Best Loadouts for Melusi in Rainbow Six: Siege

Lock down entire bomb sites with Melusi’s Banshee Sonic Defence and tear down enemies with the top loadouts we’ve handpicked for your specific playstyle.

Updated on Jan 15, 2024
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Best Loadouts for Melusi in Rainbow Six: Siege

Thandiwe “Melusi” Ndlovu is a Defense Operator in Rainbow Six Siege who takes ‘get off my lawn’ to a whole new level, despite her humble background where she began training local women. Her Banshee Sonic Defence device is the last thing Attackers want to walk into in Rainbow Six Siege. Even better, you can add to your opponents' rage by setting up various trap plays with different loadouts.

Want to blow Ash to ashes while she moves slower than Lord Tachanka? Or maybe scare the life out of Ace with a shotgun to his face as soon as he breaches open your bomb site. Melusi has so many options when it comes to her loadout.

On top of that, each part of her kit meshes so elegantly with each other that it’s hard not to come out with a satisfied grin as you win entire rounds on your own.

Best Melusi Loadouts

Exploring Melusi’s arsenal can often feel like that candy shop visit where you’re only allowed to spend two dollars (Or like figuring out which Operator to buy with all that Renown you’ve been grinding). But don’t worry because we’ve picked out the best loadouts for all the roles Melusi shines in in Rainbow Six Siege!

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Best Melusi Camping Loadout

  • Super 90 shotgun with the Red Dot Sight and Laser (optional)

  • RG15 pistol as a Secondary weapon

  • 2x Bulletproof camera

Your tilted enemies might call it no-skill gameplay, but we call it tactical positioning. In all seriousness, Melusi kit can’t find a better use than this; setting up your Banshees, snaring in Attackers, and swinging at them with your primary weapon (i.e., the Super 90 shotgun).


Your shotgun build will be pretty standard across all the loadouts you use. The Laser is optional because you don’t want to give your position away when you’re using this loadout, even though you might sacrifice your pellet spread.

Your Bulletproof cameras also play a crucial role in this context. You will want to place these in the same vicinity as your two Banshee devices (including Banshee sonic defense) and activate them as soon as you get the alert. Furthermore, having your unique ability placed next to choke points will help you grab the freest kills of your life. Just make sure to be on red alert for your Banshee’s sound cues.

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Best Melusi Roaming Loadout

  • MP5 with the Holographic sight, paired with a Vertical Grip and a Suppressor

  • RG15 with a Suppressor

  • Impact Grenade

Being a 3-speed Defender makes Melusi the ideal candidate for roaming in Rainbow Six Siege. While the last loadout was reserved for more pbuttive play, this one is amazing for more aggressive players. As the roamer, you always want to be moving around. This MP5 build appropriately gives you the most options regarding vertical recoil control, range, and stealth while executing unsuspecting enemies.


You need to be slick as a whistle while using this loadout. Since you’ll outspeed the majority of Operators, you’ll have time to pick your gunfights wisely. To find an enemy and take a few shots at them. If you eliminate them, reposition yourself. If you don’t eliminate them, you should still reposition yourself. You don’t want hostiles knowing your location for more than a moment.

Finally, don’t be one who uses an impact grenade to chip away at an opponent's health. These impact grenades are very poor damaging agents but excellent for creating advantageous gunfights. When repositioning, you can use these explosives to create tiny holes in unreinforced walls, creating new and unconventional angles of attack on the enemy.

You can use these openings to create unsuspecting avenues of attack on the enemy or even blow open a pathway for escape. But really, if you want your impact grenade to have the most impact (pun intended), stop throwing them (and your games) in hopes of getting 10 points of damage - it's the only tool you can't rely too much on.

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Best Melusi Anchor Loadout

  • MP5 with the Holographic sight, paired alongside a Vertical Grip and a Flash Hider

  • RG15 as a Secondary weapon

  • 2x Bulletproof camera.

While there’s only a minuscule difference from the Roaming loadout, their playstyles are vastly unalike. Most of this can be attributed to the MP5’s tremendous versatility; you can build it for many different scenarios. In this particular scenario, we’re customizing it for the most negligible recoil to make it best suited for close-to-mid-range gunfights, so don't forget that Flash Hider.


Knowing your responsibility as a site anchor is an integral part of the job description in Rainbow Six Siege. Sometimes every single Attacker will show up at your doorstep, and sometimes you won’t get to see any action until you have to retake the other objective. Anchor players can often get lazy and caught unaware because of this inconsistency. So the #1 rule you’ll have to follow is knowing your game plan for the round. Know what angles you’ll hold, which choke points you’ll lock down, and how you’re to play around with your utility.

This is also the best loadout to highlight the MP5’s strengths. It can easily compete against Attacker's rifles in the right scenarios. Holding a pixel angle while Attackers cross onto the site is a great way to net you some easy kills due to the weapon's high rate of fire and manageable recoil. Furthermore, you can place your Banshee devices in places that break the enemy's crosshair placement, so you can catch them while they're looking in the other direction.

Secondly, you’re not always going to be able to stop enemy rushes, and it’s best to know your limits. If you feel you can’t contain the Attacker's rush, your best bet is to fall back or play in safe positions where you can gain intel and catch overextending enemies. You can use your Bulletproof cameras to significant effect here since they’re the best of Melusi's gadgets to gain enemy positions during retakes.

Melusi: General Tips and Tricks

Here are a few universal tips (sort of like a Siege Melusi Operator Guide) for Melusi players that they can utilize to improve on general aspects of their gameplay.

  • Find suitable places to plant your Banshee devices. While these cannot be shot unless enemies walk into its AOE, you still want to try to make sure your gadgets, especially the Banshee sonic defense, aren’t in plain sight. Place them in places Attackers have to walk into or turn a corner in order to shoot at!

  • Gather intel. Sometimes you won’t be able to take immediate advantage of your Banshee devices, and that’s okay. Gathering intel on where Attackers are is just as crucial as delaying them.

  • Set up trap plays with teammates. The Banshee’s slow effect can be put to great use if synergized with other utilities like Smokes toxic gas in his loadout or Goyo’s loadout’s Volcan canister can make it a nightmare for Attackers to cross choke points.

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