The Biggest Backpack In Escape From Tarkov

Here you will find out what is the biggest backpack in Escape From Tarkov!

Updated on Sep 14, 2023
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The Biggest Backpack In Escape From Tarkov

There are more than over 30 backpacks in Escape from Tarkov, in this article, you will find out which one is outright the biggest, which one is the most efficient in saving space, which one you should be using, and a few that you should avoid.

What Is The Biggest Backpack In Escape From Tarkov?

Without a doubt, the biggest backpack in EfT is the 6Sh118.


It simply holds the most slots, which is the most important thing going into a raid. The backpack is 6x7 slots large, but it can hold 6x8, making it good for saving space in your stash. One major downside is that it’s rare and it cannot be bought from the flea market, so you will have to really search for it.

There are two barter trades for it, one barter trade is unlocked only after completing a quest, and you can craft it as well with ‘Lavatory level 3’. We recommend you craft some of the bigger backpacks too, as they will only become available later on.


Technically the ‘LBT-2670 Slim Field Med Pack’ has the same amount of slots as the 6Sh118 backpack and takes less space making it more efficient, but it only holds meds and medical supplies in it, which makes it incredibly situational, but more on that later.


What Is The Most Efficient Backpack For Saving Space?

The most efficient backpack is the previously mentioned ‘LBT-2670 Slim Field Med Pack’ with the ‘Oakley Mechanism heavy duty pack’, being a distant second place. Third and in our opinion the most convenient, is the ‘LBT-1476A 3Day Pack’.


The ‘Pillbox’ technically has the same “efficiency”, but we found that it is a bit too small to be convenient, that being said you can still save space and it’s not bad by any means. Storage is extremely important in this game, if you get the “Edge of Darkness” edition of the game, you can increase your stash size without paying the in-game roubles. We have an article about this called “Is Escape from Tarkov pay-to-win”, which goes more in-depth.

As far as efficiency goes, you can put a backpack inside of another backpack in your stash. Battlestate games have done this for convenience mostly.

What Backpack Should You Use?

If you are a beginner, the ‘Berkut’ is an excellent option, costs 23444₽ and it is available at Ragman level 1. We recommend not using anything below the ‘MBSS’ simply because you will fill your backpack too quickly if it is too small.


The ‘Scav Backpack’ is also a great choice, it is the same size as the ‘Berkut’ and frequently spawns on scavs. The same can be said about the ‘LBT-8005A Day Pack’ bag. If you are looking for more ways to improve at this game, check out how to improve fps and Escape from Tarkov worst gun and ammo.

For more mid-game options, all the Ragman level 2 and 3 backpacks are great, and it depends on your playstyle and how much money you can spend.

Some of the best mid-game options are:

  • F5 Switchblade

  • Tri-Zip

  • T20

  • SSO Attack 2


Basically the bigger the backpack, the better it is and you can sell it for more.

What About The Weight Of The Backpack?

At Least as of now, even if it seems counter-intuitive, it is best to take a heavier backpack, simply because you level your ‘Strength’ skill and it is arguably the most important skill in the game.

Be careful with this though to not overdo it, as long as your weight is colored yellow/orange you are fine, you should avoid carrying too much gear at all costs.


What Backpacks Should You Avoid Or Sell?

As mentioned previously, anything below the ‘MBSS’ you can simply sell or use for crafting as these bags are simply too small. No matter if you are looting or playing aggressively, you are always gonna need a bigger bag. Once you have sold the bags, go ahead and use the money to buy a bigger bag or better gear.


You should just sell the ‘LBT-2670 Slim Field Med Pack’. The strength of a bag is its versatility and making it carry just one type of loot is so incredibly situational that it is simply not worth it. Plus it vendors for a decent price.

The ‘Mechanism’ backpack is good for saving stash space, and if you are using a ‘Standard’ account, you more often than not need the extra space. As a bag to take in a raid though, we feel like there are better options. These are some of the worst backpacks, check out our article on the worst gun and ammo.

In raid, avoid using the ‘Pilgrim’, unless absolutely necessary as it makes you a lot more visible, especially on open maps like Woods or Shoreline.

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