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Best USSR Tanks In World Of Tanks [Ranked]

Here's a rundown of some of the most powerful Soviet tanks in the game, with which you'll be mowing down enemy vehicles!
Best USSR Tanks In World Of Tanks [Ranked]

Russian tanks are some of the most impressive in the game- fast, well-armored beasts that perform in the game just like they did in reality (not counting prototypes). Russian tanks usually have a specialization, well-sloped armor, and are maneuverable, featuring some of the fastest light tanks, but sometimes struggle with gun depression and gun handling. Let's look at the vehicles tier by tier.


Tier X- Object 268

First and foremost, the highest-tier vehicle, one of the most supreme vehicles marking the end of its Russian tank line and the Russian tech tree, and probably the best one: the Object 268 versatile tank destroyer. It boasts excellent accuracy, very high penetration, and deadly alpha damage values

obj 268

Its armor is well-sloped and it has a decent HP. Its poor gun depression isn't a great feature: however, taking all the factors into account, Object 268 is a vehicle that, once mastered, will be a nightmare for the enemy team!


Tier IX- Object 704

Serving as an upgraded ISU-152, the Object 704 is another one of the excellent Soviet tank destroyers. Having the highest damage among all Soviet tier IX vehicles it is essentially an ISU-152 minus its biggest weakness- weak armor. Another advantage of the Object 704's armor is that it's angled- meaning enemy shots are likelier to bounce off. 

object 704

It's not as fast as other vehicles in the tier, and the aiming time and accuracy are only OK. It can be played as a versatile tank destroyer, but it's best to make use of its high camouflage potential: ambushing and destroying the enemy from where they cannot see you. Do you like playing tank destroyers? If so, check out our list of the best tank destroyers in WoT!


Tier VIII- ISU-152

Despite its extremely powerful 152mm tier X gun, meaning you can engage enemies of any tier, its role is as a support tank destroyer because of its thin armor incapable of resisting concentrated enemy fire. Don't expect it to be very fast either- with a top speed of 43 km/h

ISU 152

However, the advantage it has is a high camouflage value and a good DPM which is what bigger guns usually struggle with. If you're out of enemy sight, you will be able to destroy as many of their vehicles as you want: but as soon as this tank destroyer is under enemy fire, it won't survive for long.


Tier VII- KV-3

Another heavy tank in the Kliment Voroshilov family, it shares thick armor with its predecessor, the KV-1. The high HP doesn't disappoint, but modules can be vulnerable. With a 122mm D-25T cannon and an upgraded engine it would be unstoppable if it weren't for the lack of speed. 

KV 3

Its top speed of 32 km/h is still slightly slower than that of the IS, another tier 7 Soviet heavy tank. With the advantage of the well-angled armor, it will also bounce off some shots.


Tier VI- T34-85

Historically an upgraded version compared to the T34-76 variants, this medium tank performs significantly better than its tier V predecessor. Upgrading to the 85mm D5T-85BM will provide greater accuracy and higher damage. It also has a decent top speed of 54 km/h and it's maneuverable. 

T34 85

Its weaknesses include lacking gun depression and DPM. The recommendation is to grind for better modules if you want to play this tank in its best edition. Medium tanks are some of the most fun vehicles to play in World of Tanks, so you can check out our list of the best medium tanks in WoT!


Tier V- KV-1

The KV-1 heavy tank is a good choice if you're going for survivability, as its excellent frontal armor will provide good protection, except for a few weak spots. Upgrading the stock 76mm gun to an 85mm F-30 will significantly improve the firepower. 

kv 1

However, the tank is pretty slow and has a poor view range, making you vulnerable to sniping vehicles. Using it as a heavy tank will undoubtedly put its advantages to the best use. Big fan of heavy tanks? Take a look at our list of the best heavy tanks in WoT.


Tier IV- BT-7

With the lower tiers, one can't expect as much as for a higher-tier vehicle. However, among the available choices, the BT-7 light tank is the fastest non-premium soviet tier IV vehicle, with an impressive top speed of 65.4 km/h! With a survivability of 510 HP, it's slightly above average in its category. 

bt 7

Its armor is not impressive, but the gun is moderately accurate and quick at aiming. It's a tank that's great for exploiting a breakthrough.


Tier III- T-46

Another experimental vehicle, the T-46 light tank is a mobile and agile vehicle with great gun options to choose from. Especially powerful is the 76mm howitzer, dealing twice the damage as the T-46s stock gun. Additional strengths include fast turret traverse and a decent amount of hit points. 


The biggest issues are its extremely thin armor and poor accuracy (again, especially on the 76mm). Use the speed of this tank to your advantage, but beware of enemy fire due to your thin armor.

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