What's The Average Match Length Of Hearthstone?

What's The Average Match Length Of Hearthstone?

Updated on Jan 15, 2024
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What's The Average Match Length Of Hearthstone?

Being a card game that involves various strategies, one may assume that Hearthstone matches may last for endlessness. However, this assumption is wrong, and this article will reveal why and show what factors can influence the match length of Hearthstone, as well as the average match time of this game.

What Influences The Match Length of Hearthstone?

Type of deck

There are three main types of decks in Hearthstone based on strategy within it, including the aggro, control, and midrange. For instance, the first one takes a very aggressive approach, built to cause as much damage as possible in the shortest amount of time.

The second one, control, is more oriented towards a defensive approach and is built to win the duel in the game's late stages.

Lastly, the third type of deck, called midrange, is a combination of aggro and control, built to win the match during the middle stage. With this being said, the type of deck that you and your opponent have can significantly alter the match length in Hearthstone.

Opponent's speed: Every player's turn is limited to a maximum of 75 seconds, with the exception of animations that may prolong turns. This time limit prevents matches from lasting for too long, but even with this limit, some players will always take their time to think, prolonging the turns and causing the match to last much longer.

Because of this, the speed of your opponent can also significantly alter the match length of Hearthstone.

Game mode

Hearthstone has a few multiplayer game modes, each with unique rules and goals. Some of these modes, like Ranked Play, are very strategy-oriented, and these matches can last for more than the average time. Contrastingly, Tavern Brawl has special rules that don't focus on competitiveness but fun, making these matches relatively shorter.

What’s The Average Match Length Of Hearthstone?

On average, Hearthstone matches last for 6 minutes. This length applies to every multiplayer game mode available in Hearthstone, except for Battlegrounds, which has completely different game mechanics, making those matches last for 10 minutes on average. Moreover, as 6-10 minutes is not a long time, you can easily spam games and earn money this way!


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What’s The Longest And Shortest Match Length Of Hearthstone?

According to the Guinness World Records, the longest Hearthstone match ever recorded lasted over 45 hours! This match occurred in 2015 and was played by a Twitch streamer named Mamytwink, who also controlled an opponent.


Essentially, this streamer used a combination of clever card choice and in-game exploit to accomplish this world record. 

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