Best Halo Easter Eggs and References

Looking for hidden achievements in any campaign can always be exciting. Let's take a look at the Best Easter Eggs throughout Halo!
Best Halo Easter Eggs and References

Halo and Bungie will always have a close tie together when it comes to their infinite easter eggs added throughout not only the Bungie series but also the 343 Industries releases. There are a lot of references as well in some Easter Eggs that understanding the Lore or other games could benefit the fun of exploring these achievements. Let's take a look at the best easter eggs Halo has released for their fans.


Giant Sandwich

One of the best Halo Infinite easter eggs is found in the Halo campaign as a giant sandwich. This easter egg is found in the mission "Excavation Site" in Halo Infinite's main campaign. The area in which it is located must be unlocked, known as "The Spire". There the Giant Sandwich is found in a hidden cave.

Halo Infinite Sandwich

The giant sandwich in Halo Infinite is a finale of multiple small sandwich easter eggs spread throughout the Halo multiplayer maps.


Craig Easter Egg

This Halo Easter Egg began after a meme was created for the Halo game character Craig who is a Brute and overall, just a joke in the Halo Franchise. With his flat face and non-existent nose, many found him as comedic relief in the Master Chief campaign.

Halo Infinite Craig

You can find the Craig Easter Egg in Halo Infinite mission called "The Tower". You will need to use a Grappleshot to get to the top of the tower in which it is located.


Scorpion Tank

The Scorpion tank easter egg is a Halo community favorite, which was removed from Halo Infinite, then added again from the negative impact it put on players. Although most are confused either if this easter egg was a mistake or intentional. Either way, this finding was one of many easter eggs considered the best.

scorpion tank gun halo

With this easter egg, you have the ability in the first mission on the open world, Zeta Halo in "Outpost Tremonius". Once you use the grappling hook to climb up to the top of the tower with cannons, you receive the option to pick up one of the Scorpion tank cannons (an invisible gun), thus making is a lethal weapon. This weapon practically destroys everything, causing this mission to be extremely easy.

This is definitely one of the best Halo easter eggs from Halo Infinite. If you want to know more about the best Halo weapons from Halo infinite or any other Halo, be sure to check out our list!


Rubicon Protocol

Another great Halo Infinite easter eggs, the Rubicon Protocol achievement is given to anyone who finds all of the Spartan audio playbacks that are scattered throughout Halo Infinite's campaign. Something Halo games really enjoy doing is surprising the players with these small achievements.

Halo infinite easter egg

You can find these easter eggs all over the map as you play as Master Chief throughout the game. Halo Infinite seems to have added a lot of smaller easter eggs as well. which makes Rubicon Protocol another great easter egg find among all of the Halo Infinite easter eggs.



Pretty simple Halo Infinite easter eggs such as the Plushies are really fun to find for all Halo Infinite campaign players. You can find different plushies around the open world such as grunts, Master Chief, Cortana, the Librarian, The Arbiter (from early halo series), and many other Halo theme characters since Combat Evolved.

Plushies Halo Easter Egg

Most of the plushies you can find scattered all over the Zeta Halo location. According to Master Chief, he must consider himself pretty important if he starts seeing plushies of himself laying around.


The OG

Another one of the greatest Halo Infinite easter eggs would be the finding of the original xbox on top of a desk in a hidden cavern through a small gap in search of shutting down several beacons in later halo infinite missions.

the og halo easter egg

This classic Xbox is a fun find, but unfortunately does not contain a controller, so no in-game game time for Master Chief.


Caveman Family

Early in the Halo series besides Halo Infinite, there are some other great easter eggs for Halo fans. In Halo 3, there is a hidden caveman Family that can be quite startling to find at first as you explore the open world.

caveman easter egg halo

The caveman family can be found in the Sierra 117 level. After traversing through some rocks you will see between the rocks a Caveman family with 2 children seemingly also a woman and man.


Hidden Music Queue

In the first game Halo Combat Evolved, a very popular easter egg known as the Hidden Music Queue can be found in the mission Assault in the Control Room. Finding this Easter Egg will cause music to play in the background after facing a banshee in combat.

music halo egg

Once completing the achievement, you will receive a badge called "Madrigal Debut".



An addition since Halo 2 are the hidden skulls throughout the Halo series (including Halo Infinite). These Skulls are like a collection to find for the player that makes sense to find as a sort of relief from the story ever now and again.

skull easter egg halo

Each skull has a different name and once you find all of them you earn an achievement of finding each hidden skull in the game.

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