Best Japanese Tanks In World Of Tanks [Ranked]

Here are some of the most overpowered Japanese vehicles that will wreak havoc on your enemies!

Updated on Aug 19, 2023
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Best Japanese Tanks In World Of Tanks [Ranked]

Japan, known for its WW2 Navy when it comes to warfare, has also produced some interesting tank designs and prototypes. Three traits that most Japanese tanks share are exceptional gun depression, good firepower, and a lack of sloped armor. Greater-tier mediums are significantly better than early mediums and lights. Japanese light tanks and medium tanks' biggest flaw is that they tend to have poor armor, but late-tier Japanese tanks usually don't have the same problem. Let's take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of these tanks and find out which ones are the best!

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Tier X- STB-1

The STB-1 is a magnificent medium tank with a DPM of 3,042, which is some of the highest DPM in the game among medium tanks. It marks the end of its medium Japanese tank line. It combines a good gun depression value with great mobility and agility, which, along with the alpha damage, make it a truly deadly weapon.


However, it does suffer from relatively poor armor, except for turret armor, and its modules are vulnerable. This tank performs best in close combat because it doesn't have the accuracy it takes to consistently hit a moving, distant target. Its role is as a versatile medium tank, and it performs well in supporting roles.

2 /8

Tier IX- Type 61

Type 61, the predecessor of the STB-1, is in many ways similar to it. They both have excellent DPM, high alpha damage, poor camouflage, and weak armor. (The 105mm has significantly better stats than the 90mm stock gun.) This means that it will be the primary target of the enemy team.


However, you will have an advantage with your gun depression and a decent view range. You will also have 1,720 HP, so you can afford to get hit a few times despite the poor armor. Put your DPM and gun depression to good use, while playing the Type 61 in a supportive role.

3 /8

Tier VIII- STA-1

Another one in a line of excellent Japanese medium tanks, the STA-1 has good gun handling and alpha damage values of 219/275/45 for the top gun. It has an enviable -10 degrees of gun depression and also reaches a high DPM for its tier.


However, you will have to grind to the top gun and the top speed of this tank is an unimpressive 45 km/h. The roles it excels at are sniping, harassing, and flanking. Like playing medium tanks? Then you'll also like our list of the best medium tanks in WoT!

4 /8

Tier VII- O-Ni

This giant three-turreted Japanese heavy tank design is a true mobile fortress. It has the highest HP in tier VII and some of the highest non-SPG alpha damage. If you want to opt for even higher damage but a lower DPM, you won't go wrong with the 15cm howitzer.


The size of this tank paired with its low camo value makes it an easy target (luckily, there's the very tough frontal armor). This tank can be played as a support or as a brawler. It isn't very fast, but its guns, both the 10cm and the 15cm can be devastating in tank battles.

5 /8

Tier VI- O-I

Like most Japanese heavy tanks, the O-I is another tank with extremely thick armor (though generally poor side armor), and a lot of HP, but poor mobility. There is a choice between two guns: the 10cm cannon Type 92 and the 15mm howitzer Type 96. The first has a higher rate of fire and penetration, while the second offers an outstanding amount of alpha damage.


The flaws include poor accuracy, a poor top speed of 25km/h, and like the O-Ni, a bad camouflage rating. Its role is as an assault heavy tank. If you liked these heavy tanks so far, you might also like our list of the best heavy tanks in WoT.

6 /8

Tier V- Type 3 Chi-Nu

The Type 3 Chi-Nu manages to combine good gun depression with excellent firepower, and unlike previously mentioned tanks, it's small, and therefore less of a target. Also unlike the Japanese heavy tanks, it has poor armor thickness and it weighs a mere 17.64 tons. Its top speed is surprisingly low, at 38.8 km/h.


Beware of module damage, because it's likely to happen if you get hit. This tank performs well as a sniper and as second-line support.

7 /8

Tier IV- Type 5 Ke-Ho

This light Japanese light tank historically never went into mass production, but with its firepower combined with agility, it's a tank that's surprisingly fun to play. It boasts great camo and decent gun depression. It's also tiny, meaning it's a hard-to-hit target.


1 /1

However, the armor is abysmal and the accuracy is below average. The best way to use this tank is by taking advantage of the camouflage value and size to fire from a covered position and obliterate enemy tanks with your high DPM.

8 /8

Tier III- Type 98 Ke-Ni

The Type 98 Ke-Ni Japanese light tank has a pleasant DPM for a tier III light tank and the shortest aiming time for a non-premium tier III light. Some additional advantages that this tank offers are a good signal range and decent camo. It's also among the lightest tanks at tier III, which can make it prone to being a victim of ramming.


As with many other Japanese vehicles, module damage is a common occurrence. The speed is satisfactory, and this tank performs great in the role of a scout or a flanker.

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