What's The Average Match Length Of Halo Infinite?

Discover the average match length of Halo Infinite and other interesting facts about how long a match lasts.
What's The Average Match Length Of Halo Infinite?

Considering how many game modes Halo Infinite has, it's quite challenging to determine the average match length of Halo Infinite. Fortunately for our readers, we spent hours playing each game mode of this game to find out the answer to this question, which you'll discover if you keep reading the article.

What Influences The Match Length of Halo Infinite?

Halo Infinite has plenty of game modes, but they all have the same determinants that may impact the match length, regardless of which game mode is in question.

So, for instance, the most apparent factor is the skill level of you, your teammates, and opposing players; depending on it, your match length can be significantly prolonged or shortened. 

Halo Infinite has game modes for everyone's taste.

Another critical factor is the number of actual human players because, sometimes, when players get disconnected or quit the match, the bots will take their place. And no matter how clever these AI bots are, they aren't that challenging like real human players, which can make the match last shorter. 

What’s The Average Match Length Of Halo Infinite?

The average match length of Halo Infinite is 8 minutes (half of Dota 2), depending on the game mode. Each game mode has distinct rules and can be played solo or with teammates. While some game modes have a maximum time limit, other game modes aren't limited in that way. 

Of course, the match length for each game mode in this game may vary, but this number is the average one.

In the following section, we'll focus on revealing the average match length for each "main" game mode of Halo Infinite. And if you'd like to discover the same info about other games, check out our articles which revealed the average match length of Team Fortress 2 or the average match length for PUBG.  

Slayer (And All Variants)

On average, matches in Slayer game mode last on average for 9 minutes, with a time limit of 12 minutes. This classic mode is mainly played by old-school Halo fans and is also the most uncomplicated mode, where two teams of four players play against each other with just one simple goal - to kill the enemies and get points. 

Whoever gets 50 kills first wins the match.

The maximum number of points is 50, so the winner is a team that gets to 50 points or the one that has more points once the clock reaches 12 minutes. 

Capture The Flag (And All Variants)

Similar to Slayer, matches in Capture The Flag game mode last for 9 minutes on average, with a maximum time of 12 minutes. Probably the most played multiplayer game mode in all Halo games ever released, Capture The Flag has a very straightforward goal - to capture the flag from another team and get it to your team's location.

Although the entire principle may seem very simple, these matches are one of the most intense ones because both teams have to play aggressively to defend and attack simultaneously. 

Capture the flag 5 times to win.

Other than the classic Capture The Flag mode in Halo Infinite, this game also offers variants like BTB Capture The Flag (which has a time limit of 15 minutes), One Flag Capture The Flag, and finally, Neutral Flag Capture The Flag (which lasts for 10 minutes maximally). 

Oddball (And All Variants)

Matches in Oddball game mode last for 10 minutes on average, without having any time limit. The premise of this game mode is simple: there's one skull named Oddball which spawns somewhere on the map, and it can be picked up and used as a weapon. A player that picks up the Oddball may only perform melee attacks, and the team gets points for each second they hold Oddball without dropping it or without the player who has it gets killed. 

Oddball is all about cooperation and teamwork.

At the same time, the teammates must do their best to protect the "carrier" of Oddball while the other team is trying to kill them. Rather than the standard time limit, this game mode has a score limit of 100 (which is actually 100 seconds of carrying the Oddball), and it's a best-of-two type of mode too.


On average, Strongholds matches in Halo Infinite last around 9 minutes, and they have no time limit. Comparable to King of the Hill, Strongholds have three specific areas on the map where both teams will try to capture and control them by standing in them for a particular time. 

Once a team captures the point, they will receive one point for each second under the control of that team.

Watch out for the friendly fire!

And the more points are controlled by a team, the more points are received per second. Finally, the winner is a team that reaches 250 points first.


The longest game mode in Halo Infinite, Stockpile lasts for 12 minutes on average and has a time limit of 15 minutes. Introduced in Halo Infinite, this mode is based on power seeds, where a team of 12 players needs to pick up the Power Seed and place them into the receptacles to get points.

A new game mode which isn't that popular like other ones.

But rather than being awarded one point per seed, a team will get one point per five deposited seeds, and the winner is a team that earns three points first. 

Total Control

In Total Control, matches usually last about 9 minutes on average, with a time limit of 15 minutes. This mode is essentially Strongholds on steroids, with a nearly identical concept - three zones that teams must fight over and control.

But the main distinction is that team will only earn points while controlling all three zones simultaneously, and once a team takes control of all zones, it gets rewarded with a point.

One of the lengthier game modes in Halo Infinite.

At the same time, a new three zones appear randomly on the map, so rather than defending the zones, a controlling team must attack the new zones and try to score more points.

The winner is a team that gets to score three points first or a team with more points before 15 minutes runs out. 

King Of The Hill and Land Grab

The average match length of King of the Hill and Land Grab game modes is 6 minutes, with a time limit of 9 minutes. Released in the Halo Infinite season 2 update, these are classic game modes for old-school Halo fans with a simple premise - a "hill" will randomly appear on the map, and both teams have to try and take control over it.

Whoever played Halo multiplayer before will appreciate this addition to Halo Infinite.

If a team member gets inside the hill, a team will get one point per second, and a capture bar will start to fill. Filling the bar will grant the team one point, after which another hill will spawn randomly on the map, and the first team that reaches 3 points wins the match.

Land Grab is a modified version of the KOTH, which has three hills that spawn once the match begins. Once a team captures a hill, another team cannot re-capture it, and the first team to win 11 points is a winner. 

Last Spartan Standing

Finally, the average match length of Last Spartan Standing is around 5 minutes, without a time limit. This is Halo Infinite's version of the battle royal mode, and it's essentially a free-for-all with 12 players in the total battle against each other with a limit of five lives. 

Of course Halo Infinite had to add a battle royal mode.

Each kill grants the player a new weapon, like Arms Race in CS: GO. Whoever gets killed five times is out, and the last remaining player wins the match. 

How Long Was The Longest Halo Infinite Match Ever?

According to a Reddit user nicknamed u/HeftyGuyMan, the longest Halo Infinite match lasted for a mind-boggling 1 hour and 21 minutes! The game mode was Stockpile, and apparently, these players stayed until 5:30 AM because no one wanted to leave this highly intensive match.

We can't imagine how intense this match was.

This is definitely not a typical match length for any Halo Infinite game mode, and to be frank, we aren't sure how they managed to play for this long.

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