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Server locations for Crossfire

Today, we will go through all game server locations and why this should matter to you.

Updated on Nov 19, 2022
Server locations for Crossfire

Despite not being the most popular title in the Western hemisphere, Crossfire is wildly popular in China, Korea, and some other parts of Asia. So, while you might think there aren’t any dedicated EU and US Crossfire servers, you would be very wrong. The game can be played from just about any location without any major lag.

Locations of game servers

Crossfire server status Xbox

Despite its old age, there are many Crossfire servers to choose from. The game is especially popular in Asia, and the arrival of new-gen consoles has prolonged its shelf life. So, no matter where you live, you will be able to have a really nice online experience.

  • US East server
  • US Central server
  • US West server 
  • EU West server 
  • EU East server
  • Canada server
  • SEA 1 server             
  • SEA 2 server             
  • OCE server     
  • South America server
  • Australia server

Although we don’t know where each one of these servers is precisely located, we manage to find out that one of the EU West servers is in the UK, and that one US West server is located in California.

Importance of Crossfire server location

If you wish to have a smooth gaming experience, it is crucial to find a server close to your location. Basically, the closer you are to it, the lower your ping. Keep in mind that the server doesn’t have to be in your home country. As long as you’re on the same continent, it should work just fine.

Some players might go to “foreign” servers just so they can play with friends from different countries and continents. In such cases, the best thing you can do is to get a VPN and change your actual location (as there is no other way to circumvent the issue).

Server status via Twitter

If you’re lagging, but are not certain that it's due to ping, it is best to check the data in-game. Here is a short guide that will teach you how to show ping in Crossfire. You can also check the company’s social media accounts for the latest updates on potential server issues.

 You can use this information, later on, to fix ping in Crossfire.

Crossfire server providers

Crossfire is a game that had several publishers and developers with the main one being Smilegate Entertainment. Depending on the region, different publishers are in charge of the game and its servers. For example, Tencent is responsible for the Chinese market, Mail.Ru for Russia, and Smilegate West for Brazil and South America.

All in all, the game was handled from 15 different locations at one point. Some of them were closed for this or that reason. At moment, there are 11 Crossfire locations in the world, as mentioned in the previous paragraph.

How to check server status?

Server status and ping

If you wish to check the status of specific servers, I suggest that you visit Here, you have the list of all the servers, and if you click on the ping button, the website will show the precise ping for every location. Furthermore, you have Server Status buttons indicating whether or not a server is active.

Generally speaking, Crossfire servers are working well, and the users rarely complain about them. The connectivity is especially amazing in Asia, which makes sense given the overwhelming number of players in the region.

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