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Is Halo Infinite Cross Platform? What You need to know!

Cross platform seems to be the talk among most gamers, but did 343 Industries listen? We have everything you need to know about Halo Infinite Cross Platform!
Is Halo Infinite Cross Platform? What You need to know!

Halo Infinite is much more exciting when playing co-op with some gaming friends, even if they are on different gaming platforms. Although is it possible to play Halo Infinite cross platform? How do you invite someone from another console? Let's look at the information we have found for you.

Is Halo Infinite Cross Platform?

Halo Infinite has been confirmed to be a cross-platform for PC and Xbox. So you can enjoy all of your favorite multiplayer matchmaking Halo moments together! Unfortunately, PlayStation is still out of the picture and will always be. But for now, anyone who uses the three platforms below can enjoy Halo Infinite crossplay:

  • PC Players
  • Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S
  • Xbox Cloud Gaming
Halo Infinite

Just as PC players can invite Xbox players, Xbox players can invite PC players through their Microsoft accounts. Make sure you have your friend's Gamertag to add them to the co-op matchmaking server.

Fun Fact: Use the Xbox Game Bar App to play with an Xbox controller.

How to Play Halo Infinite Cross Platform

Playing with friends is actually quite simple, especially when it comes to cross-platform. In most multiplayer games, you simply add your Xbox friends by inviting them from the friend option on the Xbox console. Although, with cross platform on Halo Infinite it is a bit different. In order to add anyone from the PC, you must have their Gamertag from Microsoft already added to your Microsoft account. You also have the ability to invite friends to play Halo Infinite using Steam or Discord using the invite button.

Here are the steps for PC versions of the game:

  1. Go to the main Multiplayer screen in Halo Infinite and click on the + signSelect Add Halo
  2. Then hover over "find friends" or click "G"Find Friends
  3. From there, you are given the option of how you would like to invite new friends. Pick the one that suits your needs.Halo Competition
For more information on how to navigate Halo Infinite, be sure to check out how to show fps in Halo Infinite. 

How to Play Halo Infinite Co-Op

Since July 2022, the Halo Infinite Campaign has been available to play with friends through their Halo Infinite multiplayer beta. With Halo Infinite multiplayer beta, players have the ability to play through the campaign together, with up to four friends.

Halo Infinite beta coop

This feature is also cross platform but is not free to play. The campaign, unlike competitive multiplayer, will cost in order to be played with friends unless you have an Xbox Game Pass subscription. Not all players have access to the co-op feature though, as it has only been made available for Halo Insider members. Halo is notorious for its fun and exciting campaign mode that everyone loves to play, especially if it is with friends. If you are interested, the Halo Insider program is amazing for any Halo game fans, especially Halo Infinite!

Does Halo Infinite Have Cross Progression?

Yes, Halo Infinite cross progression is included along with Halo Infinite cross platform. Halo Infinite cross progression would allow players to save their progress from one platform (in this case, from their Xbox) to a PC, or vice versa.

Halo Infinite

Having this ability is very common among newer games and for Halo Infinite it is also the case. Whether in multiplayer mode or campaign mode, you have the ability to save all of your progress across all of the available platforms.

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