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[solved] How to view your playtime in Crossfire

Find out how to view your hours played in Crossfire on PC!

Updated on Nov 23, 2022
[solved] How to view your playtime in Crossfire

The free-to-play shooter, Crossfire, is still going strong, and though it has a large fanbase, the game itself doesn’t provide you with any info about how much time you’ve spent in-game. Today, Crossfire is available on PC only, and you can enjoy it even if you are not someone to play it as an e-sport.

How to check hours played in Crossfire

Unfortunately, this game is not available in any significant online game stores, and its in-game interface doesn’t show any data related to your hours played - unlike WoW. We have searched far and wide, and there isn’t even a third-party tracker to tell us at least an average game time.

This means you have to rely on yourself. 

The average ranked match is usually less than 10 minutes long, so if you play rated games, you can calculate how much time you’ve spent with the actual game. 

You only have to keep track of your ranked matches or all battles (the game does that for you) and multiply the amount by 10 minutes; thus, you can know when you’ve played this game.

Other than that, there are no methods to find out how many hours you played Crossfire.

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