What's the Average Rainbow Six Siege Rank?

It's difficult to know for what the average player is in Rainbow Six Siege but we can determine the average ranked Rainbow Six Siege players.

Updated on Sep 29, 2022
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What's the Average Rainbow Six Siege Rank?

Every season of ranked gives us new information about the average MMR and average player rank. In Rainbow Six Siege, MMR goes hand in hand with the ranking system. Your rank is determined by your MMR.

What's the average player in Rainbow Six Siege?

The average player in Rainbow Six Siege is thought to be within the average MMR and rank range within the ranked mode. Playing ranked is a great way to judge your skill against other players and it places you according to different factors. The most important ranking and MMR factor is your win-loss ratio in the ranked mode.

What's the average Rainbow Six Siege Rank?

The average Rainbow Six Siege rank is Gold 3. This is because at this rank you're in the middle of the skill table. Half of the ranked player base is less skilled than you and half of the ranked player base are more skilled than you at the game. Gold 3 is the Rainbow Six Siege rank where most ranked players can be found.
Gold 2 and Silver 1 are also very close to the average rank. This can mean that some players consider them to be average ranks. In some cases, there is very little skill difference between Silver 1 players and Gold 3 players. Gold 1 and higher is considered to be above average.

What's the average Rainbow Six Siege MMR?

In Rainbow Six Siege, the top rank currently in the game is called Champions which requires at least 5000 MMR. Meanwhile, the Silver 1 rank is half the MMR at around 2500. The average MMR for Rainbow Six Siege is somewhere between 2500 – 2800 which is the needed MMR to be placed within Silver 1, Gold III and Gold II. Each rank requires you to have a certain MMR and since Gold 3 and Gold 2 are considered the average ranks in the game, these are also the average ranked players MMR.

The MMR difference between Silver 1 and Gold 3 is very small which is also why some players consider Silver 1 to be one of the average ranks and MMR in the game. The majority of Rainbow Six Siege players will have an MMR that places them within the Silver 1 to Gold 2 bracket.

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