Top 10 SPGs (artillery) in World of Tanks

World of Tanks provides a wide range of military vehicles which although varied in their shape, structure, and attributes, all have some factors that tie them together. A heavy tank, for example, can play a spotter just as well as a light tank in some cases for example. Or alternatively, a light tank can be used for defensive situations in a pinch too. Though, one class stands out on its own as the most unique roles within the game. That of course, is the artillery or self-propelled gun tanks.These vehicles specialize in long-range attacks and generally have low damage thresholds. The vehicles have the ability to see a top-down view of the map and fire above structures depending on the tank’s attributes and the height or shape of the structure. These vehicles rely on a lot of protection from heavy tanks that can attract enemy fire and distract from their presence behind the front line. It is a rather nuanced role and not one that would be recommended for new players as it requires a good deal of tactical knowledge to nail down.Although, even with the tactical know-how, it can be difficult to select the SPG tank that is right for you. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses and it’s about finding one that meets your required playstyle best. So we have compiled a list of the best SPGs in World of Tanks to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. So here is one artillery tank for every tier.

SU-18 (Tier 2)

First up is the tier two Soviet SPG, the SU-18. This one is regarded by the majority of the player base as the best artillery vehicle in the second tier. It has a good gun range of 500m, a decent rate of fire, a good elevation arc and can mount ventilation.The downside to this vehicle is it’s poor view range, meaning it relies on spotters around it. It has both low engine power and top speed, making it less mobile than other SPG tanks. Plus it has a narrow gun arc of six degrees. Overall, this one is the best in spite of its flaws due to amazing damage output and accuracy. If you are looking for a pocket rocket artillery vehicle, look no further than the SU-18SU-18

Sturmpanzer I Bison (Tier 3)

Now we have a German SPG representing tier three, it is, of course, the Sturmpanzer I Bison. This one has a great range of 600m and can basically one-shot any light tank in its tier with a direct hit due to excellent damage and penetrative capabilities. In addition to this, it does decent splash damage to surrounding vehicles and is the only tier three SPG that can stun.The issues with the vehicle center around its laughable speed and mobility. Plus it has virtually no means of defending itself when clocked by enemy tanks and will often miss even at point-blank range. Overall, this is a tank that offensively delivers but needs to be protected especially well as it is the epitome of a glass cannon. If you can handle this kind of pressure, the Sturmpanzer I Bison may be the artillery for you.

AMX 105 AM (Tier 4)

Then we have the French providing our tier four entry in the form of the AMX 105 AM. This SPG has a range of up to 1280m, a very wide gun arc, is very easy to hide from enemy tanks and if clocked, is pretty fast allowing for a potential getaway. Not to mention it’s high ammo capacity of forty shells.The downsides for the vehicle include a complete lack of gun depression and a tiny splash radius meaning that all shots need to be direct hits to deal any real damage. Thankfully, the gun is powerful and accurate so if you can harness it’s power effectively, you’ll see why the AMX 105 AM is the best that tier four has to offer.

105 leFH18B2 (tier 5)

France provides back to back entries with the tier five, premium SPG, the 105 leFH18B2. This one prides itself on excellent aim time and rate of fire, bestowing on this tank the crown for highest DPM among all SPGs in the entire game. This is helped by the great damage and penetrative capabilities of this vehicle. Plus, this vehicle has a high shell arc so those behind cover aren’t even safe from this destructive machine.The pitfalls of the vehicle related to its slow speed and acceleration make it a sitting duck if spotted. Plus the shell arc being high does allow for enemy tanks to anticipate the shot and move out of the way. As a whole though, this tank is a powerful and versatile SPG that is the best in its tier and perhaps one of the best SPGs in the whole game.

M44 (Tier 6)

Next up is the American tier six SPG, the M44. This one has a lot going for it. It’s a mobile vehicle with a top speed of 56kmph, it’s one of the most accurate SPGs that you’re likely to encounter in the game. Plus, it has an excellent penetration capability of 39mm.It does have lower alpha damage than a lot of similar tiered SPGs at 550 and this is the same in regards to the tank’s ability to stun enemies. Overall, this is a tank that is mobile and accurate above all else. If you’re looking for the brute force then this may not be for you but for smart and calculated players, this one is the pick of the bunch in tier six.

