The Best Halo Weapons of All Time (that are simply OP)

Ever wondered which weapons are the best in Halo? We have ranked the most lethal weapons you can use from the entire Halo franchise!
The Best Halo Weapons of All Time (that are simply OP)

Halo has been one of the most favorite gaming series in the world since 2001, with a great story and infamous weapons. Although, there are some weapons that are more optimized for success than others. With this, we have put together a list of Halo’s best weapons.

Guns, swords, hammers, and grenades all sum up the general collection of weapons that Halo consists of. Halo has brought quite a lot of iconic weapons throughout the franchise.

A list of some of the best Halo weapons of all time is:

  • BR55 Service Rifle

  • VK78 Commando

  • Energy Sword

  • M6D Magnum Pistol

  • SRS99 Sniper Rifle

  • M392 DMR

  • M739 SAW

  • CQS48 Bulldog

  • Rocket Launcher

  • MA5C Assault Rifle


Rocket Launcher

The Halo games UNSC Rocket Launcher, also known as the M41 SPNKR, is a lethal one-shot kill Halo multiplayer weapon or campaign weapon. The rocket launcher is known to be one of the most powerful weapons in all of the Series since Halo Combat Evolved.

Since the beginning of the Halo Franchise, the Rocket Launcher will always be an iconic weapon for multiple enemies at once. Or if you want to bring a surprise to take down those camping enemy players in the Halo multiplayer game; Capture the Flag.


Gravity Hammer

If you are looking for a weapon to show off your power in a close combat fight, look no further.

The Gravity Hammer is a very powerful weapon when it comes to a harmless match of Grifball. This hammer releases a large power shock when swung, causing enemies to be not only killed but thrown across the map into the unknown.

If you are newer to Halo games, this could be a nice confidence booster to show your power throughout the Campaign. Combating the Energy Sword, it seems you have a higher chance of survival if wielded.

Otherwise, if the enemy is running after you with one of these, it's best to run the other way.


Energy Sword

The Halo Energy Sword, is another melee weapon that is a top pick among its competitors. There is no doubt this signature weapon is one of the best all-time Halo weapons. With the Energy Sword, you have the option to come up behind enemies to assassinate them with only one strike. Otherwise, you can also kill from the front, but be careful sometimes it can take two strikes.

The Energy Sword is overall one of the most favored and easiest to use. You will most definitely come across energy swords on the battlefield as you go, so it is recommended to use this weapon in specific close combat circumstances.

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SRS99 Sniper Rifle

If sniper rifles are your common weapon of destruction, the SRS99 Sniper Rifle might be your favorite choice. This rifle has a 2000+ meter distance with the ability to destroy vehicles in one round (which is 4 shots). One shot to the head and your opponent in multiplayer is defeated..

Recoil could be better controlled, though, (it is a sniper rifle after all) so if you need practice with stability, this may not be your first choice. The sniper rifle also seems to have lost its power stance in Halo: Infinite, and the upgrades to the power weapon are now… less powerful.

Although, If you are struggling overall with gameplay make sure your ping in Halo: Infinite is good.


Plasma Grenade

Plasma Grenades are most definitely lethal but can take time to learn the skill of throwing them. Instead of the average grenade which you throw or roll across the terrain, the plasma grenade is made of a sticky energy substance. Once thrown, if aimed correctly these grenades stick to an enemy causing a 100% elimination.

As a Halo favorite, these are a must-have in any of your multiplayer loadouts to get a few passive kills under your belt. Just be careful to not find yourself also in a sticky situation with the iconic plasma grenade.

As your primary weapon, a gun is always good in any fight. Halo has many go-to guns that you should always have as your primary or secondary weapon. If you enjoyed reading this article, you should also take a look at the most broken Halo weapons created.


BR55 Service Rifle

Also more commonly known as the Battle Rifle, the UNSC BR55 Battle Rifle is one of the most commonly used halo weapons for all game modes. The Battle Rifle fires a four-shot burst, with precision as accurate as the Sniper Rifle. This makes the Battle Rifle a great alternative in any halo game if you need something with controlled recoil and medium to short-range kills.

Along with being a favorite in the newer release in the Halo Series, Halo: Infinite, the BR55 Battle Rifle has been a consistent iconic weapon since Combat Evolved.

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VK78 Commando

A newer rifle from the UNSC was first introduced in Halo: Infinite. The Commando is a rifle that is of the same firepower as the MA or Battle Rifle. Fitting between these two similarities, the Commando carries a 3x tactical optic for aiming with a much slower rate of fire and a 20-round magazine.

This is definitely one of the newer best Halo weapons that are always a great choice in Big Team Battles or mid-range game modes. It will make its way up to being not only one of the best but also a classic among Halo players.


M6D Magnum Pistol

With amazing accuracy, the M6D Magnum has been a classic secondary throughout the entire Halo Series. With practice, headshots using a Magnum can kill your opponent from 4 to 5 shots. Since Halo Combat Evolved, the Magnum has always been in the default loadouts, as the creation for UNSC troops and Spartans.

A con about this weapon is it can be really weak for body shots, which does not make the gun ideal for being a primary. Its rivals also seem to become more favored, namely the Plasma Pistol. 


M392 DMR

DMR, short for the Designated Marksman Rifle, explains itself in the name. This weapon is heavily voted to be one of the best for headshots, with a single shot burst and a 15-round detachable chamber.

Although not yet available in Halo: Infinite, this gun has been following the series since 2010 from the release of Halo: Reach. Although not so great for short-range opponents, the DMR is overall easy to use from a medium-range point.


M739 SAW

A fan favorite, and probably the most talked about, the M739 SAW is always something to pick up if left in the battlefield. Not only is the weapon extremely stable, but the damage this light machine gun carries makes your opponents never have a chance. Although similar to the classic assault rifle used in all the halo franchises, it stands out with its larger magazine capacity and 3-shot kill capability.

The only difference about this weapon is the ammo capacity is really low for a heavy (75 shots), making the joy of those Overkills short-lived, but lethal. The SAW is found in most newer Halo games starting from Halo 4.


CQS48 Bulldog

Seeming to be a replacement for the classic Shotgun in Halo: Infinite, the CQS48 Bulldog has always been everyone's first pick in short-range combat. With one shot one kill, this shotgun has a 7-round capacity, and a fearful enemy when used properly.

In one of the most common Multiplayer modes, Big Team Battle definitely proved the fun and excitement the Bulldog can give to its handler.


MA5C Assault Rifle

The MA Assault Rifle is one of the most iconic weapons of all time in the entire Halo Franchise. Master Chief always has this weapon as his main loadout weapon, as the assault rifle is an overall great gun to use from the UNSC. With a decent sized magazine with 32 rounds, this generic weapon is great as a primary for any situation.

The assault rifle is not everyone's first pick, though, as it is just the default weapon. It lacks power and damage results compared to other guns previously mentioned. It is still considered one of the best Halo weapons for its persistence and stability.


Plasma Pistol

Professionally known as the Type-25 Energy Pistol, the plasma pistol has been introduced in all halo games since the beginning. With the ability to store energy to release into one shot of high electric power, the plasma pistol can take down enemy shields in one single hit. This is a great advantage for taking down enemies in a quick strategic way rather than sending a thousand bullets flying.

The Covenant has really created a mini monster from this lethal weapon. Although it could be pretty difficult to use for your first try, as it needs a cool down after a large energy blast or a few rounds. Overall the plasma pistol is a good secondary for any of your loadouts.

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