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Is World of Tanks crossplay? Explained for every platform

Read on to find out which platforms support World of Tanks.

Updated on Nov 27, 2022
Is World of Tanks crossplay? Explained for every platform

World of Tanks was first released in 2010 in Russia, as a massively multiplayer online game for Microsoft Windows PCs. In 2011, it became available worldwide, and in 2014, 2015, and 2016, support for Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 platforms were introduced. The game was made available on Steam in 2021, making it a truly multi-platform game.

Is World of Tanks cross-platform?

The answer is: it depends on the platform, and the game doesn't feature full cross-platform compatibility. 

  • There is cross-platform support between Xbox and Playstation, meaning console players on different platforms can engage each other in battle
  • However, World of tanks cross-platform PC support doesn't exist for console users.

There are three main versions of the game: World of Tanks PC, World of Tanks Console, and World of Tanks Blitz.

Is cross-platform play supported for Steam?

When it comes to Steam, you cannot transfer your Wargaming account and game data to Steam, instead, you will have to play with a new account. However, players on Steam and the Wargaming launcher do have the cross-play feature! The game has the same features on both PC and Steam platforms.

What about Nintendo switch?

Yes, the game is available on Nintendo Switch as World of Tanks Blitz. It is supported both on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. Players on any of the Nintendo Switch platforms can play different game modes with any other platform, though they can disable this feature if they want to.

If you're not sure what World of Tanks Blitz even is, check out our article about the difference between World of Tanks and World of Tanks Blitz!

What does the console cross-platform gameplay look like?

Cross-play between Xbox and PlayStation became available in 2020, where you could enable or disable the option in settings. This is great news because it means lesser waiting times for matches because of the bigger player base, and the possibility of adding friends from a different platform.

If you want to add your friends cross-platform, you can check out our article about how to add friends cross-platform on console in WoT.

crossplay console

In order to add your friends, you would have to use their Friend ID, assigned to every player. Clans were also merged into one, so whether you're playing on Xbox or PlayStation 4, you will now have access to the same clans. You can recognize players playing on different consoles with a small console icon. However, sadly, switching progress from one console to another is not supported.

friend id

To sum it up:

PlatformsIs crossplay available?
PCYes, for Steam
XboxYes, for consoles
PS4Yes, for consoles
Nintendo Switch
SteamYes, for PC

If you're playing World of Tanks on PC, you're pretty much stuck to that platform and won't be able to add your friends on the console. But if you're playing on a console, you will have cross-platform functionality, so you can play with your friends even if they're on a different platform!

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