun in Siege, it works like a DMR, similar to what Dokkaebi, Aruni, and Buck have. If you’re comfortable around DMRs, you know how destructive they can be in long-range fights.

So use Azami’s 12-gauge combat shotgun to your advantage and leave enemies bewildered as you take them out on spawn peeks or through one tap to their heads.

The D-50 is a valuable secondary to have under your belt in case you run out of bullets in the ACS12. The muzzle brake on it will provide you with the stability to recenter the gun quickly and land those shots on the enemy rather than straying them over their head.

If you’re going to take longe range fights, you probably won’t be holding the site anymore. The Barbed Wires will come in handy for those inside the site to gain intel. Taking Impact Grenades won’t do much anyway since your shotgun is an alternative to them, allowing you to make rotations anyway.

Best Azami Loadout For Recoil

If you’re someone who faces issues coping with the recoil mechanism of siege, then this loadout will work perfectly for you:

  • 9x19VSN with Holographic Sight, Flash Hider, and Vertical Grip

  • D-50 with Muzzle Brake

  • Impact Grenades/Barbed Wire

Azami Recoil Loadout

The Flash Hider and Vertical Grip will provide maximum stability to your gun and ensure that it doesn’t spiral out of control in a prolonged gunfight where you might have to empty your mag. Similarly, the muzzle brake on the D-50 will do the same job, so you won’t have to worry about recoil anymore.

Since this loadout is preferred for playing inside the site, both Impact Grenades and Barbed Wires can be used. If your team doesn’t have anyone to make rotations, Impact Grenades would be the better choice; you can take the Barbed Wires for the extra piece of intel.

Tips And Tricks To Play Azami in R6

If you’re looking for some micro plays with Azami, here are some you can follow that might be the difference that helps you win the match:

  • Apart from using her Kiba Barriers as a shield, you can use them to patch vertical holes created by the enemy to help better guard the site.

  • You can pair her Kiba Barriers with gadgets such as RB6 Thorn’s Razorbloom or RB6's Ela’s Grzmot mines, where if enemies come to melee the barrier, the traps trigger and cause significant damage to the enemies. This will work best if you add a little Barbed Wire to the mix.

  • Her Kiba Barrier can be used at the bottom of RB6 Mira’s Black Mirror if the wall isn’t reinforced, protecting anyone from being shot.

While Azami isn’t an operator that can fit in every roster, she still is able to provide safety to her allies and can play the support role as well as the fragging role of the team. Communicate with your team to see if their playstyle requires you to pick her since her utility can be quite valuable to hinder enemy pushes and help you get higher in Siege’s rank distribution.

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