Best USA Tanks in World Of Tanks [Ranked]

Here's a list of the best USA tanks with which you'll surely keep winning matches!

Updated on Jan 16, 2024
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Best USA Tanks in World Of Tanks [Ranked]

Excellent gun depression, a broad view range, and versatility are terms that describe most American tanks in WoT. The United States, most famous for its Sherman tank, which is present in the game in many variants, provides the player with a great choice of all the types of vehicles present in the game, and some very capable tanks. Read on to find out how we ranked them!

1 /8

Tier X- T57 Heavy Tank

This heavy tank, whose development historically was not taken further than the early prototype stages, is a powerhouse in the game and the final tank in the American tech tree. With an outstanding DPM of 3,096, you will be dealing damage in a fast manner to enemy tanks, while its relatively high HP will make sure you'll be able to do it for a long time. The accuracy is good and so is the gun depression. Some of the flaws of this vehicle include armor that could be improved upon and a bad aim time of 2.9 seconds. The best way to use this tank is by carefully preserving your HP and dealing as much damage as possible because that's what this tank is best at.


2 /8

Tier IX- T95

The T95 tank destroyer continues the American tradition of having stellar DPM performance, while also having some of the thickest armor in the game (although it has some weak spots). The upgrade to a 155mm gun is more than worth it- this gun is extremely deadly. However, despite all of this, it is a big target for artillery and it's painfully slow with a top speed of 20 km/h. You shouldn't go alone in the T95, especially not in an open map, as it will become the main target.


3 /8

Tier VIII- M41 Walker Bulldog

The M41 Walker Bulldog light tank has a top speed of 68 km/h while still having a high DPM (but not as high as the T28), and featuring a good traverse speed. Some of the flaws of this tank include that it's got a large profile and it's relatively fragile under enemy fire. It's best played as a typical light tank, using its speed as an advantage to take the best positions for yourself and to finish off already damaged vehicles. Prefer playing heavy tanks? You might want to check out our list of the best heavy tanks in WoT.


4 /8

Tier VII- T25 AT

Looking for a good DPM value while keeping the aiming time short? Look no further than the T25 AT tank destroyer. While in reality it never made it out of the concept stage, it is reimagined in the game with a very effective 90mm gun upgradeable to a 105mm. It is mobile and has a decent camouflage value, however, some flaws include poor armor and expensive ammunition. It is a jack-of-all-trades type of tank; you can use the good gun depression to your advantage in maps full of hills.


5 /8

Tier VI- M4A3E8 Sherman

The famous continuation of the Sherman line of tanks, this Second World War medium tank proves to be no less fast and maneuverable, also having a good rate of fire and a stock -10 degrees (or up to -12) of gun depression. The lack of armor is one of M4A3E8 Sherman's biggest flaws, along with bad penetration. Take advantage of this tank's speed and accuracy on the move while outflanking the enemy. The great gun depression values make it excel in terrain full of hills. Did you have fun playing this tank? You might also like tanks from our best medium tanks in WoT list.


6 /8

Tier V- M41 HMC

Finally, an SPG on this list! The M41 HMC provides immense damage while still having a decent top speed of 56.3 km/h. The grind up to it is easy, but the aiming time is painfully long and the accuracy isn't great either. Acceleration on this self-propelled gun is slow and so is the traverse, but it's ready to obliterate just about any tank it can meet in a match. It also has some of the cheapest artillery shells for what they offer, and a range of easily reachable upgrades. Are you a big fan of arty? Then you'll love our list of the best SPGs in WoT!


7 /8

Tier IV- M5 Stuart

The M5 Stuart light tank offers good HP for its tier and a great top speed compared to other light tanks (64.4 km/h). The turret traverse speed and view range also deserve praise. Its aiming time is decent, however, the penetration is only somewhat fixed by premium ammunition. This tank performs great in a scouting role (due to its small profile), harbutting the enemy and taking out artillery.


8 /8

Tier III- T56 GMC

This tank destroyer that historically never entered mbutt production is a fun little sniping beginner's vehicle. It has a good alpha damage and penetration, and its top speed is 50 km/h, second among all tier III american tanks (non-premium). However, the view range is deplorable, at 290m, and the armor is weak everywhere except for the hull armor. You can also play this TD as a support vehicle. Do you absolutely love tank destroyers? If so, find out what are the best tank destroyers in WoT!


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