The 11 Best Tank Destroyers in World Of Tanks

If you want to be the assault leader and be the deciding factor in a flurry of artillery, be sure to check out this list!

Updated on Mar 10, 2024
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The 11 Best Tank Destroyers in World Of Tanks

Well, one can only be the best destroyer on the battlefield if they have the best tools to do so. And that's exactly the reason we have compiled a list of the eleven best destroyer tanks in World of Tanks.


First up, we have the Soviet-built premium (how to get free premium) tank, the SU-122-44.


This Russian goliath is an absolutely brilliant tank to use for its destructive capabilities. This one has an big rate of fire and damage per minute of 2925. In addition to this, the SU-122-44 has excellent manoeuvrability and speed, making it a great flanker.

Object 263

Sticking with the Soviet theme, we have the Object 263.


This heavy tank has an outstanding amount of firepower, which makes it a viable destroyer. Its great frontal armor and exceptional mobility and speed considering its size make it great at taking up threatening positions on the battlefield.

Rheinmetall Skorpion G

Now we have some German-engineered brilliance with the Rheinmetall Skorpion G.


This tank has one of the best alpha damage ratings in its tier, with the second-highest among tier eight tanks. Moreover, it also boasts a great shot accuracy and good penetration. All this combined with Skorpion G’s decent top speed and acceleration makes it quite the formidable destroyer indeed.

Panzerjager I

Now we have another German tank, but this time it's a tier two pocket rockets.


The Panzerjager I is an excellent tank for going on the offensive. With an magnificent rate of fire, an alpha damage capable of 60dmg per shot, good penetration and the best accuracy stats in the tier. This one is a phenomenal piece of machinery when taking on enemy vehicles in a gunfight.


Now we have an American joining the party in the form of the T67.


This tier five tank has an incredible rate of fire and has great alpha damage to compliment this. It also comes with a 360° traversable turret, ten degrees of gun depression, and reasonable top speed of 61Kmph, making it reasonably mobile too.


Another German monster makes the list in the form of the E25.


This tank is one of the best in tier seven with power and mobility being key to its success. It’s a fast tank for its class, being able to keep up with light tanks. It also has a low profile and one of the highest camouflage ratings in the game, making this one ideal for stealth attacks and scouting.

Udes 03

Now we have a Swedish tank joining the ranks – The Udes 03, a phenomenal destroyer due to its excellent versatility.


This tank has a hydraulic suspension, meaning that it has great gun handling, brilliant gun depression and elevation, and high range. The tank also reaches decent top speeds and has exquisite shot accuracy and aiming time.

Strv 103-0

You wait for one and then two come at once, another Swedish tank in the form of the Strv 103-0.


This one, much like the one listed above, offers wonderful penetration which is the highest in its tier. It also offers excellent mobility, even on rough terrain, and has an excellent reverse speed that almost matches its forward speed. This gives you an easy exit strategy if everything goes south in battle.

Grille 15

We go back to German machinery with the Grille 15 (also excellent for beginners).


This tank has great alpha damage of 750, incredible range and boasts the most accurate gun with the fastest aiming times in the game. Grille 15 also has a respectable speed considering its size and decent gun depression into the bargain as well.


We move back to the land of stars and stripes with the tier 10 destroyer, the T110E3.


This powerhouse has a formidable DPM, shot accuracy and has decent penetration, abnormally strong gun mantlet, cupola and frontal armor. It all makes this tank an impressive asset during 1v1 duels.


Then lastly on our list, we have the Su-100.


This tier six destroyer packs a real punch in terms of firepower. It has alpha damage of 390, 175mm penetration and DPM of 1900. On top of this arsenal, the SU-100 also has excellent mobility, allowing you to take up great positions and make the most of the insane power of this vehicle.

And that was for the tank destroyers! Or maybe instead of playing tank destroyers, you would like good tanks that no "destroyer" is afraid of? If so, we invite you to check out our listings for the best Heavy, Medium, and SPG tanks! If you're interested in our list of the best tanks for each rank in World of Tanks Blitz, we have that as well!

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