The Best Nation In World Of Tanks To Win Every Game

There's eleven nations to choose from, but which one has the deadliest tanks? Find out in our article!

Updated on Sep 17, 2023
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The Best Nation In World Of Tanks To Win Every Game

World of Tanks offers eleven nations from which you can choose vehicles to play: USSR, Germany, Great Britain, USA, China, France, Sweden, Poland, Japan, Czechoslovakia, and Italy.

No nation can be called the absolute best, as it depends on the vehicle you're playing and your play style. However, certain differences can be noted, and hopefully, this article will clear them up for you so you can decide which nation will be best for you!

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Probably the best choice for both new and seasoned players of all styles of playing is the USA tech tree! It is a favorite nation of both newbies and veterans.

American tanks are very versatile and can be used effectively in a variety of ways, without having a specialization like Soviet ones. They have quick reload times but usually not a high DPM (Damage Per Minute). They also have mutually compatible parts, making upgrades and grinding for higher tiers significantly easier. Their adaptability, ease, and enjoyment of playing make the USA one of the best, if not the best nation to play in World of Tanks.


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The mighty USSR has some scary vehicles available, that is, scary to the enemy team! Soviet tanks tend to be successful in their roles but can be difficult to adapt to roles they're not designed for. For example, a typical Soviet light tank will be very fast although lacking in armor (though the slopedness of the armor helps). Soviet medium tanks have the gun depression that the other soviet lines are lacking.

Overall, soviet tanks are playable in both lower and higher tiers, feature great vehicles in any of the lines and are some of the best destroyers in the game. Also, unlocking that whole tree must be so rewarding!


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Germany's unbeatable engineering transfers well to the game. If you're looking for an accurate gun, the German tech tree should be one of your main considerations. They also boast good rates of fire, and when the two are combined it makes for an extremely deadly weapon despite typically smaller calibers than on other nations' counterparts. They can, however, be difficult to maneuver and have worse armor than, for example, Soviet vehicles.

Higher-tier German vehicles, however, feature better maneuverability but don't have impressive armor, and they're typically used as support tanks, unlike earlier German tanks.


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United Kingdom

The UK is unique in its tank doctrine, leading to several unique British tanks. During the Second World War, there were two main tank doctrine lines of thinking: infantry tanks, slow and heavily armored, and cavalry tanks, quick and lightly armored. The game has adapted this to its logic of light, medium and heavy tanks but the original doctrine of a given tank should be kept in mind while playing.

There are some excellent higher-tier British tanks: like the Conqueror heavy support tank, with amazing frontal armor and a potent firing speed, dealing great damage to enemy tanks. British later-tier tanks also have good mobility and accurate guns.


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France is a nation that is not so well-known for its tank designs, but the game shows us there are many interesting vehicles to play. French tanks are complex in that they're specialized for different roles, but are almost always used in an offensive manner. Early-tier french tanks suffer from poor mobility and bad penetration, but higher-tier ones are more mobile and have good guns. If you're looking for good gun depression, you wouldn't want to choose the French tech tree.


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Japan, known for its WW2 warships, has also delivered some interesting land-based vehicles. Japanese tanks feature great gun depression, giving you an advantage on hills and slopes. They also have decent firepower, but they lack armor thickness. They tend to get significantly better with higher tiers, so consider that as a beginner player!


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The biggest nation in the world is the one that has some of the heaviest caliber tanks. Chinese designs historically borrowed heavily from Soviet ones, during the early 1950s. Chinese tanks feature good camouflage values and great mobility. They, however, suffer from poor gun depression and are typically unreliable, often suffering from fires or even ammo detonation.


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Poland is a small nation with some very fast and high alpha damage vehicles. The Polish tank tree is also new, with no tank destroyers or SPGs. Polish tank design was heavily influenced by Russia- however many of them never reached the final stages of development or production. The game allows us to play these vehicles as they would likely be: low rate of fire but high alpha damage. Don't expect good mobility until you reach higher tiers of Polish vehicles!


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For a country that stayed neutral in the Second World War, Sweden wasn't lazy with its tank designs. Another newer nation in the game, Sweden is different from other new nations in that its tree is more diverse, featuring tank destroyers as well as light, medium, and heavy tanks. Most of these Swedish tanks were made by an Irish company called Landsverk or were German designs.


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Czechoslovakia, which was historically annexed by Germany in WW2, has some quite interesting sniper vehicles in the game. Czechoslovak tanks are fast, except for their light tanks, but they will all provide decent firepower. With tier V and higher, the grind for higher tiers is difficult because of the pattern of upgrades. Also, Czech medium tanks have accurate guns and are good for sniping.


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Italy is one of the more recent nations added to the game, meaning that the tech tree doesn't have an abundance of vehicles like the USSR or Germany. They tend to be good in supportive roles, suffering from poor mobility. Later Italian tanks have "autoreloaders" (a hybrid between an autoloader and a regular-loading gun) and good gun depression values. Italy really shows its might only with these later vehicles, which are the most fun to play.


You might disagree with the order, and prefer playing another one of these nations, considering them better than others in some way. That's fine! There is no absolute answer as to which is the single best nation, and this list is just an evaluation of their strengths and weaknesses. However, it's indisputable that dozens of players enjoy American tanks for what they can offer.

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