What's The Average Match Length Of World Of Tanks?

Find out the average match length of World Of Tanks and what factors can influence it.

Updated on Jan 15, 2024
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What's The Average Match Length Of World Of Tanks?

If you searched online for the match length of World Of Tanks matches, most likely, you weren't able to find anything relevant. This is because no one can tell the exact match length of any online game, as there are many factors to consider that may alter the match length.

After doing comprehensive research, we came up with the average match length in World Of Tanks and its various game modes, so you can fathom out how much time you'll need to invest in playing this game.

What Influences The Match Length Of World Of Tanks?

There are several elements that determine match length in World Of Tanks, and some of them include:

Skill Level

Your skill level is one of the critical factors determining how long you'll play a World Of Tanks match. Since World Of Tanks is a game of tactics, patience, and taking the right approach based on the conditions, any rash decision can lead to getting your vehicle destroyed.

The greatest WOT players know when exactly to move, fire, and when to skedaddle if necessary. This distinguishes a skilled player from noobs and allows survival in World Of Tanks matches for a more extended period.

Tank Choice

For those unfamiliar with World Of Tanks, it features a wide variety of tanks of all types. But not all of them are supposed to rush into opponents and shoot them. For example, artillery tanks are supposed to remain in the base and support the team from a distance. Although much slower, they have a more extended range and can do immense damage.

So if you decide to play with a tank of this type, you'll remain in your base or close to it, which means that you'll play longer than other players who need to face each other from close proximity.


A number Of Human Players

In cases when there are not enough human players in low-tier matches, bots will take over their place, so the game doesn't feel empty. These World Of Tanks bots are, obviously, much less skilled than most of the players (an emphasis is on "most"), and they will only appear after 20 seconds of queue time passes without a human player.

When there are too many bots in a match, these matches will last much shorter because the genuine human players will almost always overpower the bots.

What’s The Average Match Length Of World Of Tanks?

The average match length of World Of Tanks is 4 minutes, except for the Training room battles. In addition, Random, Platoon, and Company battles have a maximum length of 15 minutes, while the Training room battles may last from a few to 30 minutes, depending on the host's settings.


The average match length we previously mentioned doesn't include the queue time and pre-match settings; it only applies to the match once it starts. 

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