How to Read The Rainbow Six Siege Scoreboard, and What its Icons mean?

Whether you’re a new player or a veteran returning after several years, the new scoreboard can be quite confusing. So, here is what everything means!

Updated on Sep 13, 2023
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How to Read The Rainbow Six Siege Scoreboard, and What its Icons mean?

Reworked for Operation North Star, along with a map rework and other updates, the current Rainbow scoreboard is designed to give as much information as possible, from having the timeline of the map visible to displaying banned operators for ranked.

Here is how the scoreboard is laid out, as well as what all the different icons and symbols mean. And remember, it's important to be able to read the information, so if you need to change the language check our article on how to change your language in Rainbow Six Siege.

What Are The Operator Icons?


Beside each player name you will see an operator icon - these will be colourful images that indicate which operators both the defence and attackers are using for that specific round. Of course, this will change again and again over the course of the match as people change operators.

What Does A Red Triangle Mean?


A red triangle will appear next to a player's name if they are on their final warning before being kicked. This happens after a player has teamkilled or shot their teammates instead of their opponents.

Dealing damage to teammates again in that match will automatically kick said player, and may ban them from ranked for some period of time.

What Does The Star Icon Mean?


Beneath the star there is a column where each player's point score is shown on the scoreboard. These statistics determine who is at the top of their team's scoreboard (both the attackers and defenders are separated).

Players can gain points for scanning opponents, buttists, kills, downs, destroying opponent gadgets, and many other strategies that bring your team closer to victory.

What does The Target Icon Mean?


Arguably the most important stats, at least for active players, the target column is the number of kills each player has. Here, only death matters, as buttists and downs are not counted for this column.

Made for bragging rights, these statistics will tell you exactly how many opponents you've eliminated during the entire match.

What Does the Crossed-Out Human Mean?


Equally as important, especially in ranked, this column indicates a player's death count. Each time a player dies, this score will increase by one.

So, if you can't remember when your last death replay was, you can know for sure how many deaths you've had, and just how much health you've lost.

What Does The Hand Icon Mean?


Meant for team players in Operation North Star and beyond, the hand column of the scoreboard represents the number of buttists each player has gotten in a game of Rainbow.

Remember, buttists can be given in each round for both downs and reduction of health from opponents before a teammate kills them.

What Do The Three Bars Mean?


The dreaded three bars column on the scoreboard displays a player's ping, and will indicate if their internet services have failed. This number can fluctuate between rounds, but usually ping between 20 and 100 is alright.

To have your ping displayed during gameplay, check our article on how to display ping in Rainbow. If your ping is causing you trouble, you should also read on how to fix crashes in Rainbow Six Siege.

What Are the Greyed-Out Operator Icons?


These show the banned operators for that particular match. They should be either grey or transparent icons, with a crossed out circle beneath them. Banned operators only apply to ranked and unranked gameplay, and do not appear in casual or terrorist hunt.

How Does The Middle Banner Work?


Split down the middle of the scoreboard is the timeline for your match. Missed a match replay? Too busy looking through bullet holes? This will remind you what has happened so far.

The icons are in team colours, with a blue icon representing a round where the blue team won. It also gives the details on how that round was won, with a target meaning the enemy team was eliminated, a timer meaning the time limit was reached, and a tick inside a diamond meaning the round was won on objective.

And that is pretty much every feature of the scoreboard you need to know! Intended to give as much information to the Siege community as possible, we hope you can go and play Siege armed with new confidence in what everything means.

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