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The Best Clothing For Woods To Get An Advantage in Escape From Tarkov

In here we will show you the best tactical clothing for Woods.
The Best Clothing For Woods To Get An Advantage in Escape From Tarkov

Woods can be a pretty intimidating map, full of bushes, trees, invisible snipers, and mines. If it is any map that tactical clothing can be advantageous it is Woods. Perhaps you were wondering which clothing combo is the best, or you are simply looking at which clothing piece to wear. This article will show you the best clothing, some alternatives, and which clothes to avoid.

What Is The Best Clothing Combo On Woods?

Like our articles on the best clothing for Shoreline and the best clothing for Lighthouse, Woods has a lot of open spaces and greenery. Therefore we recommend the base tactical clothing for both BEAR and USEC. Base clothes offer arguably the best camouflage, and they cost absolutely nothing making it our pick for Woods. They will also serve you well at night, where theoretically the darker clothes are better, but for convenience, stick to default clothes.

Woods Woodland Camo

Should you wear anything else than on Woods? Yes, there are a lot of as good pieces of clothing however, more on that later. It is just that overall we think that buying gear is more important than tactical clothing, and that is why this is our top pick.

What Are Some Alternative Options?

So for Woods, if you have spare money or simply want to look cooler, we have 5 pieces of clothing for both BEAR and USEC, and both Upper and Lower that we recommend.

For USEC upper:

  • USEC Aggressor TAC
  • USEC Commando
  • USEC Woodland Infiltrator Upper
  • USEC PCS Multicam
  • USEC Night Patrol

For USEC lower:

  • USEC Sage Warrior
  • USEC Commando Lower
  • USEC Woodland Infiltrator Lower
  • USEC Deep Recon
  • USEC TIER3 Lower

For BEAR upper:

  • BEAR Rash Guard
  • BEAR Summer Field Upper
  • BEAR Boreas Upper
  • BEAR Zaslon Upper

For BEAR lower:

  • BEAR Recon
  • BEAR Summer Field Lower
  • BEAR Oldschool
  • BEAR Zaslon Lower

What Clothing Pieces Should You Avoid?

There are some clothing pieces that make an appearance in almost all of our articles, for example in the best clothing for Interchange we mention a few pieces of clothing that while not horrible, do not offer any advantage, so you are better off with our recommendations. That being said if you simply like some clothes go ahead and buy them because it is what you like at the end of the day. 

Woods Lake

If however, you want even the smallest advantage, avoid USEC Chameleon, USEC Ironsight PSU, BEAR Gorka Cobra, and BEAR Gorka SSO. All of them have in common that they tend to stick out. Chameleon is blue and in stark contrast to the greenery on Woods, Ironsight PSU is white and there is no snow on Woods. For Both Gorka Cobra and Gorka SSO, the yellow does not hurt you too much, but you should just wear something green instead. If you are enjoying this article make sure to check out the best exits on Woods.

In our other articles, we recommend dark clothing as well, but we feel that it is not that good as there are no standout close-range PVP areas that are important enough to justify. That being said, it is not horrible and you can wear it if you want.

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