GW Panther (tier 7)

We move to Germany for the next entry, tier seven SPG, the GW Panther. This vehicle is very accurate doesn’t require a lot of aim resets due to a wide firing arc, meaning this one is ideal for providing supporting fire. It also is very mobile and has a low shell travel time, meaning quick impact with enemy tanks.This, of course, means that the tank struggles to hit those behind cover. Plus it doesn’t have the most impressive camouflage rating either. As a sum of all its parts, however, this tank is hands down the most impressive in the tier and a formidable artillery tank to take on the battlefield.

M50/43 (Tier 8)

Then we have the American made SPG called the M40/43. This one has a great range of up to 1400m, decent mobility and speed, a good damage output within its tier of 1050 alpha damage and a low dispersion rate as well. In short, it’s fast, it’s powerful and it’s accurate.What it isn’t, however, is easy to hide, with a very low camouflage rating. The artillery vehicle also has a low rate of fire, slow aim times and a low ammo capacity. This SPG is all about making your hard-hitting shots count and using your range to stay out of trouble. Its far from the best SPG on this list but can certainly hold it’s own within its tier.

M50/53 (tier 9)

It comes as a surprise to no one familiar with the SPG category that the M50/53 takes the tier nine spot. This one is widely regarded as the best artillery in the game with 65° of gun elevation, superb alpha damage, penetration and a top speed of 56kmph, making it pretty nimble too.This one falls down on its size and poor camouflage, making it’s easy to spot and a prime target for enemies to take out. Thankfully, the tanks impressive range makes this less of a challenge. This tank is an absolute beast on the battlefield and sets the standard for the SPG category.

Conqueror Gun Carriage (tier 10)

Then lastly, we have the British made tier ten SPG, the Conqueror Gun Carriage. This SPG is just about the only one on this list with any defensive capabilities. The upper plate is even capable of detecting shots with up to 250mm of penetration. It also has high normal and splash damage, a high shell arc to hit enemies behind cover, hardly any need for aim resets and great mobility. It’s the full package in a lot of regards.The Conqueror Gun Carriage has its issues though. One is its lack of self-defense skills with a lack of gun depression and a poor view range. Plus it’s reloading time is abysmal that really puts a dent in the overall DPM. This one is suited for the more calculated player that meticulously plans their shots and takes full advantage of each shell fired. If you can adapt to the demand of this tank, you will see why this is the best tier ten has to offer.

How to play artillery

So you now know which tank is the ideal vehicle to take into battle no matter what tier you are. That’s a great start but you also need to know what to do on the battlefield too. Especially in such a specific and important role as artillery. So we have taken the time to put some tips together so that you can go out there and play to your true potential in your SPG tank.

Pick your targets carefully

As an artillery vehicle, your role is to use your insane destructive capabilities to target the most dangerous enemy tanks on the field. For example, if you are playing as a tier five SPG, if you are gunning for tanks within the same tier, that’s usually a sure-fire way to be ineffective. Your team needs you to eliminate the biggest, most destructive threat that the opposing side has in their roster. So be sure to check out the enemies line up and choose accordingly.

Positioning is key

When you choose your place to set up camp for the match behind your front line. This will tend to be the place you remain for the majority, if not the entire game. So for that reason, analyzing the lay of the land and picking a prime position is key. You want to be near to your heavies so you have protection, yet away from the action but also concealed and hidden from detection, yet somehow also still within range of all the enemies on the field. It’s a very difficult balance to strike and requires experience and practice. Just be mindful of where to plunk yourself down for the duration of a match is all we are saying.

Play Smart

Artillery tanks have a massive powerful cannon and devastating shells but additionally, they also aren’t the most accurate of tanks. So be sure to plan your attacks with this in mind. Remember that splash damage is in play and so is friendly fire. So even if you get relatively close to an enemy when your teammates are close by lending a gun to the fight. You may just end up decimating the two tanks. So be sure to communicate well, warn teammates of your plans and execute these shots as accurately as you possibly can.