The best SPGs (artillery) in World of Tanks

We have compiled a list of the best SPGs in World of Tanks to help you find exactly what you’re looking for!

Updated on Mar 06, 2024
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The best SPGs (artillery) in World of Tanks

It can be difficult to select the SPG tank that is right for you. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, and it’s about finding the one that meets your playstyle. So, here are some of the best artillery tanks for Tiers 2 – 10!

SU-18 (Tier 2)

First up is the tier two Soviet SPG, the SU-18.


This one is regarded by the majority of the player base as the best artillery vehicle in the second tier. It has a good gun range of 500m, a decent rate of fire, a good elevation arc and can mount ventilation.

Sturmpanzer I Bison (Tier 3)

Now we have a German SPG representing tier three, it is, of course, the Sturmpanzer I Bison.


This one has a great range of 600m and can basically one-shot any light tank in its tier with a direct hit due to excellent damage and penetrative capabilities. Besides this, it does decent splash damage to surrounding vehicles and is the only tier three SPG that can stun.

AMX 105 AM (Tier 4)

Then we have the French providing our tier four entry in the form of the AMX 105 AM.


This SPG has a range of up to 1280m, an expansive gun arc, is straightforward to hide from enemy tanks and if clocked, is pretty fast allowing for a potential getaway. Oh, not to mention its high ammo capacity of forty shells.

105 leFH18B2 (tier 5)

France provides back to back entries with the tier five, premium SPG, the 105 leFH18B2.


This one prides itself on magnificent aim time and rate of fire, bestowing on this tank the crown for highest DPM among all SPGs in the entire game.

M44 (Tier 6)

Next up is the American tier six SPG, the M44.


It’s a mobile vehicle with a top speed of 56kmph, it’s one of the most accurate SPGs that you’re likely to encounter in the game. Plus, it has an excellent penetration capability of 39mm.

GW Panther (tier 7)

We move to Germany for the next entry, tier seven SPG, the GW Panther.


This vehicle is very accurate, doesn’t require a lot of aim resets due to a wide firing arc, meaning this one is ideal for providing supporting fire. It also is very mobile and has a low shell travel time, meaning quick impact with enemy tanks.

M40/43 (Tier 8)

Then we have the American made SPG called the M40/43.


This one has a great range of up to 1400m, decent mobility and speed, a good damage output within its tier of 1050 alpha damage and a low dispersion rate as well. In short, it’s fast, it’s powerful, and it’s accurate.

M50/53 (tier 9)

It comes as a surprise to no one familiar with the SPG category that the M53/M55 takes the tier nine spot.


This one is widely regarded as the best artillery in the game with 65° of gun elevation, superb alpha damage, penetration and a top speed of 56kmph, making it pretty nimble and good against tank destroyers.

Conqueror Gun Carriage (tier 10)

Then lastly, we have the British made tier ten SPG, the Conqueror Gun Carriage.


This SPG is just about the only one on this list with any defensive capabilities. The upper plate is even capable of detecting shots with up to 250mm of penetration. It also has high normal and splash damage, a high shell arc to hit enemies behind cover, hardly any need for aim resets and great mobility.

Artillery tanks have a massive powerful cannon and devastating shells, but additionally, they also aren’t the most accurate of tanks. Don't forget about other tanks in your WoT games, and look into our listings for the best Medium and Heavy tanks!

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