Can you add friends in Brawlhalla Cross Platform? [Answered]

Learn the procedure to add friends and play Brawlhalla with them

Updated on Sep 12, 2023
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Can you add friends in Brawlhalla Cross Platform? [Answered]

Like in many games, Brawlhalla uses the platform's social system, so if you are already friends, on Steam for example, you don't need to add friends a second time.
What about someone you knew through the game and wanted to play Brawlhalla with them?


Can you do Ranked 2v2s cross-platform in Brawlhalla?

Yes. You can do 2v2 just fine, just create a room and send the room number to your friend. The same applies to custom online, friendly 2v2s, Free for All.

Can you do Couch Play with online friends?

No. However you can just create a custom online, and you can play with players both on the same system and online together.

Can you do online 2v2 with a couch friend?

Yes. You can both play from the same system together and still be able to face people online. The same is applied to any number of players.

How to add friends on the same platform

Let's see the procedure to add friends to the friends list on the same platform:

  1. Create a custom game room


  1. Copy the lobby number and send it to your friend


  1. Make your friend choose the 'join room' option to join the lobby
  2. Go to the left side, and inspect the players


  1. Select the player and add them

What can you do from the friends list in Brawlhalla?


Once you have a friend in your friends list, you can click on them for different options:

  • Join their lobby
  • Spectate them, if they are in-game
  • Invite them to your lobby (need to be in a room)
  • Invite them to your clan

Can you add a friend that uses a different platform than yours?

Unfortunately, since Brawlhalla depends entirely on the platform you are playing on, you can't add friends on other platforms. Fortnite, for example, lets you do this because you need to have an Epic Games account linked, and that is shared between platforms.

Maybe one day Blue Mammoth Games will add this feature, together with cross-progression. Until then, if you want to cross-platform play you will have to resort to sending your friends the room number to play together.

Can you invite cross-platform players to your clan?

Unfortunately, the clan system is exclusive to PC players. So no, you can't for now.

Will a shared cross-platform friends list be added in the future?

There are no news on this. Since the game already has cross-platform, having friends on different systems in the same friends list would be great.

It doesn't seem like a very requested feature, but if Brawlhalla ever adds cross-progression, it will probably come with a Brawlhalla account system, and hopefully once that is done they will let you add friends on Brawlhalla directly.

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