Worst Gun And Ammo In Escape From Tarkov

Here is the current list of the worst ammo to have in EfT. Don't use them in your next game!

Updated on Sep 15, 2023
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Worst Gun And Ammo In Escape From Tarkov

Have you ever gotten a gun from a Scav and thought this gun is terrible? Perhaps you were simply wondering what is the worst gun in the game to use. In this article, we will show you some of the worst guns and worst ammo in Escape from Tarkov.

Before we begin, we just want to clarify something. In Escape from Tarkov, It is all about the ammo type you have. For example, you could have the best assault rifle, and use the worst ammo, and you will always lose to someone with a worse gun but better ammo.

That being said, here's a collection of some guns you should avoid and the worst possible ammo to go with them.

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Toz-106 is a bolt-action shotgun that shoots 20 gauge shotgun shells. It comes with 2 round mags and has a fire rate of 30 RPM. It has really poor bullet velocity, making it sub-par for long-range engagements compared to designated marksman rifles, sniper rifles, and just about any other weapons.

The range and accuracy are some of the worst in the game making it only useful against unarmored opponents. Even though it is a shotgun, submachine guns and even assault rifles outclass it at close range, not to mention other shotguns.


The gun, like most shotguns in the game, can fire two types of ammunition: buckshot and slugs. The 5.6mm buckshot is the worst ammo in the game and the slugs, unlike other shotguns, are probably the best part of the weapon. The TOZ is not very modifiable, you can put larger magazines in it and a dovetail mount for scopes and use it as a pseudo designated marksman rifle. The slugs all deal a lot of damage, but even then it is hard to recommend it since the gun has no armor-piercing rounds and you will rarely penetrate even level 3 helmets and face shield.

Even early game, people will be running level 2 and level 3 armor, so in most cases, you should try to go for leg meta or headshots.


A good thing about the gun is the price. The gun itself, the ammo, and all the attachments for it are really cheap, so you will not lose much if you do end up dying. Even then there are better budget options, oh and it has pretty good iron sights.

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TT-33 is a pistol that is chambered in 7.62x25. Much like the TOZ, it is a gun with a low armor penetration power, poor range, poor accuracy, bad ammo, and low mag size. Unfortunately for the TT, you cannot put a scope on it of any kind.

It is just slightly better than the TOZ in almost all aspects making it the second worst gun in the game. The worst ammo for it is probably TT AKBS. It's the kind of ammo that's exactly in the middle with mediocre damage and poor armor penetration. There is even a better weapon of the same caliber called the PPsh-43.


Regardless, the 8-round mags mean you can fire 9 shots relatively quickly and it has really impressive bullet velocity. The best strategy might be leg meta or just headshots. Be careful as even its best ammo does not penetrate level 3 armor 100% of the time. One big strength is that it's a pistol, so it will not take up your primary weapon slots.


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Makarov PM And PM-like Pistols

Makarov series pistols are really similar to the previously mentioned TT. The guns have even fewer attachments, they have terrible bullet velocity and even worse accuracy than all previous guns on our list. So what makes it better?

The ammo they use is slightly better than TTs, and it is much more available and easier to obtain. Their greatest strength is the 84-round magazine making it a pretty effective one-trick pony as you can fire so many bullets without reloading, as long as you watch out for the weapon durability. Also just like the TT, it will not take up your primary weapon slot.


The worst ammo is probably the PM P gzh however, it is really hard to say since most of the ammo performs the exact same. We chose this ammo because it has very poor armor penetration and there are ammo types that have higher damage profiles.

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The first 12 gauge shotgun on our list and the only double-barrel shotgun in the game as of now. The MP-43 can only fire twice without reloading and the reload is pretty long favoring accuracy over anything. If you ever find yourself using this gun, be sure to play more patiently as the weapon is extremely unforgiving.


It is really hard to hate this weapon though, it is really cheap and you can put some really good ammo in it, making it surprisingly effective at both mid and close ranges. Another strength of it is that you can fire 2 shots really quickly. The worst ammo types for it are any of the low penetrating slugs, such as 'Lead Slugs' and 'Poleva-3' as they are really unreliable and extremely difficult to use effectively.


Unfortunately, it still falls short of some of the other weapons in terms of reliability. Make sure you are not having problems with high ping by checking out our articles on the server location and how to check your ping in EfT.

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MTs-255-12 is a revolving shotgun, It is a 12 gauge which means it gets potentially the best ammo for a shotgun. It can hold up to 6 shots and it is really cheap. It has the best accuracy out of any weapon on this list. It is a bit more reliable than the MP-43-1C. However, the weapon is really clunky to use as it has a bit of trigger delay when using the weapon's double-action function and it has a slow fire rate when using the single action.


Even with all the good things going for it, it is still really unremarkable in every other aspect, making it one of the worst weapons in the game. The worst ammo types for this weapon are also low penetrating slugs such as 'Lead Slugs' and 'Poleva-3'.

There you have it, that was our list of some of the worst weapons and ammo in the game, we hope you found this article useful. If you are looking to improve at this game or just learn more about it, stick around global gaming for more Escape from Tarkov content.

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