Best Loadouts for Zero in Rainbow Six: Siege | The Ultimate List

Want to master one of the most versatile agents in the game? Look no further! Here are the different loadouts you can pair with Zero’s signature Argus Launcher.

Updated on Jan 15, 2024
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Best Loadouts for Zero in Rainbow Six: Siege | The Ultimate List

Let’s be honest. There aren’t a lot of Operators that can match Zeros drip in Rainbow Six Siege. Even if they can, they probably don’t harness a gadget as unique as his Argus Launcher. Being a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, a military boarding school, with a Defense Distinguished Service medal under his belt, Zero is more than just cool. Although initially an instructor at the Little Creek Naval Base, he joined the action and was added to the Rainbow Six Siege Attacking roster back in Year 5: Operation Shadow Legacy. And although the Argus Launches might not seem as bombastic and flashy as other Operators' gadgets at first, the tool's versatility grows onto you later on.

Of course, having so many flavors to the way his Unique Ability can be used also means he can pair a bunch of different loadouts with it. Exploring his kit to find the best way to decorate him can be a tedious process, so we saved you the effort and picked out some of the best loadouts you can use ourselves in Rainbow Six Siege.

Best Zero Loadouts

Having two highly competent primaries alongside a potent secondary already gives Zero a bunch of options in his loadout in Rainbow Six Siege. So whether you’re looking to deck out for close range or get picks from afar, we’ve got you covered! For those who are new to this operator, we hope you have a good time trying out one of the most versatile and best operators in Rainbow Six Siege.

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Best Zero Loadout for a Secondary Breacher

While most Hard Breachers comfortably accomplish tearing open the bomb site, having a backup is never a bad idea in Rainbow Six Siege. You’ve got a decent bit of options while playing as a secondary hard breacher yourself: Break open reinforced surfaces in case your Hard Breacher is eliminated, or add extra avenues of attack.

Without further ado, here’s the best loadout for the part

  • SC3000K with an Extended Barrel alongside a 1.5x Scope and a Vertical Grip
  • Gonne-6 Hand cannon
  • 2x Hard Breach Charges


While you can flirt with death a bit more than your regular Hard Breachers, playing conservatively is what this loadout is more aligned towards. Here you’ve got your SC3000K, one of the best Assault Rifles in the game, customized for medium-range team fights, with the extended barrel coming in very handy for situations where you want to mow down the enemy. Moreover, we've chosen the Vertical Grip instead of the Angled Grip to make the weapon's vertical recoil more manageable.

Aside from that, the Zeros Argus Launcher gives Zero crucial intel on where the defender utility is placed. Of course, knowing the location of enemy gadgets make your Breaching duty even more straightforward since you can quickly buttess which angle to come in from after getting a view of the other side. Ideal for 3-2 attacking splits, you can pair up with another Operator while most of your team creates chaos on the other side and barge onto the site after all eyes have been drawn toward your other teammates. Once you’ve gained access to the site, you can help clear out the utility with your Gonne-6 while also giving away the enemy team positions to your teammates.

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Best Zero Loadout for Stealth

  • SC3000K with a Suppressor alongside a 1.5x Scope and a Vertical Grip
  • Gonne-6 Hand cannon
  • Claymore


Zero’s shadowy outlook probably makes you feel like he was made for stealth. Well, you aren’t wrong either. His kit can be effectively utilized to gain intel on the Defending team discreetly. With the Argus Launcher, you can lodge your cameras in both breakable and reinforced walls to get a view of either side, so you can get a decent idea of what's happening in unchartered territory. On top of that, the Claymore helps you take your claim over the map while keeping you away from those pesky Roamers.

Defenders would likely not fight with you if you’re doing a good job moving quietly. As long as they don’t know how many people are on the other side, it’ll be buttumed that they’d be at a numbers disadvantage. Having a suppressor on your primary only helps in your plan since you can comfortably execute enemies from medium to close range without giving away your exact position. Additionally, adept Zero players will know what places to pre-fire after getting info on where Defenders are. So if you want to tilt your opponent while also getting some cheesy wall bang kills, you might just want to give this loadout a shot.

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Best Zero Loadout for Anti-Roaming

If you want to split up from your team but don’t have the patience to incorporate stealth into your element, here’s another option you could explore in Rainbow Six Siege.

  • MP7 with a Compensator alongside a Holographic Sight and a Vertical Grip
  • Gonne-6 Hand cannon
  • 2x Hard Breach Charges


In this scenario, you won’t use your Argus Launcher to peek into bomb sites. Instead, you’ll look into other parts of the map to reveal Roamers. Unveiling their location will flip the script on them and help you get the jump on them instead.

Here, the MP7 gains precedence as the primary weapon of choice because of its efficiency in keeping the bearer mobile and agile. You’re much quicker in strafing and swinging onto enemies when wielding this SMG. The element of swiftness is crucial in taking advantage of the information you’ll have on the enemy since you’ll likely have eyes on them. Once you successfully execute the Roamer, your team can comfortably execute it on the site. In this scenario, the Hard Breaches can quickly join your teammates from the other side. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to create another angle Defenders have to worry about.

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Best Zero Loadout for Medium Range

  • SC3000K with a Compensator alongside a 2.0x Scope and a Vertical Grip
  • Gonne-6 Hand cannon
  • Claymore


Finally, here’s an option that suits a generalist gameplay style. In this scenario, you’ll customize your loadout for those Ranked, solo-queue, 5-man rushes onto the site. Considering most of your team will be bursting towards the bomb site, your duty will be to get picks from range while your trusty Claymore holds the flank.

To this extent, we’ve decked our SC3000K out for minimal recoil. The combination of the Vertical Grip (instead of the Angled Grip) and the Compensator makes the 2.0x zoom vertical recoil a little more bearable. The rifle’s known for having a sudden kick due to its high rate of fire, so make sure you get it sorted by practicing in game modes like Quickplay or Unranked before you try to use it at a range.

Zero General Tips and Tricks

While these loadouts may specialize in different situations, there are a couple of neat tricks you can incorporate into your Zero gameplay, regardless of your role.

Ping traps for your allies

Just because you only get one shot from each Argus Launcher camera doesn’t mean you can’t help your teammates avoid other traps. Use your Argus Launcher to ping dangerous utilities.

Wall-bang enemies

Like with traps, being swift in your camera usage can also get you cheeky wall bang kills on Defenders if you ping their locations. Opening fire as a team is bound to put your camping opponents in a world of hurt!

Cut off rotations

You get 4 charges on your Argus Launcher. Use them effectively! You can get use Zeros cam to find gaps in Defenders' area of control. Planting one of your teammates in any strategic stronghold is bound to get your team some easy picks.

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